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Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners That’ll Organize Your Entire Life

How to start a bullet journal with these bullet journal ideas! Check out these pages, templates, and layout ideas for month & weekly goals, track your habits, fitness goals, budget goals, and more! Your bullet journal can help you create lists for life and help you get organized. #bulletjournal #bujo

Allowing time for yourself to be creative and journal your goals can change your life. Research shows that writing down your goals can literally rewire your brain so that your perspective improves leading you to achieving your goals. The more creative and emotionally engaged you are in your journaling the stronger impact your goals will have on your daily life. That’s why I’ve put together some of the very best bullet journal ideas for beginners that will help you get inspired and organized!

What is a bullet journal?

Bullet journaling is a creative way to “help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future!” Ryder Carroll is the creator of the Bullet Journal (BuJo for short). It’s basically a way to minimize all the thoughts you have running around your mind into intentional living. The bullet journal is more of a method rather than a simple productivity system.

It’s all about creating space to organize your thoughts, spend time being creative, and de-stress. One of the things I have enjoyed the most about starting a bullet journal is that I can personalize my BuJo to fit me. There is no expectation of perfection. I can set aside time to be creative…drawing, coloring, doodling. It inspires me and when I am short on time but need some space for self care I can create minimal bullet journal pages that still help feel centered!

Bullet Journal Supplies for Beginners

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If you are new to bullet journaling, then you may at least want to invest in a great notebook and some nice pens. These are a few of my favorite bullet journal supplies!

Bullet Journal Planner

How to start a bullet journal with these bullet journal ideas! Check out these pages, templates, and layout ideas for month & weekly goals, track your habits, fitness goals, budget goals, and more! Your bullet journal can help you create lists for life and help you get organized. #bulletjournal #bujo

Bullet Journal Pins

How to start a bullet journal with these bullet journal ideas! Check out these pages, templates, and layout ideas for month & weekly goals, track your habits, fitness goals, budget goals, and more! Your bullet journal can help you create lists for life and help you get organized. #bulletjournal #bujo

Bullet Journal Ideas

You are going to love these bullet journal examples that will help you get started!

1 | Start a Bullet Journal Tutorial Step by Step

As a beginner to bullet journaling you probably need some help with organizing your BuJo. This is one of the best guides I have found that walks you through the set up of a bullet journal step by step! Including how to set up an Index page, Future Log, Bullet Journal Key, and so much more!

This post really helped me get my BuJo organized as a newbie!

2 | List of Things to Stop Doing

I absolutely love this idea as one of my BuJo pages. I am so overwhelmed with feeling like I have to do ALL THE THINGS from going to visit my kids at lunch during school, volunteering in the classroom, cleaning the house, running errands, worrying about weight, letting my mind wander on things from the past, and always feeling like I’m never doing enough.

This un-do list is a really important part of my self care. To let go of the things that don’t allow me to be my very best which always leads to feeling empty. The un-do list is a great reminder for me to let go! Maybe you need that too?!

3 | Workout Challenge Bullet Journal Ideas

I know weight loss is something a lot of us struggle with especially for me post 3 babies. I like the idea of writing down and keeping track of my workout goals. I actually like keeping track of my workouts instead of my weight loss. I know that the scale doesn’t always tell the truth and keeping track of my actually workout would help me get a better picture of what I’m doing in regard to my health.

4 | Gratitude Tracker

Did you know that gratitude is seen as one of the most influential keys to success? When you start each morning with gratitude, it sets you up to attract what is positive and good in your life. Gratitude is so simple and this bullet journal tracker will help you see the good that is in your life and you can pour that out into other people’s lives.

5 | Simple Household Chores Tracker

Chores feel like they are NEVER ENDING around my house. Anybody else? I’ve tried different chore lists before, but nothing has ever stuck with me. I think mostly because the chore lists I’ve used in the past have been complicated and included way too many tasks that could not be realistically completed.

I love this chore list because it’s divided into weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, 3 months, and 6 months. Not everything has to be done every day. That’s just NOT going to happen around here!

6 | Habit Tracker

One habit I want to start tracking is drinking more water every day. When you drink water, it supposedly makes you think clearer, have better skin, less dehydrated, keep your body functioning properly, and more.

I like the idea of being able to keep track of multiple habits in one place.

7 | Budgeting Bullet Journal Layout

I just paid off my student loans in October of 2018. It feels AH-Mazing to not have that payment any more. My husband and I are so motivated by making that final payment, that we’ve come up with a plan to pay off our mortgage in 4 years! I will be tracking our payments each month as we work towards paying it off. I think seeing a visual will push us to work harder at paying a little more each month. It’s exciting to imagine our lives totally debt free!

This budget tracker can help you stay on track with your monthly budget and set you up to reach your financial goals.

8 | Weekly Layout Bullet Journal Ideas

So much goes on in a week and this simple weekly layout gives you the space to keep track of the important things in your life. Bullet journaling is so unique because you get to design your journal to meet your specific needs. I love that I can tailor my journal to cover both my personal goals and business goals each week.

