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These Jobs Could be The Next Side Hustles 

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If you don’t already have a side hustle, it might be time to get one.

The work world is a changin’. Gone are the days where people were employed for the same company for 30 or 40 years and retired with a healthy pension. Today, the work world looks different — there’s more job-hopping, more contract work, and more side hustling. In fact, nearly half of working Americans have a side hustle in addition to their regular day job, according to a survey by

Even within the gig economy, things continue to change and evolve. Think about it, within a decade (give or take a few years) companies like Uber, Air BnB, and DoorDash have exploded onto the scene totally revolutionizing the way we can work.

While there is no way to predict the future of the gig economy, there are some side hustles that are likely to be in demand moving forward.

What is a side hustle?

In the simplest terms, a side hustle is a side job. It’s something you do outside of your regular 9 to 5 to pull in some additional cash.

Why should I have a side hustle?

There are countless reasons that people decide to pursue a side hustle but some of the main ones include:

  • Make ends meet: Sometimes your day job just doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills
  • Diversification: Your day job is never a sure thing. Like an investment portfolio, you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Enjoyment: Many people have found ways to turn their favorite hobby into a side hustle. So they’re making money and having fun.
  • Financial goal:  Save for an emergency fund, pay off student loans or have extra money to invest
  • Disposable income:  a lot of people have a side hustle simply to make some extra spending money.

Jobs that could be your next side hustle

If you’re thinking that you want a side hustle but you’re having a hard time deciding what to actually do then take a look at this list and see if any of these ideas jump out at you.

What’s next in side hustles for creatives

The world needs creatives, whether it’s writers, photographers or entertainers, these jobs are here to stay. If you love to write, paint, dance, or entertain in any way, you might just be able to turn your talent into a lucrative side hustle. Artificial Intelligence might be scheduled to take over a lot of jobs in the near future but when it comes to being creative, that’s reserved for us humans.

Freelance writing: I might be a little biased but I think freelance writing is a wonderful and interesting way to make extra money. You can write about topics that utilize the knowledge and expertise you already have or you can use writing as a way to explore new topics of interest. I love freelance writing because it allows me to learn new things on a daily basis while also getting paid for it.

If you love to do research, explore new ideas and, (of course) write, then freelance writing might be the perfect side hustle for you.

YouTube entertainer: YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google getting 3 billion searches per month. And, while I personally prefer to read my content instead of watching it (I’m an old Millennial), those of the GenZ generation typically flock to YouTube as their go-to source. Having said this, many of the most influential YouTube stars are in fact, “older millennials,” so don’t feel like you can’t make it if you were born in the early ‘80s!

If you have a special skill — you can sing, dance, play an instrument or make people laugh then consider starting a YouTube channel. No, you are not alone. Everyone and their dog is trying to “make it” BUT, if you love to entertain and put yourself out there, who knows – maybe you’ll be the next big thing.

What’s next in side hustles for those who like to teach

If you love to share your knowledge and expertise with others then a job in online coaching or teaching might be right up your alley.

Online teaching: What you can teach will depend on your education and skill set but there are a ton of opportunities. Teach English, tutor your favorite subject, teach an instrument, teach pottery, teach people how to raise chickens in their backyards. If you have a skill that people want to learn, then there’s an opportunity to teach online and get paid for it. Online learning is already big and it’s likely to get even more popular as technologies improve. If you’re interested in teaching online you can check out sites like Teachable, SkillShare or Teachaway

Online coaching: Similar to online teaching is online coaching. Become an online dating coach, start a life coaching side hustle online or even coach people virtually in a sport. Again, what you need in terms of qualifications and skills will vary but the point is, if you have a skill that people want to learn, there’s potential to share it online and profit.

What’s next in side hustles for those who like to be on the go

If you like to be out and about and on the go then there are tons of opportunities for you to have a profitable side hustle.

Amazon Flex: I think we can all agree that Amazon isn’t going anywhere. As more and more big-box retail stores shut down the Amazon effect is real and as present as ever. Amazon offers a ton of side hustle opportunities including Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex allows you to make money by delivering packages to Amazon customers in your city. This is a great option if you have reliable transportation, want to choose your own hours and want to be your own boss.

Food delivery: I don’t know many people that don’t use some sort of food delivery service. Whether it’s having groceries delivered through a service like Instacart, ordering from your favorite restaurants using Uber Eats or using meal kit delivery services like Hello Fresh. These services help to relieve some of the stress of shopping, meal planning and putting together a dinner from scratch. With how busy the average family is, it’s not likely that these services will be going anywhere. So, if you have a car and you like to drive, perhaps a side hustle in delivery is right for you.

It’s time to start hustling

If you’re ready to hop on the side hustle bandwagon (and it’s a good wagon to be on), then give one (or more) of these jobs a try. Having a side hustle can be a great creative outlet for those who are looking to write or create in some capacity.

A side hustle can also be an effective way to pivot from a full-time job you don’t enjoy into a job that allows you to pursue your passion or favorite hobby. Many people have started a side hustle to quickly turn it into their full-time gig. Finally, a side hustle can just be a super effective way to earn some extra money.

And, while there is no way to predict exactly what’s next in the world of side hustles, we think this list provides some solid options that are here to stay.

–By Jessica Martel

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