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5 VIP Kid Videos to Help You Ace the Interview

Looking for the best VIP Kid videos to help you ace the interview?

I have been teaching for VIP Kid for the past 3 months and it is still one of my favorite side hustles! I think the company is very supportive of it’s teachers and provides you with many opportunities to train and perfect your craft.

I also love teaching with VIP Kid because the majority of my time is spent teaching instead of doing paperwork, lesson plans, dealing with behavior issues, etc. The unique one to one classroom environment and quick 25 minute lessons are highly engaging and fun to teach!

If you are a former teacher or current teacher looking to make extra money or even replace your teaching salary VIP Kid could be an amazing option for you!

I’m going to be honest here, the interview process is intense! But the effort you put into the interview process will totally pay off. I worked my tail off during the interview process, and now that I’ve been teaching for a few months I know most of the lessons by heart. The planning and prepping is very minimal, because I know what I’m doing!

5 VIP Kid Videos to Help You Ace the Interview

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I’ve put together 5 videos that I watched as I prepared for the interview process with VIP Kid. These videos were very helpful in giving me insight as to what it’s like teaching online for VIP Kid.

Nancy Taylor is such a great teacher and she is also a mentor for VIP Kid! I think I watched this video 25 times when I was preparing for my VIP Kid interview. It has amazing tips on what to do in class and non-examples of what not to do. This really was SO helpful!

Alyssa gives some great tips about her experience with the interview process. I love having different perspectives to learn from.

Mandy gives an update on how the VIP Kid interview process has changed during 2017. She also gives another great perspective of her experience interviewing with VIP Kid.

Nancy Taylor again gives so much great information, and she doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed. She gives some great tips about what you need in the classroom to be a successful VIP Kid teacher.

I love how Melody shows you what a day in the life of a VIP Kid teacher looks like. This just gives you a good idea of what your day can look like and she gives some great tips.

My Personal Tips for Acing the Interview

  1. Be prepared! Take time to read through everything that VIP Kid sends you. They have tons of resources to help you get through the interview process. It just requires you to put in the effort.
  2. Practice!! I practiced the lessons a few times to try and get them in time frame of 25 minutes. It was hard! I also had my kids practice with me and go through the lessons.
  3. Use TPR! TPR is total physical response. When you watch the videos above you will notice that ALL the teachers are using their hands and facial expressions as they talk. This is really important when you are teaching English as a Second Language in a full immersion class.

If you are ready to sign up for VIP Kid you can join here!