9 | Monthly Bullet Journal Layout

This monthly bullet journal layout is another example of creating a space for what is important to you. I think this is so much better than a planner because it allows you to focus on the areas in your life that motivate you.

10 | Productivity Bullet Journaling Ideas

GOALS!!! I love setting goals. I recently read that writing down your goals each day helps you to stay focused on them throughout the day which makes you more productive. It basically keeps your goals in the forefront of your mind so that when opportunities present themselves to you, you take advantage because you’ve actually thought about your goals for the day.


11 | Organizing the Details of Life with a Bullet Journal

How many times do you forget your passwords, create a new password, and when you type in the password you want to use, the computer tells you that was your last password?!?!? So much time and energy is wasted on finding passwords and usernames. I also love this in case my husband ever needs my passwords for some reason I could tell him where to look.

12 | Meal Planning and Shopping List

I love this meal planning and shopping list idea. Using sticky notes is a great way to reuse bullet journal pages. Just create this meal planning and shopping list bullet journal template once and then replace the sticky notes each week. I also like the idea of keeping the sticky notes in somewhere so that you can use them over and over. You could have a list of favorite meals to pull from every time you don’t know what to make for dinner!

13 | Brain Storming in a Bullet Journal

Brain storming is such a great way to clear any blocks you are experiencing whether it is related to personal problem or business problem. I like the idea of having a space to write down as many ideas as you can to get your brain thinking.

14 | Free Printable Bullet Journal

Maybe you don’t have time to create every page of your bullet journal. I love these free printables that you can use to supplement pages that you don’t want to create. Sometimes I would rather spend time creating pages specific to my needs and other times a free printable for the month would work perfect. You can still include these in your bullet journal. Just print, cut, and glue in your bullet journal planner.

15 | Money Saving Bullet Journal Ideas

I think any time you can add a visual to a goal, it makes your goal feel more real. Especially when it comes to saving money. Our money is in the bank and we use debit or credit cards, so there’s not a lot of cash around. But having a visual of how much we are saving and working towards our goal is really motivating

16 | Inspirational Quotes for your Bullet Journal

I know inspirational quotes can be kind of cheesy sometimes, but this bullet journal is for YOU! No one else has to know your favorite cheesy quotes. I plan on adding some of my favorite quotes that motivate me daily.

17 | Self Care Bullet Journal Ideas

Just a few months ago, I would actually scoff at the idea of self care. Every time I heard people talk about self care it seemed like they were finding excuses to act or do what they wanted to do even if it wasn’t actually healthy. I started to change my mind when I heard someone talking about self care as doing things that actually are good for you, but you don’t take the time to do it. So instead of “Hey girl, buy what ever you want…because treat yo’ self” it’s “Hey girl, take care of your finances so that you don’t have to stress about money.”

I love the examples in this self care bullet journal example. We should all do these things to recharge our minds, bodies, and souls.

18 | Minimalist Bullet Journal Themes

These bullet journal ideas are amazing for people who don’t want to spend time drawing and coloring. The real beauty of these pages are in the simplicity of the pages. The pretty font and black and white pages make these a calm place to rest your eyes and organize your life.

19 | Travel

One day I hope to travel the United States and abroad with my family. This travel to do list would be perfect for planning a vacation. It would also be a great way to keep track of all the places you’ve been and your experience at each place.

20 | Vision Board for Your Bullet Journal

Vision boards are always exciting to me, and they fit in perfectly with the bullet journal method. A vision board is literally a plan for the future. The things you hope to accomplish or become by the end of the year. This post is about creating a vision board for the year, but I plan on creating a vision board for each quarter (every 90 days) to keep me on track and focused.

I hope you found some ideas for your bullet journal! There are literally hundreds of ways you can add pages to your bullet journal. Just DON’T try them all!!

My suggestion is to experiment, pick out a few that really speak to you and the things you want to accomplish in the future. A bullet journal shouldn’t feel overwhelming, it should be a place to de-stress, be creative, and organize your life.

More Bullet Journal Ideas Beginners will LOVE

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To go along with my crystals theme this month, I created this mood tracker inspired by my Aura Quartz (bottom right). I saw this idea a few times on Pinterest, and don’t know who to credit. So if you know who made an original crystal tracker like this, let me know! 😊 . . . Crystals are Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Aura Quartz.💎 . . . #archerandolive #moodtracker #crystals #crystalcollection #crystalmagic #bujobeauty #planner #bulletjournal #plannerlove #plannergirl #plannercommunity #bulletjournaljunkies #bujocommunity #bujo #stationery #planneraddict #plannernerd #bulletjournaling #plannergeek #planwithme #planning #showmeyourplanner #journaling #plannerdecoration #bujoinspire #bujoinspiration #bujospread #plannerstuff #bujoideas

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What bullet journal ideas did you find inspirational?

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