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Why You Should be a Side Hustle Momma

why you should be a side hustle momma

If you are a mom you should have a side hustle! Mom’s are some of the best workers I can think of. They have their priorities in order even if they feel like their lives are in chaos, they know what matters. There isn’t a lot of energy spent on time-wasting activities. Usually mom’s I know have to be told…encouraged to even do self-care like brush their teeth or shower! My point is mom’s are busy and they are busy taking care of everyone and everything in their household. We may not do it perfectly the way we imagine it in our minds, but mom’s are multi-taskers.

Every mom I know is looking for a way to be independent while being able to be a loving nurturing mom. And in today’s world we have so much opportunity before us, more than ever before (not to say it’s perfect, there’s always room for improvements). All these opportunities and options before us as women means we have a lot of decisions to make. What do we want our careers to look like? What is important to us as women, as moms, as wives, as single ladies? How are we going to define our future?

Women now are responsible for ½ the income in 59% of families today. It’s great opportunity, but you have a choice in how you live out building your income, career, and family.

What is a side hustle?

Growing up, did you ever sell girl scout cookies, candy bars for your sports team, coupon books for your school? That’s all the training you need to be an entrepreneur! We all are entrepreneurs looking for a way to be creative and use our abilities and skills to define us rather than working toward a career that defines us. In today’s world, people ages 18 – 35 are expected to have 5 different careers over the course of their lifetime. Careers! That’s crazy when compared to the lives of women in the past who worked 40 hours a week for 40 years retiring from the same position with the same company.

So a Side Hustle is any job outside of your daily job. As a stay at home mom, my daily job is to  care for my family, cook, clean, engage, educate and provide for my kids and husband. I love this daily job, I’m not saying it isn’t a grind, but I do love it. Anything that is hard and requires more than we can possibly achieve on our own produces great value. At the same time, as an adult woman I long to build community with other adults, to engage my mind in a challenging way, and to be my own boss.

I would like to provide for my family the things that we don’t necessarily have the funds to do. I want my kids to take gymnastics, play soccer, attend preschool, and maybe even private school later on. I want to give my kids experiences that I had growing up like a vacation to Disney World, summer trips to the beach, camping and hiking in the mountains, and other travel opportunities. I also want to spend time with my husband traveling and doing things together like the occasional date night. We don’t have the luxury of a free babysitter so extra money for date night would be so nice for us to reconnect.

As a mom we are always working, there is no down time! For a long time I thought there wouldn’t be a possible way for me to start making or saving money. But I’ve realized that I’m pretty good at getting the occasional side hustle job.

You have to diversify your side hustle income streams. There are so many great ways that you can incorporate your work around your family!

I have earned a free gym membership for my family by working at our local Y in the childcare department. I was able to bring my kids with me for 2 hours of my shift, spend time with my kids, and earn a little side hustle money!

I worked in a mother’s day out program for 2 years after leaving my professional job in teaching. The benefits: I was able to work with a co-teacher and staff who I was able to build friendships with, my kids were able to attend the program (one for free and one for half price) and receive structure and care 2 days a week, even though I was taking care of kids it still felt like a break from my own children and a chance to build friendships with other moms.

Another side job I have is writing blog posts and social media for my dad’s fence company. I have always worked off and on for my dad since high school. Actually, after I graduated college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I worked for my dad for about 6 months. I did everything from drive a huge truck to sales to office work. This gig with my dad has turned into working for other small businesses like his a pool company and landscaping company. I write blog posts and do the social media for each business.

Finally, I have had a great experience working with It is a work from home independent contractor job I found while researching ways to make money from home. Leapforce is perfect as a side hustle because I work when I can and there has always been work for me to do each so far. The great thing is that if I can only work one hour day, then it’s ok. Because with 3 little ones under the age of 4 I don’t exactly have a lot of free time in my day to sit and work on the computer! This has been an incredible flexible side hustle gig for me. If you want to learn more about how to work for Leapforce and the benefits you can read this article: Leapforce Work at Home Agent: Online work as a Side Hustle.

If you are a mom, then you are perfect for working a side hustle. Because a side hustle fits into your schedule. You use your strengths and weaknesses to determine the best use of your time. Think about people you consider to be really successful… they aren’t doing just one thing. They are working in multiple areas focusing on building a personal brand that is more powerful than their individual areas.

By diversifying your side hustle income you are not limiting yourself to success. If you fall short in one area then you are able to not lose all your income because you have other areas of revenue.

I hope to help you find opportunities to be successful in your side hustle! Even just a little bit helps and over time you can develop your brand and diversify your income.