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15 Easy DIY Dog Crafts to Make and Sell in 2023

DIY Dog Accessories

About 68% of households in the US have a dog as a pet. That’s about 85 million families! You know that “dog is man’s best friend,” and many pet owners see their dog as a member of the family. It’s this kind of love that motivates people to buy personalized things for their dogs. As a craft entrepreneur, choosing to add dog crafts to make and sell in your store is a great idea!

According to Etsy, the most profitable crafts to sell online are personalized ones that follow trends and feature unique images in your posts. You can check out this chart to find the top-selling shops in the pets category. Do some research to see what your competition is selling. Look for things that are selling well and things that haven’t sold very much. This will help you come up with creative things to make as unique gifts, craft projects with kids, and sell from home, on Etsy, and at local craft fairs.

Make sure you don’t copy other people’s work because you can be forced to take down your items or even close your shop. But do get an idea of what is already selling so that you can create items with your own personal take that people will want to buy. Then you can gradually develop your own unique products for your audience as your shop grows.

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Pet crafts to make and sell

These are the best DIY dog things to make and sell. Things that add more cuteness to a dog and make life more comfortable with a cozy dog bed or help pet owners look stylish while taking care of their pup are perfect for selling on Etsy.

#1 Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are one of my favorite easy DIY dog accessories! You can get creative and make these for every season of the year. Make dog bandanas so their pup can support their favorite team or just look stylish with trending colors and patterns.

#2 DIY Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are a fun way to love on your pup. Focus on the wedding niche and sell items that will send a dog down the aisle in wedding party style.

#3 DIY Dog Leash

This is a great craft to make and sell that will use up your fabric scraps. If you are already sewing and selling fabric projects on Etsy, you could add this to your shop to reach a broader audience and get every penny out of your materials.

#4 DIY Wedding Dog Leashes

Get creative and market your products to those who are getting married! A wedding dog leash that matches the wedding party would be a splurge any dog lover would want to make for their big day. These are beautiful dog leashes embellished with flowers and tassels so the dog can make a lovely entrance on the wedding day.

#4 DIY Personalized Dog Bowls

Who wouldn’t want a pretty dog bowl in their kitchen as opposed to a cheap plastic eye sore? These dog bowls take a simple bowl and make it a nice addition to the home. Everyone loves a simple way to make their home look more put together.

#5 DIY Dog Collar

An adjustable dog collar in unique colors is a necessity for dog owners. This is another fabric craft project that could use up scraps and make you a little extra money. Make these dog collars personalized by adding a name or message to the collar. People typically will pay extra money for personalization.

#6 DIY Pet Bed (Dog Burrow Pet Bed)

Don’t just make any pet bed! Look at this adorable burrow pet bed. It lets pups root around and burrow into their dog bed for a comfy place to lie down.

#7 DIY Braided Dog Bed

Braided blankets have been popular hot crafts to make and sell on Etsy in the past. Take the braided pattern to new heights with this cozy little dog bed. It’s so pretty and would be a lovely addition to any room in the house.

#8 DIY Denim Recycled Dog Toys

Recycled and upcycled dog toys are a great way to market your products. People are very aware of eco-friendly products and love supporting eco-conscious businesses. These toys are easy to make, and the cost of materials would be very low.

#10 DIY Dog Treats

Dog treats are another way to show your pup how much you love them. Learn how to make easy dog treats and ship them to people all across the US. Come up with your own recipe, or try this easy 2-ingredient dog biscuit recipe.

DIY Projects for Dog Lovers

Pet lovers have a special place in their hearts for their dogs. Help them fill their home with puppy love by selling home decor, kitchen ideas, and storage for all things pet owners use!

#11 Dog Breed Tea Towel

These dog breed tea towels are adorable for a kitchen or guest bathroom. These easy crafts would be perfect for making for any dog breed and are easy to personalize.

#12 DIY Dog Wine Toppers

Check out these super cute wine toppers! You can create them in any colors you want, from glitter to hot pink. This tutorial shows you how to create unique Dog wine toppers for dog loving customers.

#13 DIY Dog Coasters

There are dog lovers who adore a specific breed of dog. These would be a great way to focus on making money with a dog breed. Change out the decorative bowties. Who can resist an adorable pup dressed up in a tie?!

#14 Doggie Treat Jar (Easy Cricut Craft)

One of the top ways to increase sales on Etsy or at local craft fairs is to personalize the crafts you sell. You can let your customers give you the phrase they want on their jar, use their family initials, pet name, or have 2-3 images (like puppy paw prints, or dog silhouettes) options for them to choose from.

#15 Dog Wall Art

Wall art is a creative way to display the things we care about around our home. You can even use your Cricut to make easy wall art with popular dog quotes, dog silhouettes, and more.

That covers 15 DIY dog crafts you can make and sell on Etsy, at local craft fairs, or local boutiques. What dog accessories do you think you will add to your Etsy shop?

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