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Magic Ears Review: Get Paid to Teach English Online

Teach English Online with a fun new company, Magic Ears! Just like teaching with VIP Kid you can start an easy side hustle teaching english to kids online. No lesson plans! Online learning activities that makes teaching fun! #vipkid #magicears #teachingenglish #sidehustle

Looking for a way to teach, but need more flexible hours than a traditional job? Teaching English online is one of the fastest growing job opportunities for flexible work at home jobs.

Magic Ears is a new company in the field of online English teaching courses for students ages 5 – 12. According to the Magic Ears site, they strive to provide quality English lessons to Chinese students through high quality teachers.

One of the main differences between other online English teaching companies and Magic Ears is the opportunity to grow as an instructor which means higher earning potential!

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Magic Ears Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Native Speaker from USA or Canada

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Magic Ears Teaching Experience

Today I have Janice Cook, a Magic Ears teacher, sharing her experience and answering our top questions about teaching English with Magic Ears.

1. How long have you been with Magic Ears and what’s your experience been like?

I am a Junior Teacher with Magic Ears – I have taught about 50 classes with the company. I find myself willing to work during times that were never appealing to me in the past as an online teacher because the opportunities that lie ahead keep me motivated. There are secondary positions and incentives to teach a certain number of high quality classes. Magic Ears has created an environment where the quality of every class matters. You are rewarded and noticed when you work hard and I thrive in this environment.

2. How much teaching experience did you have in the past? What qualifications are required to teach with Magic Ears?

I have 12 years of traditional public school classroom experience and about a year and a half of experience as an online teacher.

Candidates must be a native English speaker native to USA/Canada. They must either have an TESOL certificate and 8+ months ESL teaching experience or a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and 2+ years online ESL teaching experience or 3+ years offline ESL teaching experience. Native speaker requirements are non-negotiable. However, if someone has the teaching personality they are looking for and lack some of the experience requirements, they can send in the application with an introduction video attached and possibly be hired.

3. What do you love about teaching with Magic Ears?

I love feeling like more than a number at this company. People know my name –  I was valued and treated with respect upon arrival. The company provides workshops in a 4:1 format free of charge where teachers can collaborate and improve on a regular basis. Magic Ears works hard to create a feeling that we are a family and the personal, caring touches make me want to work hard for the company.

4. How does the work with Magic Ears compare to VIP Kid?

VIPKID was the first online ESL company I worked for and I still work there now. I enjoy working with regular students and developing a relationship with a student that I see several times. VIPKID has a lot of hours to choose from and it has been able to flex around many stages of life for me so I will always be grateful for that. I will probably always work for VIPKID in some capacity, especially since they do not require teachers open a minimum number of slots each week.

Although the 4:1 setup at Magic Ears (compared to 1:1 at VIPKID) can be a challenge to adjust to at first, the Interactive platform is a dynamic, exciting place to teach each day. The overall base pay is higher, but the hours to choose from are more limited so teachers often teach for another company or take on secondary positions with Magic Ears to increase their income potential.

5. What type of training does Magic Ears offer new teachers?

Magic Ears is working on developing and expanding their training materials over time. The company staffs two official facebook groups: one for interviewing teachers and one for hired teachers. This is an incredible community of support where you can get accurate answers quickly as you prepare. It is very exciting to me that the final step in the hiring process is a chance to teach a class with real Magic Ears students. Many companies have you teach to adults who pretend to be children. Magic Ears invests in your preparation and then trusts you with their customers. This provides a great feeling of confidence for the teacher and allows them to let their true teaching skills shine. Magic Ears pays teachers for the time they invest in the training and hiring process and that really got my attention and made me feel like this was a company that would value my time.

6. What’s the process of getting into Magic Ears?

Start by filling out the online application. You will then take part in a series of interviews and eventually training as you pass each step. The process is fairly long, but similar to other companies in the industry. You could potentially be up and running your first online class in 2 weeks!

Teach English Online with a fun new company, Magic Ears! Just like teaching with VIP Kid you can start an easy side hustle teaching english to kids online. No lesson plans! Online learning activities that makes teaching fun! #vipkid #magicears #teachingenglish #sidehustle

7. What tips do you have for acing the interview?

Magic Ears has very high standards for proper lighting so spend time making sure your classroom lighting is setup for success before that initial interview takes place. Magic Ears is looking for teachers with “Passion” so take advantage of that short demo video opportunity to show your energy and teaching personality.

8. What personal skills will make you successful as an ESL teacher with Magic Ears?

Magic Ears teachers need to be good at multi-tasking and time management. In the online classroom you need to monitor the participation and learning needs of four students while maintaining an environment free of disruptive additional noises (background noise in the student homes, equipment noise, etc.). The company wants certain parts of the lesson to happen at certain times so teachers must be very aware of their pacing as they teach. Magic Ears teachers need to be able to make a connection with a student quickly as they do not know much information about the student before the class begins.

9. How do you get paid? And how much can you make with Magic Ears?

Your monthly pay goes into PayPal or your bank through an international wire transfer – your choice. A pay slip is provided on the 3rd of the month so that you can sign and verify your pay. You return that by the 8th and are paid around the 10th.

10. How flexible is your time with Magic Ears?

Classes are confirmed the day before. If you booked a class you are expected to show up to teach it. That being said, you can decide what slots you open and you don’t need to offer the same times from week to week. You do need to open a minimum of 10 25 minute teaching slots each week to ensure the company has enough teachers to fill the demands of their growing student base.

11. How soon after you are accepted with Magic Ears will you begin teaching students?

Once I opened my schedule I had a booking the very next day. At Magic Ears a computer system gives you the bookings, not the parents. During your first ten classes they give you one or two classes a day so you are not overwhelmed. As you teach more classes you will see your schedule fill at 20%, 50%, 80%, and then later hopefully 100% of what you open. They help make sure our ratings stay high as they increase our bookings over time. It is a great system for all parties involved.

12. What tips would you give to anyone who wants to apply with Magic Ears?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The Magic Ears Facebook group is a great place to find answers and get help. 

Apply to Magic Ears Today and Get Started Now! 

I personally have worked with VIP Kid and had a great experience. Teaching English online is one of the best side hustles I have ever worked to make money from home! I love that there is a limited time commitment and no extra prep work.

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