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How to Make $50 a Day From Home

Who wouldn’t want to make extra money everyday? If you could add $50 of extra cash to your budget Every. Single. Day … that would be an extra $1500 per month to pay off debt, build your emergency fund, save for a family vacation, or where ever you need that money to go in your monthly budget.

These jobs range from ways to make money online for beginners to starting a small business and earning a full time income! The two main differences in these jobs are how much time you can invest into learning new skills and how fast you need to earn money.

All of these jobs are legitimate ways to make money online! Some of them will make $50 a day on their own, while other jobs you will need to work a few to reach your goal of earning $50 a day at home. My favorite part about working online is that it’s easy to work different side hustles until you find the right combination that lets you reach your goals!

This list has some new ways to make money online along with some of my favorites that I always share! The good news is that you can absolutely make $50 per day while working at home whether you’re a stay at home mom, college student, or full time employee. These online jobs can be done from anywhere and fit easily into your busy schedule!

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#1 Mystery Shopper

This is one of the best ways to make money and get free things like movie tickets, meals, products, and services! As a mystery shopper, I’ve made money going to dinner at a local restaurant, shopping at popular retail stores, and sometimes I make money just for calling into the store!

Why do businesses need mystery shoppers?

Businesses pay mystery shoppers to see how their business is running. They are typically looking to see that the processes they have set up are being implemented by their staff. Businesses also want to know how long it takes for services to be completed, the cleanliness of the business, friendliness of the staff, and other typical things you would notice about a business.

My personal favorite mystery shopping sites are…

You can also find legitimate mystery shopping sites listed on the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, here. A couple other notable mystery shopping sites that I haven’t personally shopped are…

#2 Market Research

Businesses are constantly trying to figure out how they can improve their marketing, branding, and products in order to make more money. So they spend a lot of money doing market research to find out what their target market is thinking!

There are a handful of sites that participate in market research and you can find a list of those here.

Another way you can work with market research companies is to type into Google “market research Knoxville.” Just replace Knoxville with your city and Google will show you businesses that run market research in your area.

There is one group that I love to work with in my area. I have earned up to $150 for a 1.5 hour session. I was paid $50 just for showing up, but then they ended up not needing me for the survey. And I got paid anyway! These jobs are sporadic, but they pay well when I do qualify for the survey.

#3 Make Extra Money with Survey Sites

Here’s what you need to know about making money with survey sites. Not all survey sites are created equal. Some survey sites will ask you a bunch of questions that take up your time, and then you don’t qualify and you don’t earn any money. Those sites are a waste of time!

I think making money with surveys can be a super easy way to make some extra money. You will have to take about 10 -15 surveys a day to make $50 a day. That means you would have to take surveys like it was your JOB. Instead, I recommend taking surveys while you’re waiting in line to pick the kids up from school, waiting at the doctors office, or waiting for a table when you’re out to eat. You get the idea, right? Take surveys in your down time!

We have to sit around and wait for a lot of things! Turn that time into extra cash with surveys.

Survey Junkie

One of my top suggestions for taking surveys is Survey Junkie. I love that they curate the best surveys from around the internet to give you the best possibility of qualifying for surveys. They also don’t waste your time if you don’t qualify and they pay to Paypal, so it’s like getting cash for taking surveys!

You can sign up for Survey Junkie here!


I also love Swagbucks because there are so many different ways to earn extra money with Swagbucks! The basics of Swagbucks is that you earn “swagbucks” (points) that you can convert into giftcards at your favorite online retailers like Amazon!

You can earn swagbucks by…

  • taking quizzes
  • watching videos
  • browsing the internet
  • finding codes
  • and more!

Use these Swagbucks Tips and Tricks to help you make the most money! 

PRO TIP: You can make serious money with Swagbucks! Check out how this mom paid for 98% of her Disney trip with her Swagbucks earnings!! 

#4 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is how bloggers and social media influencers make money. Companies provide a link to their products/ services to bloggers or influencers. When someone clicks through the link or uses the promo code, they make a small amount of money from the sale at no cost to the customer.

Once you set up your affiliate marketing and have a traffic strategy in place you can make passive income with your links!

Affiliate marketing is one way that brands market directly to their audience in a more organic way. One of my favorite ways to make money with affiliate marketing is by working with Amazon. It’s completely free to sign up with Amazon as affiliate, but you do need a website to get started.

When people click through your Amazon links, you earn a small commission typically about 3% of the purchase price. A great thing about Amazon is that they include anything that the customer purchases for 24 hours after clicking on your link!

Here’s an example:

I just bought this beautiful dress from Amazon for date night with my guy! The best part is that this dress is soft AND it has pockets. I can’t wait to get dressed up and go out for a summer time date.

