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Secret Tips to Boost Your Blog

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Are you a new blogger looking for those secret tips to boost your blog? Over the past few weeks, I have seen several great tips for blog growth that are really simple. So I created this little resource to keep them all!

I started my blog with the intent to share my journey of finding online work opportunities and to earn extra income with my blog. I am going to share a few tips that I have discovered that have helped boost my blog in just the first week alone!

Simple Tips for Blog Growth that I have Learned

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have been a great resource for me. I am in several Facebook Groups that allow you to take part in sharing content through Pinterest, Facebook (comments/likes), Instagram, Stumble Upon, Twitter, etc. I have taken part of these groups and found my page numbers go way up when I’m active in these groups. You can see below days I’m active my numbers go way up! It has also increased my Google Adsense and Amazon affiliates earnings. Since it’s still just my first week, it’s only a few dollars, but an increase is an increase so I’ll take it!

Tips for Facebook Groups:

  • DON’T do Follow for Follows. You really only want people who are interested in your content to follow you especially on Facebook. If people are following you, but not actively engaged on your page, then Facebook sees this as you are not putting out good quality stuff for your followers. So Facebook decreases your reach.
  • PACE yourself with the different engagement threads. I got all ambitious and was doing every thread I could possibly relate to. I found myself all day long glued to my phone writing 20 comments on blog posts. I really got overwhelmed. So now I am picking 1 – 2 days a week to focus on promotion in these groups.


I took Melyssa Griffin’s FREE Pinterest webinar and it was crazy good! She shares so much valuable information in just an hour.

I followed much of her advice and then got side tracked. One day I was looking at my Google Analytics and realized that Pinterest is number 3 on my referrals. Which I have heard great things about Pinterest bringing tons of traffic, so I decided to go back into Pinterest and update all my business boards with a branded image. That very day after I did that alone (no Facebook Group threads) I gained 14 new followers on Pinterest, which had gone up from gaining 1 – 3 followers a day. WHOA! That little trick made a big difference! And it’s been that way ever since.

Tips for Pinterest: 

  • Brand your Pinterest Boards with a consistent image. (It really made a difference for me!)
  • Use Tailwind to schedule your Pins. You should be scheduling 75 – 100 pins a day based on different conversations I have had, this seems to be the sweet spot!

Tips from Bloggers More Experienced than Me

1. This is a great tip for reaching your email list. If you have an email list started then you can send out popular posts from the week, because not everybody has popped onto your blog to read your latest post. So you can increase traffic to your page just by sending the newsletter. But a sometimes people won’t open those emails. Elna came up with a way that’s not super annoying (nobody wants to be emailed to death!) to help remind your list to open their mail.

Re-send the same email to those who didn’t open the first email, but give them an option to opt-out of the second reminder email. That way you don’t lose anyone from your list! So smart!! You can read more details in the link below.

Elna Cain, Twins Mommy, Increase Inbox Open Rates for Your Newsletter

2. This tip has already increased my earnings through Amazon! For. Real! On Suzi’s blog she had a guest share tips on how to increase Amazon sales on your blog. I have updated my blog with her tips on my top posts. My earnings aren’t super impressive, but again I saw a definite increase so I’m excited. I’m going to give this more time, but I have a great feeling that it’s going to prove successful. See more details in the link below!

Suzi Whitford, Start a Mom Blog,  Simple Trick to Make Money with Less than 10,000 Pageviews!

4. This is the second tip from Elna at Twins Mommy. She is just sharing so many great little tips over there! Definitely, check her out. Elna figured out that when you leave a positive and authentic comment to a post you should add your blog title in your name. That way people know where you blog and can click on your name to visit your site.

Here’s an example: Ashleigh @ Smart Cents Mom, Ashleigh at Smart Cents Mom, or Ashleigh | Smart Cents Mom

Check out all the details on Elna’s post link below!

Elna Cain, Twins Mommy, Upgrade Blog Comments

5. Make your pins go viral! The Pinterest image you choose is really important. You want to pin a vertical image to the Pinterest search engine. You can use Social Warfare plugin or manually code so that only vertical images on your post can be re-pinned. Tracie has other great tips to help you go viral! Chek out her link below.

Tracie Fobes,, 6 Tips to Help Your Pin Go Viral on Pinterest

6. Try this 30/70 rule for post promotion that Erika made up 🙂 She suggests you spend 30% of your time working on your content and 70% of your time promoting. I love this quote “Intentional marketing is necessary to grow your blog.” I think it seems counter-intuitive to promote so much, especially because there is so much I want to write about! As a stay at home mom with 3 kids under 5 I have to be intentional with my time, so focusing on promotion is important. Check out Erika’s other great tips in the link below.

Erika Madden,, 3 Best Tips for Growing Your Blog Traffic

7. Make more money from Google Adsense. You can put google ads within your text to get a better click through rate. If you’re not a fan of having ads within your text, then maybe try putting ads above or below your title for your post.

Jenn Leach, Drink Coffee and ProsperDouble Your Google Adsense Income

Do you have tips and tricks you are using to grow your blog? Have you written a post about it? Let me know! I plan on updating this little resource as I learn more! 

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  • Ashleigh,

    Thanks so much for including me twice in your post! I’m humbled and surprised 🙂 Great post. I love Suzi’s blog. She gives the best advice. And I also love Jen from Drink Coffee and Prosper (LOVE coffee).

    Thanks again!

    • I’m so glad this helped! Blogging can be SO overwhelming. I plan on adding to this list as I see helpful tips, so check back soon. And I just looked through your blog and it is so inspiring. I love the photo of you on trolls tongue. I’m terrified of heights! I could never do that!

  • Ashleigh, thank you so much for including me here! As a fellow mom with 3 kids as well, I can definitely say that intentional promotion is the KEY. 😉

    • Yes! I’ve just realized I should be spending much more time promoting. I love your blog! It has been so helpful to me. 🙂