Top 5FREELANCESitesAre you looking for flexible online work? Do you need work to fit into your schedule, rather than fit your schedule around work? These are my favorite top 5 freelance sites.

  1. Upwork  has the largest freelance network online right now. This site covers a wide range of freelance opportunities from web design, paralegal, virtual assistant, to media strategist. Clients bid on freelancers they want to hire. This has been my favorite venue so far as a freelancer.
  2. Fiverr is not technically a freelance site because you create your own business through them. However, you can basically have your own business with your own clients. It’s kind of a virtual Etsy. You create a “gig” starting at $5 for customers. There is a wide variety of “gigs” so this gives lots of room for you to use your talent and skills make a side income.
  3. Peopleperhour is a freelance focused on streamlining the client experience focused on web design to marketing. If you are a freelancer with skills in development, design, content, and promotion then this may be a good fit for you. As a freelancer you can search jobs and submit a proposal or create “hourlies” which are jobs at fixed prices that are able to be started immediately. There are other opportunities to promote yourself by earning endorsements and gaining buyers trust.
  4. Guru is another freelance site that connects freelancers with clients. Freelancers are able to see what clients spend on their projects and clients are able to view freelancers portfolio and previous work. They also offer a variety of categories for work from virtual assistants to web design to sales/marketing. There is something for everyone including the liberal arts major like me!
  5. Freelancer is a site that is different from the others on this list due to its competitive nature. Freelancers bid for jobs by creating work before getting the job. This gives clients the opportunity to see their options and choose based on current work rather than a portfolio. Freelancer work categories are limited to website development, website design, SEO marketing, and mobile app. If you are just starting out then Freelancer may not be for you just yet. The competitive nature of this freelance site is for the seasoned freelancer.

Have you been working online as a freelancer? What sites do you use to earn extra income?

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