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6 Jobs You Can Do With Your Kids as a Stay-at-Home Mom

An adult and a child play with a dog.

Any mother who has tried to “work” while at home with children will tell you that it’s nearly impossible. Sure, you can squeeze in a few 15-minute stretches here and there, but until they take a nap or go down for the night it is incredibly difficult to focus.

So, instead of burning yourself out by staying up until the wee hours of the night and waking at the crack of dawn to get in a few peaceful hours of work, check out our list of six jobs you can do with your kids in tow.

Pet sitting

If you and your children love animals then petsitting is a fun way to make some extra money. Another perk: if you’re not ready to adopt a full-time pet into your home, this is a great way to appease your children’s pleas for an animal. It’s a win-win situation — you get to contribute some cash to the family bank and they get to play with a cute pup!

One word of warning, be sure to never leave your children unattended with an animal that you are not familiar with and ask your pet-sitting clients if the animal is good with kids.

“Mommy And Me” fitness instructing

Is working out a passion? Are you qualified to instruct other people? Then teaching a “mommy and me” yoga/aerobic/barre/or dance class is a great way to make some extra cash and get in shape with a baby or toddler in tow.

This is also a wonderful way to get your little ones moving (more for toddlers than babies) and might even help to deplete some of that limitless energy they seem to have, which can also result in a longer nap. This is a win, win, win situation!
Flyer delivery
This is a great job to do with your kids because it gets you outside and moving (and making money!). If your children are small you can tow them behind your bike — good exercise for you and (if they’re anything like my kids) they might even fall asleep as you ride.

A word of advice (from personal experience): you can’t throw the flyers — it’s not like the movies where they ride by and toss the newspaper onto the front porch. In my experience, if you throw a flyer it just results in a lot of paper being blown about and more work for you.

School bus driver

If you’re a stay-at-home mom with school-age kids then there’s a chance you are already chauffeuring them to school, you’re just not getting paid for it. Sure, a school bus is a tad bit bigger than the family SUV, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Driving a bus is a great way to get paid for a task that you may already be doing. Yes, there will be some upfront training and you will have to be comfortable parking that yellow beast, but you can also feel comfort in knowing your kids made it safely to and from school.

Daycare provider

If you’re passionate about kids then why not welcome a few more into your home. Think of them as new friends for your little ones — only better, because their parents will pay you!

The requirements for daycare providers vary by state but to set up your business, you will need to get a license, pass a home inspection, and ensure your first aid and CPR training are up to date. While there is some upfront work to be done, you are literally getting paid to stay home with your kids.

Instagram influencer

Do you love taking and posting adorable photos of you and your kids on Instagram? Do you have a significant following? Then maybe it’s time to join the world of “instamoms” and monetize this hobby.

There are tons of examples of mom influencers on Instagram that make real money through product and brand partnerships. While this space is pretty saturated, there’s always room for one more if you have a keen eye, a unique perspective, and are willing to put in the work.

Try something new

If you’re tired of trying to cram in a workday during naps or you feel guilty plopping your toddler in front of the iPad to try to get a few consecutive minutes to focus, then maybe it’s time to try something new.

These six jobs can help to relieve some of the stress of trying to balance more conventional working options with family time. So take one of these jobs for a test drive and give yourself the opportunity to make money, learn a new skill, and spend quality time with your kids.

–By Jessica Martel

SmartCents Mom