Creative people everywhere are turning their hobbies into side hustles at home, and you can make some extra cash with these Valentine’s crafts to sell! 

One of the best ways to make easy money with crafts is by staying on top of seasonal and holiday craft trends. Coming up with ideas of things to sell is simple when you strategically plan crafts around a holiday because people are already looking for things to buy!

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts nothing says *I love you* sweeter than giving a unique handmade gift. I mean, we would probably all love to whip up an amazing gift for our loves on Valentine’s Day, but who has the time?

So where do you go when you are looking for the best valentines day crafts to make and sell? I’ve been searching all over Pinterest to find the most unique DIY gifts that are sure to be popular crafts.

PRO TIP: Pinterest has said that personalization is one of the hottest trends for gift giving, and it’s been that way for the past few years. Keep that in mind as you plan on making a list of crafts to sell.

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DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is known for hearts, flowers, jewelry, and candy…oh my! There are so many options to create fun and easy crafts for adults: women. I pulled together some of my very favorite crafts that I love to make, and that would be easy to sell.

1. DIY Letter Blocks

A good gift is all in the details! This is a great Valentine’s craft to make and sell for any book lover. The background of each block is a page from a book. Sell these letter blocks with popular pages from the greatest love stories!

2. DIY Heart Ring

This simple heart ring made out of wire is a charming Valentine’s Day gift. The minimal shape makes the ring modern, and the heart shape is a traditional shout-out to love. All you need is wire and a pair of pliers to make this fun DIY heart ring.

3. DIY Heart Mug

Coffee lovers are the perfect target audience for this quick DIY. You can offer personalized options for color and include a special note written on the bottom of the mug. I love an easy and cheap DIY!

4. Valentines Whipped Body Butter

Essential oils are such a popular trend right now when it comes to healthy living. People LOVE their essential oils! Create some amazing scents to sell for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

5. DIY Bath Bombs

DIY bath bombs are a romantic Valentine’s Day gift. This craft project is one of my favorite gifts to whip up for craft fairs. My personal trick for making the perfect bath bomb is to add more coconut oil to the mixture. Often, people have trouble getting their bombs to stick together. For a while, I was so frustrated that my bombs were falling apart. I tried adding water to make it more wet, but that only made it fizz. It’s all in the coconut oil!

6. Valentine’s Day Printables

Printables are an easy way to make money passively with crafts. You can design printables and put them on sale online for purchase without any extra work.

7. DIY Candle

There are so many unique candle DIY ideas that you can make and sell for Valentine’s. This candle can be personalized with a heart carving and initials.

Heart DIY Projects to Sell

Nothing says I love you more than giving your heart away! These heart DIY projects are big money-makers when it comes to crafts to make and sell for Valentine’s Day.

8. DIY Pallet Hearts

Pallet wood is a popular craft to make and sell. Everyone loves that farmhouse…Magnolia style look. If you’re good with a saw, then this could be a very simple rustic project for Valentine’s Day.

9. DIY Felt Heart Wreath

This felt heart wreath is so full! I love how lush it looks with all the felt. Another cheap and easy DIY you can make and sell during the Valentine’s holiday season.

10. DIY Love Heart

The uniquely painted panel in this wood pallet heart really stands out to me. You can personalize it with the wording that you offer. Make it even more simple by using Cricut vinyl cutouts for the wording.

11. DIY Button Heart

This minimal heart art is a simple craft that you can create in no time! Personalize the heart with different colors of buttons and chain options for hanging.

12. Flower Heart Wreath

Handmade Valentine crafts to Sell for Him

Handmade crafts aren’t just for the ladies in your life either…

Here are a few great adult Valentine’s crafts to sell for the men we love. You don’t have to give a “romantic” gift on Valentine’s Day. Something practical can be just as meaningful.

13. DIY Magnetic Wristband

This is such a great craft idea for the handyman (or handywoman)! It can be hard to think of something to make and sell for someone who is already a creative and crafty person. This tool is practical and a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys making things out of wood.

