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Welcome to Smart Cents MomMy name is Ashleigh. I am married to my best friend Ryan. A #BoyMom to Max, Abe, and Jake. I started this blog in 2016 (just weeks before Jake’s due date) after I started making legitimate money working online. It is my passion to help moms (and dads!) find legitimate ways to work a flexible job from home. I have shared hundreds of ways to make money from home as a contributor to CBS New (local station), Mom Source Network,, and The Practical Saver. 

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I spent 10 years working in public education as an elementary school teacher and instructional coach. After my second son was born my husband and I decided that our family would best benefit from me being home and I couldn’t imagine myself leaving my boys to go back to work. Since then I have been searching far and wide to find the very best flexible online jobs to help other moms find a work life balance that works for their family.

Maybe you are here to find a way to make extra money to help your family pay for the extras in life…like after school activities, summer camps, eating out, vacations, or maybe just a nice bottle of wine!

Or maybe you’re here because you NEED a career change. You want freedom from the cubicle. You don’t want to feel chained to your desk and miss out on getting to visit your kids for lunch at school, attend field trips, or be the one to pick them up when they get off the school bus.

Smart Cents Mom is here to help guide you to the very best flexible extra cash opportunities and work from home careers!

How Smart Cents Mom Can Work for You!

Just like you, I was in desperate need for some extra money for our family. I started by clipping coupons and cutting every financial corner possible! We were happy living a frugal life, but in my heart I knew I wanted to contribute beyond cleaning, organizing, and caring for our family.

Have you ever needed to be able to dream? Extra cash or a new work from home career can make you think outside the box, develop new skills, and could also provide for your family.

Get Started with a Work From Home Job

You’ve come to a place in your life where something has to change. And the truth is, change is scary for most of us.

But something in your life has led you to research online work from home jobs, you have a glimmer of hope that there is a possibility that you can change your life. But where do you start? What are the possibilities? How do you avoid scams?

We can help you answer all those questions!

I suggest you start by evaluating your personal skills, financial need, and dreams for the future!

You can check out my most popular posts over on the right hand side. There are literally thousands of ways to work from home and make money online, and we work hard to cover the very best scam free opportunities.

You can also join the newsletter (below) for weekly job leads of companies that are currently hiring. I also offer a 7 day eCourse to help give you all of the most popular ways to work from home.