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Legitimate Online Side Jobs from Home

Fun side jobs to make money at home! Earn extra cash with these tips for working the easiest side hustles and highest paying side hustles perfect for moms and any people who want to make money on the side! #sidejobs #sidehustles #extracash #makemoneyonline

Best Side Jobs from Home to Make Extra Money

Looking for the easiest ways to make extra money online? Side jobs from home are one of the fastest growing ways to make extra money online. Gone are the days of working a side hustle that requires you to be in a physical location.

Today’s work from home job opportunities offer freedom, independent hours, work from home, and can be done online! Even better…these online side jobs from home often offer high paying work which is perfect for intorverts, single moms (and dads), and anyone else who is looking to make more money!

High Paying Side Jobs from Home

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As online and small businesses continue to grow, these companies need bookkeepers to help their businesses stay on track financially. As a bookkeeper you will be required to do payroll, financial reports, track spending, year-end closing financial tasks, and more.

You can work as an independent bookkeeper or find flexible/remote positions with a company.

Pay: $19/hour 

How to Make Money Pinning on Pinterest as a Side Hustle

Pinterest is an increasingly popular search engine platform that drives traffic and sales to online businesses! Many small businesses and online companies WANT to be on Pinterest benefiting from the traffic and sales, but they don’t have the skills or time to invest in growing their presence on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest Manager you could offer Pinterest Account Setup, Pin creation, pinning Strategy, Pinterest account management over time, and more.

Pay: $175 per month per client (project based)

Love Pinterest, but don’t know how to turn pinning into a business? Check out how to become a Pinterest VA to learn more about starting your own Pinterest Management business.

Get Paid to Deliver with UberEats

UberEats is an easy side job that you can do to earn extra cash. Deliver food on your bike, scooter, or car and earn $3 per delivery. It’s as easy as turning on the UberEats app, showing up at the store, and delivering the food to the customer. If there is a cancellation, you still earn $5 for your time!

Pay: $10 – $20 per hour

Get Paid to Deliver with UberEats

Photography Side Job

Photography is a high paying side job from home! Local photographers in my area charge $150 per 30 minute photo session for family photos. It takes longer than 3o minutes to complete the job since you will also want to include photo editing.

Make money selling your images online. Stock photography has become very popular for businesses to use on their websites, social media, and business branding. Read here, for more ideas on how to make money with a photography side job.

If you don’t already own a camera and lenses then there would be some up front cost, but with the right business plan you should be able to be profitable quickly.

Pay: $20 per hour

Proofreading/Editor Remote Side Jobs

Anybody with an eagle eye for grammar and punctuation mistakes can make high income from a proofreading side hustle. Proofreaders are hired every from court reporting, email/newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, eBooks, and more!

Proofreading can be done from an iPad or tablet and doesn’t require high speed internet. Find the best online proofreading jobs for beginners here.

Pay: $17 per hour

Virtual Assistant Side Jobs

Virtual assistants are a high demand side job that is a remote position you can do from anywhere. There are a growing number of online business entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to do all the work themselves AND they don’t have the money to hire someone full-time.

Virtual assistants cover everything from setting appointments, answering phones, sending emails, monitoring social media, setting up systems on software, to working on a website. Basically, anything that can be done online to help support a business can fall under a virtual assistant job title.

Pay: Varies based on experience expect $15 – $30/hour as a beginner

Side Hustle as a Writer

Writing has great earning potential as a side job from home, and there are so many ways to make extra money as a writer.

  • Copywriting
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Write Blog Posts (SEO optimized)
  • Social Media Writer
  • Email/Content Writer

Pay: $50/hour  – $500+ per project

Not sure where to start as a freelance writer? Check out How to Write to Become a Freelancer to start an online side job as a writer.


Freelance work is using your skill set to make money on side jobs. You would be an independent contractor and need to find your own work mostly through your business networks. Some of the most popular fields for freelance work…

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Computer & IT

The best part about freelance work as a side hustle is that it is very flexible. No matter your field of work or expertise, there is a way to use your skills to earn extra money!

You can find all kinds of freelance work opportunities on sites like

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • eLance
  • ProBlogger Jobs Board

Pay: varies based on projects

Easiest Side Jobs from Home

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are small tasks that can be completed online quickly. Tasks include posting on social media, finding information on Google, categorizing information, etc. The best companies that hire for micro jobs are Amazon Mturk and MicroWorkers.

These tasks are small and so is the payout.

Pay: $0.01 – $1 per completed task

Get Paid to Type

Data Entry side jobs are one of the most common positions I am asked about. The truth is there are only a few legit data entry type of jobs available. They often don’t pay well and you need to be very good at typing accurately and fast. These legit companies hire for data entry positions: The Smart CrowdDionData Solutions, Xerox, and Axion Data Entry Services.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluator jobs are the most flexible way to earn money with a side job! This was the first online side job I worked, and it is still one of my favorites. I really loved that I could pick up the work at any time and stop when I ever I needed to.

Check out these companies that hire search engine evaluators.

Pay: $11 – $13 per hour

Voiceover Acting

Use your voice to to make extra money in your next side job. Get paid to read for audiobooks or create voiceover work. You can set up a gig at Fiverr or check out sites like VoiceBunny and

Pay: varies based on project

Test Websites for Money

Testing websites and apps for money is a good side job to make extra money. There isn’t always work available, and you do have to qualify, based on your interests, for most websites and apps to test. If you can test 3 websites or apps per hour then you can make about $30 per hour just for sharing your opinion about a website or app.

Pay: $10 per test

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