14. DIY Beard Balm

Guys and their beards. This looks like it’s a trend that’s going to stick around for a while. This beard balm is easy to make using essential oils.

15. Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder

This wine bottle and glass holder DIY project makes a fantastic gift for 2. It can be a part of a romantic Valentine’s Day date as well as a gift for him (or her!).

16. DIY Pinecone Fire Starter

My husband is in charge of starting the fires at our house, so I picked this DIY gift to make for him. You could add a tag that says, “You’re my Burnin’ Love” or something cheesy.

17. Alcohol Toothpicks

I’m saving this one for last because it is my absolute favorite gift to make for him! Nothing is more many than a bottle of Jack Daniels. This simple DIY just screams manly to me, and it’s super easy to create.

Valentine’s Day Food to Make and Sell

Food is one of the best parts of any holiday, including Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped candies, cookies, cakes, and more are fun to make and sell. We all know food is the way to the heart! ????

Food is also a great idea to make and sell because people need uniquely themed treats for their Valentine’s parties.

18. Be Mine Cookies

These sugar cookies are a yummy take on the classic Valentine’s Day candy. Personalize these cookies with your own sayings or customer sayings.

19. DIY Valentine’s Macaroons

Check out these delicious party treats. They look so perfect and elegant for a special Valentine.

20. Valentines Marshmallow Pops 

21. Lover Muddy Buddies

Make this sweet treat even better with Valentine’s accents!

22. Cherry Heart Pies

These yummy cherry pies are adorable and a perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day.

23. Chocolate Spoons

24. Valentine’s Crack

Sweet and salty make this the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

25. Valentine’s Day Decor Craft Ideas

We love to decorate for the holidays at my house. The kids get so excited to hang up decorations, and honestly, it gets us all in the spirit of the holiday. These DIY Valentine’s Day craft ideas are easy to make and sell.

26. Heart Garland

Perfect for doorways or mantels.

27. XOXO Heart Valentine Garland

28. Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

29. Heart Pillow Case Covers

30. Adorable Wood Tags

31. Be Mine Wood Pallet for Valentine’s Day

32. XOXO Valentine Rustic Wood Art

33. I Love You a Bushel & a Peck

Valentine Vinyl Project Ideas

34. Personalized Candy Buckets

35. Candy Box 

36. Personalized Drink Cups with Straw

37. Valentine’s Day Mugs

38. Personalized Wine Glasses

39. Valentine’s Wine Bags

40. I Love You Candy Dish

Check out this post about the best Cricut blanks to buy on Amazon to make and sell vinyl crafts!

Where should I sell my Valentine’s Day crafts?

If you are new to making money with a craft hobby, then finding a place to actually sell your items might be holding you back from starting your side hustle. The great news…there are many ways you can sell your crafts, either online or through local events!

Local Events

Do some research to find out if there are any local places to sell crafts. You can even search online for “places to sell crafts near me,” and search engines are usually pretty good at finding exactly what you need.

You can also search for local craft fairs, farmer markets, or locally owned shops that might consider selling your items in their store.

You can start an Etsy shop online for free. They do take a percentage of the sales price, so keep that in mind when you are pricing your Valentine’s crafts.

It can take some time before people start seeing your products on your Etsy page, so it’s a good idea to start posting your products early. A good way to know when to start posting seasonal items is when you notice stores are putting out seasonal items. So, if you see Valentine’s Day decor out on December 26…then it’s time to post those items online. (Crazy, right?!)

When selling on Etsy, make sure you use good keywords to help your items be found on search. Think of all the ways someone might type in the search bar to find your item and include those words in your listing and description.

Facebook Groups

Selling on the Facebook Marketplace is another great way to sell your craft items online. People are often already shopping on Facebook Marketplaces, and it can be an easy way to gain exposure without spending money on a booth at a craft fair.


Instagram is a great place to showcase your crafts because it is all about beautiful pictures. Over time, you can build your following and sell to your audience. It can take time to grow your following, so the sooner you start, the better!

What do you plan on selling for Valentine’s Day?

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