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Best Ways to Make Money from Home: Make 1000 Dollars per Month

Want to know how to make extra money from home? Make 1000 dollars extra money per month from home with this clever list of 7 ways to make extra money from home. Earn extra money with these creative jobs that use hobbies, crafts, and thinking outside the box! Get started today with a side hustle and start earning extra money: 1000 dollars per month or more! #extramoneyideas #makemoneyfromhome

Best Ways to Make Money from Home: Make 1000 Dollars per Month

I am always looking for new creative ways to make money from home. I love the idea of having flexibility to be home with kids while I make extra money. Real ways to make money from home can be hard to find, but with a little work you can find creative ways to make money by making crafts, using hobbies that make money, or working online. You just have to start thinking outside the box…and find a way to help people solve a problem. This list has some of the best ways to make money from home that you probably have never thought of!

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How to Make Money Online from Home

best ways to make money from home

#1 Make Fast Money with Spray Tanning

Let’s be honest, everybody looks better with a tan! Spray tanning is a creative way to make money from home.

Tanning can make you look slimmer, feel more confident, and appear healthier. But getting a tan naturally is dangerous when your skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays. More and more women (and men) are wearing sunscreen to block the sun and definitely avoiding the tanning bed. Spray tans are the healthy option!

You can purchase a spray tan machine online between $250 – $500.

$20 per spray tan (takes 20 minutes) that lasts 7 – 10 days.

Want to make $1000 per month doing spray tans?

$20 per spray tan

50 spray tans per month

*Repeat customers!!*

Total hours for the month: 17

#2 Make Quick Cash with Yard Signs

There is a fun new trend popping up in yards across the country. Maybe you haven’t seen them yet, which means there is a great business opportunity waiting for you! Get paid for placing fun signs in yards to help people celebrate special events like new babies, graduation, birthdays, prom, and more. You will need social media skills (think Facebook and Instagram) to grow your business as well as a flexible schedule. Perfect for stay at home moms!

You could start your own business or work with a business like Card My Yard and purchase a franchise!

Pricing for signs starts at $70.

Assuming you can keep half of the cost of the sign, you will need to have 28 sign clients per month to earn $1000 per month. The great news is that special events are happening all the time and you can work on repeat customers!

best ways to make money from home

#3 Make Extra Money Fast Window Washing

Cleaning windows is a great way to make money on the side. All you need are a few supplies for cleaning windows. This could fit into your schedule easily especially if you have kids in school.

The average rate per window is $2 – $7. You would need to clean 5 – 10 houses ranging between $56 – $196 to earn $1000 per month.

best ways to make money from home

#4 Paper Shredding Service for Quick Income

Another real way to make money from home is by providing shredding services for residential and small business owners. You could provide mobile shredding services (shred on location) or have customers drop their documents by your home.

Professional shredding services can range between $150 per bin to a flat of $285. You could easily earn $1000 per month or more with this work from home business opportunity.


best ways to make money from home

#5 Healthy Meal Prep to Make Extra Income

I started the Lean Body Challenge this past January, and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that eating healthy is 80% of the battle to losing weight and being healthy! The best way to stay on track and meet your health goals is by being prepared.

Meal prep takes time and not everybody has the time or the energy to meal prep. This is where a healthy meal prep business can help people, and it’s a great flexible way to make money from home!

One of the women in the challenge group shared how she makes these Healthy Black Bean Brownies and other meals for 5 clients each week while she does her own meal prep.

5 clients per week charging $100 – $125 per client would get you $1000 per month after supplies!


best ways to make money from home

#6 Create Products Made with Essential Oils as a Creative Way to Make Money from Home

If you don’t know yet, Essential Oils are kinda big deal! It seems like everyone is using essential oils, selling essential oils, or at least talking about essential oils. Then there are people like me who are just too lazy and uninterested in creating my own products, no matter how safe and amazing essential oils are compared to traditional brands.

Create your own concoctions of body scrubs, bath bombs, candles, essential oils jewelry, lotions, oil mixtures for sleep/energy/anxiety, and more. Then start selling to family/friends and make money online from home by reaching a bigger audience through social media.

best ways to make money from home

#7 Party Performer

This side hustle goes at the TOP of the list for creative ways to make money! Dress up as a favorite character and perform at children’s birthday parties or events. It won’t be quite the same as being Cinderella at Disney World, but dressing up as characters for children’s parties is a great side hustle for any busy moms who want to dress up as a princess!

How to Make Money Online from Home

So maybe these ideas sound good, but the reality is that some people need real ways to make money from home online. Real ways to make money from home can be hard to find, but these four online jobs are a great way to start making money from home online without much startup cost beyond your computer and the internet connection.

General Proofreading Online

Virtual Assistant

Freelance Writing

Teach English Online



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