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How to Get Cheap Diapers on Amazon

Wondering how to get cheap diapers on Amazon?

Saving for a baby is a smart move, considering diapers alone can cost around $2000 or more until your child is potty trained!

Having diapers delivered to my doorstep saves my sanity, considering I have to bring 3 boys ages 5 and under to the store.

No doubt a 20 minute shopping trip will turn into an hour and half trip after we use the bathroom at least 2 times and I chase one or more kids around the store who have escaped from the shopping cart.

Not to mention, when my toddler turns into a crying puddle in the floor after I tell him he can’t have the candy at checkout.

Whether this is your first or your on number 3 here are some tips to get the best price on diapers using Amazon…

and they will even ship it to your door! So you can avoid that messy scene at the store 🙂

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How to Get Cheap Diapers on Amazon

#1 Join Amazon Prime

You can join and get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. You have the option to cancel your membership before the 30 day deadline. Otherwise the cost for Amazon Prime’s annual membership is $99.

Once you are Amazon Prime members you can sign up for Amazon Family and receive 15% off ALL diaper purchases!!

My family and I LOVE Amazon Prime. We use it on a weekly basis. The customer service and speedy delivery of items are just a few perks of being a Prime member.

TIP: You can wait and join Amazon Prime in November when they usually have a special for $79. This is the BEST deal on a Prime Membership.

#2 Subscribe & Save

Subscribe and Save is offered on household items and diapers. When you choose Subscribe and save you will select when you want your order to be sent to you automatically. After you receive your first shipment you can cancel your subscription with no questions asked.
You can choose Subscribe and Save to save 5% off your purchase! Combine your Amazon Family savings and Subscribe and Save savings for a total of 20% off your purchase!

#3 Use eCoupons

You can find eCoupons when looking at the information on a product on Amazon. Click on ecoupon to “clip” the coupon and add it to your account. When you check out the coupon will be automatically deducted from your order.

Shop Amazon – Deals in Baby

#4 Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way to earn FREE Amazon gift cards for doing things you already do, like searching online. You can also watch videos, take short quizzes, and more to earn points towards an Amazon gift card reward.

500 points = $5 Amazon Gift Card

You can sign up for Swagbucks here and earn $5 just for signing up!

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#5 Shop through Ebates or Ibotta first!

Ebates is an online cash back site. You can earn between 3% – 5% on your purchase by shopping through Ebates.

Ibotta is an app for your phone or tablet that you use to earn cash back at grocery stores and Amazon! You can earn between 3% – 5% on your purchase by shopping through Ibotta.

I included both Ebates and Ibotta in this section because the percentage back is always changing. It’s a good idea to join both Ebates and Ibotta and use the best deal before you make your purchase!

Sign up for Ebates here and get $10 in your account just for signing up!

Sign up for Ibotta and earn cash just for registering!

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#6 Use Coupon Sites to Find Deals

Coupon sites like can help you to find online promo deals to save even more on diapers.

You can also use to track products and be notified when the products are at their lowest price. There is also a tracking history to show when the product was at it’s lowest in the past.

#7 Choose no-rush shipping (if not using Subscribe and Save)

Amazon Prime members who choose no-rush shipping earn promotional credits that can be used towards other shopping purchases in the future. When the item ships you will receive information about the credit details in an email.

That wraps up 7 tips for how to get cheap diapers on Amazon! Go ahead and get started earning points with Swagbucks so you can start buying diapers as you need them!

You really can save money and time by shopping on Amazon.

How do you save money on diapers?