INSIDE: Looking for some dog toys to make and sell? There are tons of great options to choose from. Read on to discover some of our favorites….

Whether you’re considering a career change to something you’re more passionate about or you’ve just got extra time on your hands, crafting can be a great and productive way to reconnect with your imagination.

And what better way to reconnect with your passions and creativity than to get back to what you love most: your dog! While it can sometimes be difficult to find side hustles or projects that you truly enjoy, doing something to put a toothy smile on your furry friend’s face — that’s a no-brainer!

What’s more, it’s easier than you think. Jumping into the world of crafting your own dog toys to sell doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Take a cue from man’s best friend and keep it simple!

Today, we’re going to help you jumpstart your creativity by giving you three awesome ideas for DIY dog toys to make and sell. If you’ve ever wondered how to make dog toys, then keep reading!

Best Types of Dog Toys to Make and Sell

Like we’ve mentioned, there’s no need to overcomplicate things! The best toys that your dog has played with until they fell apart were likely the most simple and straightforward ones in his or her toy box. 

Chew toys such as ball-tug toys and braided rope toys are not only huge hits with our furry friends, but are also simple and easy to make at home. Beyond that, interactive feeder toys and agility jumps are other great items to keep dogs mentally stimulated and can be made out of inexpensive materials.

Ball-Tug Rope Toy for Dogs

Ready for the next item on our list of dog toys to make and sell? To make this ball-tug dog toy, all you’ll need is a spool of ¾” cotton rope (around 10 to 15 feet), a lacrosse ball or something roughly the same size, and electrical tape. Not only do you not need many materials but the directions are simple as well, making this a perfect starting point!

To fashion this super-sellable toy, you’ll start by unwinding the braided strands for around 10 to 15 feet and taping them at the ends to secure them from unraveling. Then, to prevent the rest of the spool from unraveling, knot it off. 

Then, you’ll weave over the ball, using pliers to make sure each piece is placed securely. Some people use three and some people use four passes over the ball with the weaving method—it’s up to you.

Next, you’ll measure out the tail from the remaining rope and begin work on creating the handle of the toy. Here, you’ll twist the rope back into its original form and tie another knot spaced out from your original knot. This forms the end of the toy that you can hold onto while playing.

Once the handle is formed, you can trim the taped ends off the rope and tidy them up by fraying them with a comb and brushing them. Now, you’ve got a toy perfect for long bouts of fetch and tug of war. And it’s constructed solidly and can be done in a variety of colors, making it a great product to sell.

Braided T-Shirt Dog Toy

Although it may not hold up to heavy chewers as well as the last toy, this braided t-shirt toy is a sweet one that can be personalized to suit the purchaser. This is probably the easiest on our list of dog toys to make and sell

For this craft, all you’ll need is some gently-used t-shirts and a pair of scissors! To make a thoughtful product that’s great for gifting, offer the option to send in t-shirts worn by the dog’s owner. A special toy that smells like their fur mom or dad will be any pup’s new favorite.

This project is also very straightforward and easy: You cut the ends of t-shirt fabric into strips that are 2 to 3” wide and rip the fabric the rest of the way into strips. From there, gather and tie the cut portion of the strips into the end of the toy and braid the remaining length. 

Repeat the tying process at the other end, and you’ve got an easy, personalized braided toy! For an even more colorful version, use multiple t-shirts.

Interactive Dog Feeder

One of the most important aspects of any dog toy is that it’s mentally stimulating, and what better way to do that than to tap into our furry friends’ love of treats! These dog toys to make and sell will keep dogs busy and relaxed while they’re alone.

All you’ll need is a 1 and ¼” PVC pipe 3 feet in length, 2 PVC caps that are 1 and ¼”, and many tools that are probably already in your home kit: a drill, some sandpaper, and a file.

First, you’ll mark the pipe where you want to cut holes for treats. Staggering them will make for more stimulating playtime. Next, drill the holes with a ½” paddle drill bit. Now, you’ll want to cut your PVC pipe down into the desired total length of the toy.

Since drilling into the PVC can leave raw edges that aren’t safe for dogs, the next step is to sand down all the rough edges to leave a smoother, safer surface. After cleaning off the entire toy, attach the PVC caps to the end of the toy. 

Pairing these toys with correctly sized treats makes a super-marketable and cute idea for a handmade dog toy shop.

DIY Agility Jump Toy for Dogs

For some dogs, physical activity is needed to purge energy, be on their best behavior, and simply enjoy life. For these dogs, something a little more than a chew toy might be necessary, making agility jumps ideal dog toys to make and sell.

Agility jumps are a great way to utilize outdoor space to help dogs not only get out energy but also engage in helpful training behaviors.

To construct this DIY jump, you’ll use furniture-grade PVC pipe of different colors and types, a PVC pipe cutter, and some jump cut strips to create the adjustable frame.

It’s easier than you might think to use all the materials to assemble the feet of the jumps and then the connecting ground bar. After attaching the posts of the jump, it’s as simple as securing the jump cut strips at your desired height to allow the jump to be customizable to a variety of jump heights.

You can add extra flair to this project by adding custom colors or reflective strips for higher visibility. Since this is such an easy toy to assemble, it makes sense to compile the parts and sell them with the instructions, making the package easier to ship should you decide to sell your DIY dog toys online.

Final Thoughts

Although there are so many crafting jobs you can pursue as a means of income, we can’t think of anything better than knowing you’re brightening up multiple dogs’ days with these simple and easy handmade toys. 

Start with these easy to make, customizable, and thoughtful dog toys to make and sell, and watch your new business take off!

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