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Location independent work sounds like a dream…
but today I’m excited to introduce you to Bryanna Royal of Virtual Powerhouse and Crazy Family Adventure, who has used her virtual assistant business to create location independence as a virtual assistant a reality!
Bryanna and her family live full-time in their RV traveling all over the U.S.

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How do you define your role as a virtual assistant? What kind of VA services do you offer?

I like to call myself a Virtual Team Member since I want to be more than an assistant. I want to be a part of my client’s team and help them in the process of growing their business. I have found I enjoy helping my clients grow their business through social media, blogging, and e-newsletters and have chosen to focus on that.

Tell us about yourself. (Family life, what you do, background/what did you do professionally before you got started as a social media specialist.)

Prior to starting my VA business I was a stay at home Mom to our 4 kids and ran a direct sales business on the side. In May 2014 my husband and I sold our house, bought an RV, and have been traveling around the US with our 4 kids and 2 dogs ever since! That is what prompted me to start my business so my husband could quit his 9 to 5 and join my team – he specializes in website design and SEO work. And we both strive to work just 20 hours a week. We love the concept of less work and more play! We also have a travel blog we run where we document our adventure: www.crazyfamilyadventure.com

How did you learn about “social media specialist” as a job? Is this something you went to school for?

No I did not go to school to be a VA or social media specialist. I have a degree in Information Technology and Marketing. When I decided I wanted a location-independent business I looked into the different options and a VA seemed like the perfect fit! I then did some online training to learn how to become a VA and how to run a business and the rest is history!

How did you get your first client?

I offered my first client a Free month when I got started. I let him know that I would do his social media work for him for free for 1 month and then at that time he could decide if he wanted to pay me to continue to do the work. He is still a paying client today!

You own Virtual Powerhouse with your husband and a blog www.crazyfamilyadvenure.com. How did VPH start?

We wanted a location independent way to make money where we could set our own hours and the days we worked.

At what point did you realize this could be a real business?

As soon as we decided that my husband wanted to quit his 9 to 5 we made it a focus to grow the business to the next level.

How has your business grown?

It has been steady. I normally don’t actively search out clients but instead get referrals or word of mouth clients. We try to be very careful and stick within our 20 hours a week. We didn’t choose this lifestyle so we could work 80 hours a week! We chose it so we could get out and explore this amazing world we live in.

When/how did you decide to start your blog Crazy Family Adventure?

We started the blog the summer after we moved into our RV. I had no idea how to build a website or start a blog so when the kids went to bed at night I taught myself. We would love for our blog to eventually be bringing in a big chunk of our income.

Do you make money from your blog right now?

We make a couple hundred dollars a month right now in actual money but we do get a lot of great opportunities to visit attractions for free – if we blog about them and share them on social media. This is an awesome cost saver and has given us a lot of opportunities we couldn’t afford with a family of 6 traveling full time. Like swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, jeep tours, amusement park tickets and boat rides.

When did you start earning money from your blog?

It has taken us a while to figure this out. I don’t think we have hit the point yet where we feel like we can say we are making consistent money. But I think it is coming soon! Right now it is kind of random when we do make money and how much we make.

What is your goal for your blog over the next year?

We would love to monetize it and bring in $2k a month with it over the next year.

How many hours do you work a week?

We aim for 20 but depending on client load and what we are trying to do with the blog it could be a little more.

What is the best part of being the owner of a small business?

Being able to sleep in and snuggle our kids every morning and being able to go out on a Wednesday and go hiking or exploring all day.

What does your day look like when you’re working?

Hmm . . . that is a tough one. Being on the road nothing is consistent. My desk is either the kitchen table, our bed or a table at Starbucks. And sometimes a picnic table by the beach! My big work day is on Monday’s. On Monday my husband is in charge of the kids and really focus in on getting as much done as I can in 1 day. Then the rest of the week I work random hours to do the rest of the work that needs to be done and to answer emails. I will also do work at night when the kids are sleeping. I am a night owl and find that I am most focused after midnight!

What are your favorite resources (books, courses, tools) that you would recommend for someone who is wanting to start a small business?

I really enjoyed Virtual Miss Friday for learning about being a VA and BSchool to help with more of the business aspect and finding like minded people.

What is your best tip for anyone looking to start a side hustle or begin working from home?

Just get started. You can learn more about what I call the 3 Business Blockers here: http://www.crazyfamilyadventure.com/bridge-business/ along with information on the course I am putting together to help people get their business started. A lot of the time the biggest hold up is getting started and making decisions to keep moving your business forward. My course goes into how you have to make a choice and move forward – you can always change things in the future but if you don’t keep moving forward you will never get your business off the ground. Set deadlines for yourself and then make a decision and move on.

Are you interested in starting a virtual assistant business?

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