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If you are a high school student planning on going to college then you might be looking for ways to save for college. Did you know that 2 out of 3 students graduate college with student loans? The average debt from college is between $25,000 – $35,000! That’s not the way you want to start out your post-college life.

Those of you who are high school students planning to go to college or college students looking to work off school loans before you graduate this list is for you! I have listed flexible online companies who will hire teens and older. The best part is that you can do this work from any location, which is great especially if you don’t have a car and are living on campus. Some of the jobs are flexible and  you can fit the hours into YOUR schedule.


Surveys are super easy ways to earn a LITTLE money, but you won’t get rich or be able to build a college nest egg by just doing surveys. I recommend joining the survey sites and sharing your referral code with friends and family. You can earn points and MONEY from others who join under you. The great thing is that this requires no money from them, it’s FREE to join,  just requires a little bit of time and effort.


You earn CASH by doing the normal shopping you already do online through their stores. The service is FREE and when you sign up through my link you will get a FREE $10 gift card to Walmart, Target, or Khol’s! Refer your friends and you will earn cash from qualified new members.


You can earn gift cards to favorite stores or Paypal gift cards that go right into your account! You earn swagbucks for doing simple things like taking surveys, watching videos online, shopping, searching online, and more! You can also refer friends and family to this site and earn bonus money at no cost to them.


Allows users as young as 13 years old. You get paid for checking in at stores, shopping, surveys, and more. You can also have direct deposit into your bank account.


This is a survey company all about teens! It works with teens from 13 – 18 to take surveys for companies who sell products to teens so that they can see how the products are perceived through “teens eyes.” Survey are between $2 – $20 and can be paid by check.


These jobs require you to do a small task and pay anywhere from $0.05 – $1.00 for the task. You won’t get rich, but doing this in your spare time could really add up to some savings.


This site hires people to post in forums and post comments on blogs. Most forums require you to be 13 years or older. You can work at your own pace and get paid when you want to get paid.

Music Xray

Pays you to listen to music and rate it. You get paid $0.10 per song and receive a pay out when you hit $20.

Slice the Pie

Another music rating site. This pay out is a little faster…when you hit $10 you are eligible for a pay out.

User Lytics

You get paid to test usability of websites and apps. It’s $10 per site or app. You must be of age of consent to register, so check and make sure your state’s age of consent. There are some equipment requirements like a webcam and microphone. You will also need Windows 7 or newer or Mac OS 10.7.3 or newer.

Start Your Own Online Business

I love the idea of starting your own business as a high school or college student. This will give you experience, which any future job opportunities will value your skills and work ethic. Also, this may turn into your full time job, who knows!


You can work on Fiverr starting at age 13 years or older. If you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a great place for you to sell “gigs” (jobs) starting at $5. You can really sell anything! Just think of something you are good at and find a way to package it online. Write a song or jingle, graphic design, logos, art, writing…the jobs are endless!


Teens can sell on Etsy as long as their store is managed and registered by an adult. If you are crafty and can find a niche selling on Etsy is a great place to make money on the side. If you’re not crafty you could sell vintage items such as sewing patterns found at thrift stores or yard sales. You could also sell supplies through an etsy shop.


This is another market place to sell artwork, t-shirts, gifts, etc. They accept sellers starting at age 13 years old and up.

Getting Paid

Most of these places send payments to a Paypal account. A student Paypal account can be created with a parent or legal guardian on the Paypal site.

Save for College

I am a huge fan of the college experience! I made some amazing friends, learned a lot about myself, grew as a person, and met my husband. I thankfully didn’t graduate with any college debt due to scholarships and grants, but I also didn’t work towards saving money for after graduation. I really had no plan. I encourage you to think about your future beyond high school and college.

Taking control of your finances at an early age will give you a real advantage in the future. Leaving college without debt is a great start. Budgeting your money, creating an emergency fund, and learning how to save are financial gifts you can give to yourself that will last you the rest of your life. Give yourself a head start and start creating financial freedom today!

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