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Best Holiday Crafts to Sell Online

food jars make good holiday crafts to sell online

The holiday season is a beautiful time to get creative with arts and crafts ideas. Many excellent holiday craft ideas do great do-it-yourself projects, including some of the best holiday crafts to sell online.

Whether you’re looking to make a traditional-style ornament or set on a specific theme or prefer to create something more unique and unusual, you’ll find lots of great ideas online — and customers eager to buy.

Holiday and Greeting Cards with Specific Themes

One of the most common gifts bought during the holidays is greeting cards. These are widely popular during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. Creating a unique, funny card with a specific theme or picture is a great way to showcase artistic skills and a sense of humor.

If you’re a fan of vintage headlines, news clippings, and consumer products, you could get creative with distinctive collages for a holiday-themed greeting card or artwork.

Cards are straightforward to create, and you can make them as complex or simple as you prefer. A good quality printer and high resolution are needed for digital printing, as well as a laminator (this is optional if you wish to use one).

For a handmade design, you could invest in markers and paper and gather up all the vintage newspapers, pictures, clippings, and labels that you can find. The more special the design or theme, the better!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Your Tree

One of the best holiday crafts to sell online is a custom Christmas ornament. They make lovely stocking stuffers or gifts for people who adore artisan crafts and art. Better still, there are many varieties of ornaments available online. However, the most popular or in-demand options are ornaments with specific themes such as films and series, sports teams, cartoons, or your own one-of-a-kind creation.

If you enjoy knitting, crochet, or working with felt and lace, you’ll likely get a kick out of making these cute gnome ornaments. They also make incredible decorations around your home during the holidays, over the fireplace mantel, or on your tree.

Should you have lots of craft supplies that include yarn, buttons, felt, and thread, you’ll find many similar craft ideas for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Using the cute gnome idea, you can expand on this design to create little witches, cupid with arrows, ghosts, and more. It’s a fun craft to create with kids. Plus, you can create more detailed designs and custom requests to sell online!

These ornaments are relatively easy to make, depending on their intricacy. For beginners or novice crafters, it can be a good idea to use a standard sewing kit, and a collection of yarn, pieces of felt, lace, or border trims to make something original. The ornaments are also ideal for upcycling old or unique fabrics or jewelry that’s no longer in use.

Wreath Candle Holders for Christmas

Some of the best holiday crafts to sell online are the easiest. Wreaths are perfect because they don’t require many supplies and can be assembled with leftover or extra Christmas tree decorations such as tinsel, ribbons, beads, pinecones, and strings of faux gems.

A wreath of branches of any size, and a standard glue gun, are an excellent place to start. Strings of pearls, golden beads, and tinsel can be aligned and attached to each branch. If you’re uncertain which items to include, a local discount or craft store can offer many valuable ideas.

Not only are holiday wreaths simple to make, but they are also inexpensive. You can customize them to any style or color theme, from formal and intimate dinner table settings to a modern, art-inspired collection of items along the wreath branches.

A clay pot or small candle holder is great for the center of the wreath or in between the branches. Thin metal or glass holders can be found in dollar stores for any size of candle you prefer, from tea lights to tall candlesticks.

Holiday Food Jar Gifts

Many people enjoy a surprise gift that includes a light snack, sweet treat, custom jam, spread, or chutney. If you have a favorite recipe that you love to serve at family dinners or parties, you’ll find this gift perfect. You can either fill the jar with a homemade collection of fudge or candies or leave it empty and focus on decorating the lid and glass.

Decorative food jars can even be sold empty or full, with the option of customizing an order. Dried or shelf-safe foods are best, as they last a long time, and you can ship them gift-wrapped without any issues.

Of course, you could also put a recipe in a jar, with all the dried or shelf-stable items needed: spices, seasoning, beans, and more. This offers the customer a new dish to mix and try with a bit of added water!

To decorate the lid of the jar, consider a theme that works best for the holiday or occasion: hearts for Valentine’s Day, beads and ribbons for Christmas, custom labels, clippings, and more for a heartfelt birthday present. You’ll find all the ingredients you need for a recipe jar or assorted candies at your local bulk store.

Get Crafting for Christmas

You’ll find lots of great holiday craft ideas for any holiday or special occasion to sell online. While many are easy to make, they can also be customized as per your customer’s request. You can also create a signature collection of Valentine’s Day cards, for example, or stocking stuffer gifts for Christmas.

Creating holiday craft ideas to sell online is fun and provides many opportunities to make an impression online, with followers and customers who share and buy your products. It’s important to always take your time and create each piece with great care—your customers will appreciate it and come back to buy more!

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