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Work from Home Mom Style: Tips, Fashion, & Schedules

Are you on the hunt for some tips to update your work at home mom style? These comfortable At- Home mom style staples are perfect just for you! The most comfy and easy clothes for days working or playing at home. Basics for the stay at home mom wardrobe | Mom Style | Stay At Home Mom Style | Comfortable Summer Clothing

I don’t know about you, but as a busy mom I’m usually the last person on the list when it comes to shopping for new clothes, getting dressed for the day, or even taking a shower!

Over the last few years, as a work at home mom, I’ve realized that my fashion sense has gone to the wayside. There always seems to be more important things to do other than get dressed or even take a shower. Usually you would find me in workout clothes or pajamas, too busy to put on real clothes.

Have you ever felt that way? Taking 20 minutes to shower and put on clothes that make you feel good, seems like a waste of time. That mommy guilt creeps in with thoughts of…I could unload the dishwasher and fold a basket of laundry in that amount of time! Take out the trash, put dinner in the crockpot, and wipe the counters. Send a few emails and get started on my work to do list.

Work at home mom life is exhausting when we don’t set up boundaries that let us create real space for self-care.

I started writing ways to work from home, so that moms could have flexibility and fit their work around their life. I even wrote this post about the best stay at home mom jobs for any mom who wants to know what kind of real flexible work at home jobs are available.

The work at home lifestyle is perfect for moms, but you have to be able to create a schedule that includes time for you to take care of your needs. Otherwise you will be in a struggle with your work at home life just like you were with your 9 to 5.

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Real Fashion Tips for Work at Home Moms

First let me say there is no shame in wearing your yoga pants on a daily basis. As long as it makes you feel comfortable and confident, I think your work at home mom style can be the clothes that make you feel the most productive. However, there are a few things that you can do to increase your morale and even your productivity!

Shower Every Morning

Sometimes I workout first thing in the morning around 5am. By the time I get home, I have to get the kids up for school. Feed them breakfast and make lunches. Then we are off to school drop-off.

My mornings are off and running with errands, play dates, or house work. The day doesn’t slow down until later in the afternoon around 2:00, which I use to catch up on some work for about an hour until the oldest is home from school.

My shower would usually be late at night if I wasn’t too exhausted after getting the kids to bed.

Here’s what I’ve found over the past year. When I take a shower in the morning, I have increased energy and awareness about my day. I’m more awake. My head feels clear and less of that mom fog. I’m ready to tackle the day.

Style Your Hair

Have you ever washed and dried your hair before going out, and then someone asks if you just got your hair cut? And your response is “no, I actually washed and dried my hair!”

I know you don’t have time to really style your hair with a flat iron, hair dryer, and all the sprays. But I think if you take a few minutes to at least dry the roots of your hair it will make you feel more put together. More confident.

I always feel so pretty when I take the time to just dry my hair!

Create Your Momiform

Pick out a few of your favorite pieces of clothes to wear and then put them on heavy rotation.

Think of yourself as the Mark Zuckerberg of moms. You know how he has a specific color t-shirt and pants that he wears everyday? It’s to keep his mind less cluttered so he can focus on bigger decisions.

Mama, you are no different! You have big things to think about all day. Don’t let choosing an outfit take all your time.

These are a few of my favorite summer outfits that I wear regularly.

Choose Shirts with Details

Casual is in style. You can take your casual look up a notch by choosing shirts that have little details. Things like ruffles on the sleeves, tie front, or trendy cut will help you to be comfortable and put together.

These are a few of my favorite deals on Amazon. I love that they are casual shirts that cost less than $15!

Tunic Blouse

Such a cute tie front button down that is perfect for nursing moms, playdates, or working from home.

White Peplum Top

This is a great basic top that goes with everything…shorts and jeans. The peplum makes it an elevated basic that you can dresses you up!

Twisted Knotted T-Shirt

I love the length of this top. It works with jeans and leggings. It’s big and flowy, so it’s comfy and perfect for working or chasing kids.

Choose Easy Accessories

Accessories are an easy way to pull your look together whether you’re wearing yoga pants or a casual outfit. Try these trendy favorites to up your work at home mom style.



Minimalist Earrings

Create a Simple Makeup Routine

I love this simple makeup routine from Kate at The Small Things blog. She shows how to use drugstore makeup to create an easy everyday look.

Adding a little bit of makeup will help you feel put together, even if you only add mascara and lip gloss. This would take you about 5 – 10 minutes, and you can do this without spending a lot of money!

How to Create Time So That You Can Actually Get Ready

Now that you know what to wear and have some tips for getting yourself together, it’s time to create a work at home mom schedule that includes time for you.

Choose Priorities for Yourself

There are tons of books and time management gurus telling us how to get more done everyday at home and in work. But almost no one is talking about how to get more done while taking care of yourself. Especially for moms who have to prioritize everyone else in the family, we tend to get lost in all the busyness.

When you look at your schedule choose 1 to 2 things you want to prioritize for yourself during the day. Maybe it’s meditation, working out, reading a book, but make sure you include taking a shower and getting dressed.

Writing down your shower and dressing time will help you commit to making yourself a priority.

Ask for Help

See if your husband or partner can help watch the kids so that you can have time for a shower and getting dressed. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about the kids while you’re int he shower.

Times when my husband has been out of town, I’ve taken the kids to the YMCA and put them in Kid Care while I take a shower and get dressed.


Getting dressed for the day is important for me and I think it could be helpful for you too. Getting dressed for the day mentally prepares me for the tasks in front of me. It also creates positive energy around me because I feel refreshed after having a few minutes to myself. Creating routine is good for adults just as much as it is for kids. A routine that helps you prepare for the day is one worth implementing!

How important is getting dressed as a work at home mom to you?

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