Frugal FUN is real! Saving money doesn’t mean your life has to be boring. It may actually be more exciting, if you save money competitively. When you are really focused on saving money finding the best deal can give you such a rush! My husband and I enjoy “at-home” date nights mostly right now since our newest little guy is still so young. I’ve put together some of our favorite ways to get out on a date. These are some creative and strategic ways to create meaningful memories with family and friends that don’t involve spending all your extra money.

Frugal Fun Ideas for Date Night

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Finding a babysitter is important! You want someone you can trust, but you also don’t want to spend all your date money on babysitting. If you can’t afford a date night and babysitter, then consider a date night at home after kids are in bed. 

Check for Coupons

Before you head out for a date night, check to see what coupons restaurants are offering. Look online, check your coupon mailer (Mint Magazine is a coupon mailer we receive each month), join your favorite restaurant’s email list and follow them on social media. I also follow Southern Savers. They post every deal that can be found online!

Happy Hour, Early Bird Specials, Dessert Date

Depending on the time you want to go out, take advantage of specials that restaurants offer. Happy Hour will save you on drinks and appetizers, which you could be your meal. I know I can fill up on appetizers easily!

Early Bird Specials are usually available before 5:30. You can typically get a dinner for the lunch price during an Early Bird Special! So there’s a chance you will definitely be the youngest in the restaurant, and a “dinner” before 5:30 is technically a late lunch. We do this sometimes because of our kids naptimes. Everyone is happy around 4:30, so we go to “dinner” and my husband and I get to enjoy peacefully eating “dinner” we save leftovers for later when the kids go to bed while we watch a movie.

Dessert dates can be really fun! I mean that’s my favorite part of dinner anyway 😉 When we do dessert dates we each get our own dessert which never happens if we have dinner and dessert. I seriously LOVE not sharing my slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! This can be a really frugal date especially if you find a great coupon for buy one get one free. Keep your eyes open for coupons by joining your favorite restaurant’s email and social media accounts.

Mystery Shopping

Another great way to save money eating out is to go through a mystery shopping program. You won’t make a ton of money with mystery shopping, but it is definitely worth free meals, free outings, and even free hotels. For more details you can see my Guide to Mystery Shopping.


Check out movies at the library for FREE! Everyone forgets about the library, but they really have so much to offer from books, CDs, DVDs, and books on tape (perfect for travelling).

I also occasionally find free Redbox codes to rent DVDs for FREE! I usually find them through my favorite couponing site Southern Savers. Sometimes sites like Fandango will give away tickets with special codes or have deals like Buy One Get One for movie passes.


I LOVE Groupon! They have so many great deals on food and outings for my area. If you don’t use Groupon you should definitely sign up for a free account. Right now there is a $14 pass to a trampoline park for 2 people. That’s a fun date night! You can’t beat the price, and you can’t help but laugh and have fun when you’re jumping on trampolines. It makes you feel like a kid! Download the app to your phone and there is no need to have to print a coupon out. They can scan your phone and you’re good to go. Groupon will usually save you 50% or more on food and outings, sometimes they run specials so that you can save even more!

Outdoor Fun

Depending on the weather and season, you can have a great time outdoors. Hiking is a favorite hobby of ours and it is FREE entertainment. Not to mention great exercise. There are lots of things you can do outside. Check your city for festivals, free concerts, and parks.

How do you have frugal fun on date nights? What ideas do you have?

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