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My Toddler Walked Out the Front Door

Recently, our toddler has been walking out the front door and down the street to go on little adventures. The first time it happened he walked next door to our neighbors house and climbed the steps to her back porch. She noticed him through her sliding glass door and walked him back home.

We made sure to put a child proof door handle on the front door, but little did we know that he would escape through our basement door! The next time he walked out the door, we found him 3 houses down looking to play with our neighborhood friends.

We thankfully live in a very quiet neighborhood with almost no traffic. But the idea that my toddler walked out the front door and we had no idea gave me nightmares for weeks! We were left searching for how to keep a toddler from walking out the front door.

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A Childproof Door Handle Alone Doesn’t Work

We have used everything to try and keep our little Houdini from walking out the front door, including the basic door knob covers that you can grab almost anywhere. That’s how we used to keep him in his room during nap time and from walking out of the house. But he quickly figured out how to take them apart and open the door.

As the third boy in our family, this little guy is tenacious. He climbs everything. He’s smart and learns quickly from observing his big brothers. While we considered using a deadbolt door lock or chain, I felt like we needed something more. Our older boys would definitely unlock the door without our knowing, and then the safety deadbolt would not be able to serve its purpose.

My Number One Toddler Safety Tip for Toddlers Who Like to Escape

The times that my toddler left the house were when I was doing the dishes or changing laundry over. Basically, any time I was distracted doing things around the house. He would be by my side one minute and down the street to our neighbor’s house before I knew where he had gone.

We needed something cost-effective that would let us know every time the door was opened. That’s when we came across this wireless door open chime. We ordered 2, one for our front door and one for the basement door.

It’s the easiest thing to set up. There is an attachment piece that you put on the door and a wireless plugin. We set it up on both doors in about 10 minutes, and it was working! The plugins are upstairs in our bedroom and downstairs in the kitchen. The chime is loud enough for us to hear where ever we are in the house.

wireless door chime to keep toddler from walking out the front door

I feel much safer knowing that even if he wakes up and walks outside during the night, we will know. I was hesitant about using the deadbolts in case of a fire. I wanted my boys to be able to get out of the house. I know a fire is unlikely, but you never really know.

Just this past weekend, we caught him (in the front yard) with his backpack on, trying to walk to the bus stop where we pick his brothers up. He came into the kitchen where I was making lunch, gave me a kiss, and told me he was going to school. I thought he was playing with his brothers. My husband was working outside and got him before he got out of the front yard!

So I’m wondering…what crazy story do you have after your toddler walked out the front door? 

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