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Online Survey Sites to Make Money From Home

online survey site to make money from home

Do you want to extra make money from home with online survey sites?

Have you taken hundreds of surveys, but don’t pass the initial screening? It’s SO frustrating!

Here are a few tips to get you past the screening process an on to making money from home with survey sites!

#1 – Apply to a bunch of different survey companies. 

This is important because survey companies only send out 1 – 2 surveys per week. You may only qualify for 1 – 2 surveys per month. The more companies you apply to the more opportunity you have to qualify for surveys.

#2 – Always be honest!

Survey sites remember everything about what you put down. So if you are constantly trying to change your answers so that you will qualify for a survey, then your likely to be disqualified. Once the site has consistent information about you they will be likely to send you more surveys that you are likely to qualify for.

#3 – Get in early!

When you receive an email that you qualify for a survey, sign in to take the survey immediately. Don’t miss out on a survey because you were too late. There are lots of people trying to take a survey and the businesses conducting research have a budget. So get in early!

#4 – Consistently take surveys.

The more consistent you are with taking surveys the more likely you are to be offered better paying surveys and more survey opportunities. Over time you will see an increase in the money you can make from taking surveys!

#5 – Take the short surveys.

Sometimes people go after the long 30 – 60 minute surveys to try and earn quickly. You can earn just as quick if you take 10 – 20 minute surveys, just take more surveys. This strategy will help you appear to be a consistent survey taker, which will help you start qualifying for better paying surveys.

Survey companies are interested in specific demographics for the businesses they are conducting surveys. The good news is that tons of businesses are conducting surveys on a variety of demographics, but it may take a little time to find your grove.

15 Online Survey Sites to Make Money from Home

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Here are over 15 Online Survey Sites that will help you get started making money from home online!

Survey Junkie



Survey Savvy Connect

Ipsos Panel

Global Test Market

Point Club

E-Poll Surveys

Panel Recruit: Xcel-Online


Inbox Dollars

Panda Research

American Consumer Opinion

Pinecone Research