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Freelance Writing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms: 15 Examples with Pictures

Hey mama! Do you have writing skills? Love to write and need a way to create more money each month?

Writing online is a great flexible job for moms who want to work around their family’s schedule and make extra money. It’s a good idea to have multiple streams of income when you are working from home. Especially if you are trying to start a small business from home or building a blog. These types of work from home jobs have great income earning potential, but in the beginning you may not be able to earn consistently through just one stream of income.

Here, I explain over 30 high paying stay at home mom jobs (including freelance writing) that you can do from home to create multiple streams of income working during nap time or after the kids go to bed!

If you are looking for a way to use your writing skills to earn extra cash as a stay at home mom, then this list of 12 writing jobs that pay $100 or more to guest post on websites if for you!

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Blogs that Pay Writers

Let’s get started! Remember to read through each site to learn what type of information you should send in your pitch. Some sites want a snap shot of the piece you will write and others prefer an outline. Writing a strong pitch with all the information they require is the first step to landing a writing job that pays!

1. Write for Babble

Babble is an online magazine dedicated to helping parents navigate the adventure of raising kids. They provide real life tips for parents through conversational style posts. Writing for Babble is a dream for many parenting freelance writers. It’s hard to find ways to land a contributor position with Babble. The best option I have found is applying through online contributor listings on FlexJobs.

FlexJobs is a job search subscription service that vets all their job listings to ensure they are legitimate work from home/remote job opportunities. You can sign up with my code: to get 30% off your subscription!

HINT: The best deal is to buy the 3 month option for the best rate!

2. Her View from Home

Her View from Home is a lifestyle website that focuses on motherhood, marriage, and faith. Articles should be between 600 – 800 words and should include a writing sample.

Pay is $100 for 4,000 pageviews.

3. Money Pantry

Money Pantry is a site about money tips: making money and saving money. They prefer you write in a blog friendly/conversational style. Posts should be between 1000 – 2000 words. Money Pantry is looking for a unique way of making money or saving money not found on other personal finance websites.

Pay is between $30 – $150.

4. Western New York Family Magazine

WNY Family Magazine focuses on family in the Western New York area. Articles should include information related to Western New York. They have a high interest in articles that discuss preparing children for college. Articles should be written in conversational tones. Locals are given preference but all writers are allowed to submit. 

Pay is $40 – $150 depending on article type.

5. Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun is a long running magazine that covers topics geared towards families with kids ages 3 – 12. There are a wide variety of topics covered since this is a lifestyle website for  families. Posts are conversational style and should provide tips that can be implemented now, motivation to create special moments as a family, or anything that falls into these areas…

  • food
  • crafts
  • parties
  • holiday celebrations
  • games
  • creative solutions to common household problems
  • home organizing and decorating

Pay is $1.25 per word for posts ranging from 800 – 3000 words.

6. The Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is a site that helps readers learn how to save money and make money. They are looking for informative and conversational style posts that offer real ways to earn more and save more. Posts should be 700 – 900 words in length. Be sure to read through the existing posts so that you can submit an idea that is creative and new.

Pay is determined by the type of post.

7. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a frugal living site that covers ways to save time and money. They have been around for 20 years and have over 10,000 articles. TDS is looking for fresh ideas on ways to save time and money. Before you submit a post idea to the online form, make sure you look at what has already been published to be sure your idea is new and a different take on saving money.

Pay is $0.10 per word (1000 words = $100)

8. Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is a site dedicated to helping men and women find work-life balance as a freelance writer. They cover topics that include entrepreneurship, systems, tools, and process to become a successful freelancer.

Pay is $100 for  a 1500 word post.

9. Cosmopolitan

We all have personal crazy stories about college. It’s the first time you’re away from home and independent. Share your story with the readers at Cosmopolitan and they will pay you for your writing, and potentially hire you for more stories in the future!

Pay is $100 per post.

10. Clubhouse Magazine

11. B. Michelle Pippin

Business expert and coach B. Michelle Pippin has writing opportunities in the areas of time management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The site helps women grow their business and income.

Pay is up to $150 per post.

12. Listverse

Listverse is a site that pays writers for creative and unique list posts. Your post must be at least 10 items in the list with a paragraph for each item. You send in your post and they will let you know if they decide to publish. Listverse pays via Paypal so you must have an account. Make sure you browse Listverse to see the types of posts that are popular, so you have an idea of what topics to cover.

Pay is $100 per post.

13. Cooking Detective

Cooking Detective is a food and recipe website. They offer many different types of posts on their site from how-to’s, fitness tips, nutrition guides, and expert interviews. Food Guides or Recipe Guides are higher paying posts, but you can still submit a pitch for other areas.

Pay is $75 – $160 depending on the post type.

14. Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living Magazine is a popular magazine that covers topics on anti-aging, health, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, and recipes. Be sure to read through the writers guide and submit your topic via the online form. You can expect a response within 6 days.

Pay is $150 for a 1500 word article.

15. Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is an online magazine that covers physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance. Their goal is to help their readers learn ways to lead a happier, healthier, and more satisfying life. The posts always come from a Christian perspective.

Pay ranges from $100 – $300 per post.

Bonus: Lies About Parenting

Lies About Parenting is a website that works with parents to separate popular parenting advice from real effective advice that is sometimes controversial. They are currently not accepting new admissions, but you should sign up for their newsletter because they will email when they reopen for submissions.

Pay is $50 for original pieces.

Bonus: Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a christian organization that provides advice to families about raising children of all ages. The website includes a variety of different topics. They are looking for real-life practical tips or advice that parents can put into practice now.

Pay is typically $50 per post. 

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