I always like to write about things that I have actually bought and used because it is much more authentic when I write about my experience. Just like in this post about my kids’ favorite outdoor summer toys!

There are ways to make money with affiliate marketing and social influence without starting a website. Check out #5 below!

#5 Get Paid for Posting

You can make money as an influencer on social media. And guess what, you don’t have to be a Kardashian to earn money for your social posts!

You may be asked to create content for specific brands like photos or videos depending on the client that you are working with and there is a set amount that will be paid to you for your work.

Social Wage is a platform that works with social media influencers at different levels. However, they do expect you to at least have 3,000 followers on your platform. You are paid after the content has been completed. If you love social media, then this could be the perfect side hustle for you!

#6 Work for Appen as a Social Media Evaluator

This will always be at the top of my list of stay at home mom jobs because it was the first job I did when I was trying to figure out this whole work at home mom thing! I actually worked for Leapforce, but they were bought out by Appen in 2018. As a social media evaluator you are basically working as the human eyes for social media platforms to catch the mistakes the algorithms missed.

This is a project based job, which means you can pick it up and put down when it is convenient for you. Most jobs have a requirement of how many days you have to work each week and a minimum number of hours. The pay is better than most part time jobs that you could work outside of the home, but you don’t need a babysitter. You can even work most projects while the kids are in the background making noise!

I highly recommend you apply for a social media evaluator job with Appen for some easy money!

#7 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand as small businesses both online and brick and mortar need help doing all the work! Many small businesses don’t have the money to higher full time assistants or marketing help, so they rely on a virtual assistant that they hire as an independent contractor.

There are so many service you can provide as a Virtual Assistant…

I’m so excited! I just hired my first virtual assistant and I know that she is going to help me grow my business faster than I could by myself.

If you are new to being a virtual assistant, then you can expect to make between $12 – $15 per hour. An ideal way to get started is to offer your services for free for a limited time to gain experience. Then as your skills develop you will be able to charge more for your time.

Higher paying positions in the range of $35 – $50 an hour are typically for specialized skills. Usually projects that take a set amount of time to complete, rather than consistent on going work.

Developing your skills is the key to becoming a successful virtual assistant. You can definitely make more than $50 a day with this side hustle!

#8 Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a very well paid part time way to make $50 a day at home. Most freelance writers start out writing for peanuts until they get some experience. There are several sites that hire content writers, but they only pay a penny a word. That means if you spend an hour researching a topic and an hour writing a 1000 word piece of content, you will only earn $10. Divide that by 2 hours of work and you made $5 an hour.

I think the better way to begin freelance writing is to offer your services to local businesses who have a website presence but are lacking content on their website.

I got my first freelance job by attending a networking meeting with local business women. I met a business owner who was in need of content for her website and she offered to pay me $30 per post, which came out to $15 an hour! That’s much better than working for freelance writing site.

As a freelance writer you need to learn how to pitch yourself to businesses and provide them with support that will grow their bottom line.

#9 Merch by Amazon

There are many ways to make money working for Amazon, but one of the coolest ways is to design t-shirts through the Amazon Merch program.

This is a program that allows you to upload t-shirt designs onto Amazon, the largest online market, and make royalty earnings from the sells. You can earn about $7 per t-shirt sale.

I tried designing t-shirts on Amazon, but it didn’t go very well for me. The reason is because I didn’t dedicate time to learning how to design t-shirts, research the best niches to create shirts to sale, and use keywords in my Amazon listings. One of the most important things you can do is learn every aspect of the business and then keep working towards your goal.

If you already know how to do graphic design, then this could be a really easy way for you to start earning extra cash at home!

#10 Become a Stylist with StitchFix

Did you know that you can make money as a stylist picking out the clothes for StitchFix boxes? For the fashion lovers, this could be the perfect flexible job to earn $50 a day.

StitchFix offers flexible schedules, creative opportunities, and amazing clients to work with as a stylist. They are currently hiring remote workers!

#11 Deliver the Groceries

Make money delivering groceries with InstaCart.

If you want to get out of the house to make money, but still need a really flexible schedule, InstaCart is a great job. You take orders through an app on your phone. Go inside the store to shop, purchase the items on the list, and then deliver the groceries to the house.

You get paid depending on the amount of groceries purchased, travel time, and other factors. This typically averages out to be around $13 – $15 per hour.

Some people who have worked with InstaCart say it’s fun because you are trying to shop as quickly as you can so you can get to the next customer. You would want to be available during peak times for the best opportunity to stay busy!

What would you do with $50 a day?

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