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Interact Quiz Review & How to Get Started!

Have you ever wanted to engage your audience with one of those BuzzFeed style quizzes? Something that grabs your audiences attention, gets them to engage, and gives you incredible feedback! This Interact Quiz review covers how I was able to do all of those things and increase my email list.

Why use a quiz as a lead generation tool?

I had been looking for a way to engage my audience to find out what they were thinking about side hustle jobs. The problem that most of my audience has is that they have high expectations for making money at home without considering the reality of how much time they can invest in a side hustle. I needed a way to help them actively think through questions before they start down a path towards any specific side hustle.

That all sounds really boring, but when you put it in the form of a quiz, your audience gets interested! We all have this need to know more about who we are and what we should do next. And if a quiz can tell a person that, then they are in!

Creating My First Quiz

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When I began creating my quiz, I started out with the end in mind and worked backwards.

I knew that I wanted to link my quiz to my email system so that I could segment people into side hustle jobs they were actually interested in. This way I could send out tips and job opportunities that were aligned with their goals.

In the beginning I started out with the over 16 different ways to work from home! There really are so many different ways to work from home and I didn’t want to leave anything out. This quickly got complicated and I realized that it was better for me to 5 main topics that those jobs would fit under.

SIDE NOTE: I found the quiz builder to be really intuitive when I actually started making my quiz. There are info buttons for everything with helpful examples to help you.

Then I wrote down the characteristics/traits of each of those main topics, so that I could create questions that would lead to each side hustle main topic.

I ended up with 7 questions, which kept the quiz short and engaging!

Building the Quiz inside Interact

You have the option to build a quiz from scratch or use a template. Since this was my first quiz, I decided to use a template.

There are hundreds of different templates to use, and Interact has created categories so that you can find one that fits your niche. Personally, when I take a quiz on social media I’m always more engaged when there are images in the quiz. So I chose a template that had at least one question with images as the answers.

Once you choose a template, you can change anything and everything within the template. I liked having the structure of the quiz already set and then I could easily personalize the template to fit my specifications.

Here is what the Interact template looked like…

Here is my Side Hustle Quiz…

Creating the Questions

Before I started creating the questions for the quiz, I decided to choose the personality style quiz. Interact offers you 3 types of quizzes: Personality, Assessment, and Scored.

I chose the personality quiz because it’s the most common type of quiz. It’s similar to those quizzes you used to take in magazines where mostly A’s were something and mostly B’s were something, etc. For my first quiz, I thought that would make the quiz easier for me to put together.

Creating the questions, honestly was the most time consuming part for me. I wanted the questions to be precise, engaging, and give me insight into my audience.

I started out by brainstorming all the questions I would ask someone who needed help based on my topic. I came up with 20 questions! From there, I started organizing those questions with the 5 answers I had created.

I slowly deleted questions that sounded similar or vague, and narrowed down to my final 7 questions.

Results for the Quiz

Like I said in the beginning, I created my results and worked backwards to create questions that would fit the results I wanted my audience to receive.

When the quiz taker finishes the quiz, they end up with a description of the job type that best fits them. I give examples of what they can do to start that type of job. I think it’s really important to offer good information at the end of the quiz so that they will click on the call to action.

You can either have the quiz taker redirected to a landing page or you can create a call to action. I chose to do a call to action that takes them to my ultimate guide of resources for starting a side hustle. I don’t have a course or products to sell, so I didn’t think a redirect was the best option.

I think in the future I will test to see what does better a call to action or a landing page in terms of engagement.


Interact Quiz and Email Integration

I use MailerLite for my email marketing system, and it works smoothly with Interact. This integration was one of the most exciting pieces to me for the quiz!

I segmented my quiz answers into subscriber lists for each of my answer categories. Now I have a growing list that is specific to different side hustles. For now I plan on emailing each segmented list with highly valuable content that will help them in their side hustle job hunt. Ultimately, I plan to market affiliate programs and possibly create my own products that will fit their needs.

The segmenting piece of the quiz builder is what will help me grow my business. I can even create specific quizzes for each segmented list to learn more about them!

Sharing my Interact Quiz

On my website…

I’ve placed my Interact Quiz on my home page with a “Take Quiz” button.

It is also included as an image and link to the quiz inside a few posts.

Recently, I just changed out the pop-up on my site from an opt-in to the quiz. I’ll update here after I have had it up for a couple of weeks!


Promoting my Quiz…

Pinterest is my greatest source of traffic, so I plan to create a variety of different pins to share. Here is my first pin that is going out. Pinterest is a low burn and it usually takes between 1 – 2 months to really see clicks from Pinterest!

I also plan to use Facebook ads to promote my quiz and grow my email list!

Analytics from Interact

My quiz has been running for about a week, so the analytics don’t have much to show just yet! I think changing out my pop-up will increase my conversion rate and as I grow my pin traffic from Pinterest I will start to see more growth. While my stats are low, I’m excited that it’s only been a week and people are already starting to take the quiz and my email list is growing in the right direction!

Final Thoughts

Creating a quiz through Interact was so much fun! I’m really excited about the future quizzes I can create and the whole user experience on the Interact site was very intuitive.

I think there is so much to learn about the psychology of asking good questions! I plan on studying how to ask better questions that lead to helping more people. My goal with this quiz was to help my audience find a side hustle that fits their lifestyle right now. I think I was able to do that!

The email integration and analytics are going to be very helpful as I continue to grow my business. I think that Interact Quizzes are a useful tool not only for the present, but for creating plans of business growth in the future!

The customer service from Interact was the most helpful piece in creating my quiz. I have on my schedule to meet with someone from Interact (a real person!) and talk about strategy for my Facebook ad that I want to run. I feel like the whole Interact team wants my business to succeed and they are there to offer support.

I hope this helps you as you try to think about ways to engage your audience beyond the typical online marketing efforts like opt-ins, free courses, and emails.

If you’re ready to give Interact a try, you can join here!

SmartCents Mom