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Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for the Family

halloween costume ideas for the family

Families that dress up together, stay together, especially if you have amazing Halloween costume ideas for the family!

I’ve been looking for some fun ideas that my family of 5 can dress up as for Halloween. We haven’t narrowed down our choices just yet, but these family’s are pretty clever when it comes to fun costumes for Halloween!

Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for the Family

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#1 A Christmas Story Costume

I seriously LOVE this. The mom as the lamp! Too funny!

#2 Classic Cop and Robbers

This simple costume would be easy to DIY!

#3 The Stick Family from the Back of the Van

This is so creative! The stick families always annoy me for some reason, but this makes me laugh!

#4 Despicable Me Family

So cute! Another easy DIY costume for the whole family.

#5 Peanuts Family

A throw back to the classic carton the Peanuts. This family nailed it!

#6 Campfire Smores

This is perfection with the baby marshmallow and the wagon as the campfire.

#7 The Lego Family


#8 Mario Kart Family Halloween

Nice that mom and dad are player 1 and player 2. Parents don’t have to get too dressed up!

#9 Winnie the Pooh Family

This is just sweet, and really funny to see a grown man in a Tigger costume. Way to go dad!

#10 Where’s Waldo Family

Easy DIY for the whole family.

#11 Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Perfect for a family of 4!


#12 Paw Patrol

“Paw Patrol is on a roll!” Another easy DIY family costume the kids will love.

#13 The Little Mermaid Family

This is a great idea for a family with young kids. The baby as the crab is on point!

#14 The Troll Family

These little trolls are adorable! The troll characters are easy to DIY for Halloween.

#15 Napoleon Dynamite Halloween Costume

If this doesn’t make you laugh out loud…I don’t know what will! The whole family isn’t in the picture, but it’s easy enough to imagine other characters from the movie! Kip and Napoleon are rocking their costumes here!

What’s your favorite family Halloween costume?!