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30 Items to Sell for Extra Money

Items to sell online and make quick cash?! YASSS! I totally needed this list. I didn't realize there are so many ways to make quick cash from home. There are great ideas of things to make and sell for profit. Don't miss the (stuff around your house) things to sell online that make money fast!

Have you ever needed to make money NOW and thought “What can I sell to make extra money?” There are a lot of items to sell for extra money if you look at things lying around your house or take advantage of your creative skills!

Items to Sell for Extra Money

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So…what can you sell for quick cash? The trick to making extra money is to develop an “eye for what will sell online.” You learn what sells online by doing research on the specific platform that you want to sell items on. Once you start learning more about the types of things sell online then you can look for things lying around the house worth money.

Things to Sell Online to Make Money

Leftover Makeup

Are you obsessed with makeup? Maybe you have too much, but didn’t use enough to throw it away? You can actually sell your makeup online! Glambot will accept high-end makeup that has been gently used or is new. MUABS will accept high-end makeup and drugstore makeup to be sold in their marketplace!

Educational Items

Do you have teaching materials you don’t ever use? Classroom decor that you never put up? Get rid of the stuff you never use and post it on Facebook Groups or Craigslist. New teachers are always looking for deals to set up their classroom. Summer/beginning of school is a great time to start posting classroom materials and decor that you want to get rid of!

Unused Gifts

It happens to everyone…someone in your family gives you a gift that is not exactly your style or it’s something you already have. Instead of collecting dust in your closet, try selling unused gifts as a way to make money online.

Baby Gear

It is very hard to let go of all that baby gear with such sweet memories, but you can turn baby gear into cash! Here is a list of the top baby items to sell for extra cash:

  • Tula Baby Carriers/Slings
  • Boppy Nursing Pillow
  • Bumbo Baby Seat
  • Car Seat Covers
  • High-End Items: Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, etc.

Outdoor Furniture/Kids Play Equipment

Sell old or unused patio furniture, grills, play equipment, kid sized picnic tables, etc. Do you have a nice playground that your kids don’t use anymore? You can sell a playground set on Craigslist or Facebook and make up to an extra $1000! The really nice playground sets that are sold on Craigslist for $800 – $1000 are still an excellent deal for families, and they usually are gone very quickly!

Outdoor Toys & Bikes

Sand boxes, water tables, bikes, basketball goals, wagons, and other outdoor equipment can be sold online to make some quick cash. We have bought all of our outdoor toys through Craigslist or local consignment shops. Make sure to sell in season so that you can make the most money!

Home Decor

I see a lot of home decor items posted in Facebook sell groups and Craigslist. You can make anywhere from $200 dollars or more by selling home decor. Popular items to sell are lamps, paintings, small furniture, mirrors, and area rugs.

Area rugs are so expensive when purchased new! If you are replacing an area rug and don’t know what to do with the old one, post it on a Facebook Group or Craigslist and make some quick cash!

Seasonal Decor

Cleaning out your holiday decor? Seasonal decor items are great products to sell online. If you are changing your colors for Christmas or need to make room for new home decor, then selling online is a great way to make some extra money.


Selling used textbooks is a great way to make quick cash. It’s best if you sell your textbooks quickly rather than letting to much time go by. Textbooks are constantly changing and you could miss out on earning extra cash!

We have also sold our old fiction books, children’s books, and faith based books through a local consignment book shop. Check you local area to see if there are any places that sell used books!


Clothes that you no longer wear or that kids have out grown can be sold online. You can earn more money if you have name brand clothing to sell. You should typically price your items between 30-40% of the original price you paid. So if you are selling a shirt that you paid $10 for then post it online for a price of $3. You could price your name brand items a little bit higher. Make sure to check to see what similar items are priced at so that your price isn’t too high or too low.

Accessories Purses/Shoes

Sell any of your old purses or shoes that you no longer use anymore! I was given a beautiful purse as a gift, but I never used it because I was always toting a diaper bag instead of a purse. So I sold that purse through a Facebook group and put some extra cash into our savings account!


My husband has started a hobby of working with wood, which can be kinda expensive! He bought almost every piece of his woodworking tools online. Many times he would be searching for months for a specific tool and they are always gone quickly!

Video Games/DVDs/CDs

Sell your old video games, DVDs, and CDs. People still love to buy these items and you can easily sell them online. We are collecting the Disney DVDs and several we have to buy used because they are still in the Disney Vault. The best places to sell video games, DVDs, and CDs are eBay, Craigslist, and

Sporting Equipment

You can sell your sporting equipment like dumb bells, treadmills, ellipticals, tennis rackets, basketball goals, etc online through Craigslist or Facebook groups. It’s better to sell these items locally because of the shipping costs. Smaller items like golf clubs or tennis rackets would be easy to ship. My husband has bought many golf clubs through eBay auctions!

Cell Phones/Computers/Electronics

Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets: things to sell to make quick cash! Have you upgraded your cell phone lately or maybe purchased the latest tablet? If you have old electronics, then you definitely have things lying around the house worth money! We bought our Apple TV, my laptop, my husband’s laptop all through Craigslist! You could also sell through a site called Gazelle. They will buy your old electronics without the hassle of selling it yourself. You will probably make more selling it yourself through Craigslist or Facebook Groups.


You can actually sell your giftcards online! Sometimes you may get a giftcard for a place that you never shop or maybe you just need the extra money. CardPool is a legitimate giftcard company that you can use to sell your giftcards.

Things to Make and Sell for Profit

Create a Course

There is something that you know A LOT about, you have tons of experience with, and now you can create an online course to teach others and make money online.

You can sell your course through Udemy or Skillshare. Both are platforms allow you to create your content and then post to the course to their site. Udemy and Skillshare both are great platforms that see great traffic on a regular basis. This could potentially be a great passive income as you would not be required to be present for the courses being taught.

T-Shirt Designs

Graphic t-shirts are increasingly popular and a great way to make money fast! You just need to create a design and upload to a platform. Print on Demand t-shirt services are an amazing way to sell t-shirt designs because you are required to do no other work once the design is processed!

Merch by Amazon is a great opportunity to sell Print on Demand t-shirts with access to the millions of visitors that Amazon gets each day! Other places to sell your designs would be Redbubble, CafePress, and TeeSpring.

Graphic Designs

Create graphic designs to sell to online businesses and entrepreneurs for marketing services. You can sell your graphic design services through Fiverr. Businesses and bloggers are in need of graphics for their social media, projects, and more!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to sell your words for extra money. You can make money by writing blog posts, proofreading, editing, writing emails, and social media posts. Freelance writing is a great flexible side hustle with the possibility of earning 200 dollars or more per post!

Decorate Cakes

Decorate Cookies

DIY Jewelry

Baby Blankets, Burp Cloths, Baby Accessories

DIY Painted Furniture

DIY Farmhouse Style Decor

Wood Pallet Signs

Essential Oils Bath Bombs

Essential Oils Candles

Digital Products

Where can I sell my stuff online?

If you are excited about the possibility of earning some money by selling your stuff online, then you are going to need this list of places to help you get started!

Old Books



Amazon Trade In






Handmade Items/Crafts


Shop Handmade



Amazon Trade In



Gift Cards

Card Pool




Educational Materials

Teacher Pay Teachers

Lesson Plan Shop

Now that you have some ideas of what to sell to make money online, it’s time to get started! Clean out your closets and make money fast!

What are your favorite things to sell online?

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