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Millennial Mom: Entrepreneur


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Millennial moms are frugal, purposeful, and changing the traditional “Stay at Home Mom” role. Basically, the millennial mom is giving “mom jeans” a new meaning.Flexibility is important

  1. She believes in balancing parenting responsibilities
  2. Creating a life instead of letting a career define her
  3. Social Butterfly: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are the top social media outlets. The millennial mom is using these tools to her advantage to create business opportunities from home.
  4. Entrepreneur-minded

According to the 2014 Babycenter report “[The Millennial Mom] represents a cultural and economic force that’s creating lasting change.” We are seeking careers that are flexible and meaningful. It makes sense that moms are seeking ways to diversify their income to continue their careers and support their families. Here are some ideas of ways millennial moms are starting their own businesses and earning extra income through side businesses.

  1. Virtual Assistant Do you have social media skills, Microsoft Office skills, blogging, content marketing? You can be a virtual assistant for small businesses or bloggers supporting their office or social networking needs.
  2. Tutor You can work with students from elementary to college to help students with their learning. If you have skills in math or reading, then you could make a difference in a kids life while making some side income.
  3. Babysitter Open your home for babysitting. You will be able to be with your kids while you are earning extra money on the side.
  4. Errand/Task Business Do you have easy access to a car with time to run errands? Don’t you hate when you need 1 thing from the grocery store to finish a recipe! Or you have too many errands to finish before you pick the kids up from school. Provide an errand service for those in your community.
  5. Handmade Craft/DIY Do you sew, paint, design graphics, crochet…start a business selling your items. You can sell at local craft fairs or open an Etsy site. Check out what I would have done differently to have Etsy Success.
  6. Cooking/Baking When I was working full time with a 2 year old and a newborn, I would have loved to have a service to pick up pre-cooked casserole meals for dinner.  If you are good at cooking or baking consider starting a small business.
  7. Direct Marketing Do you love sharing products with friends and family? Do you have leadership qualities? If you love sharing products and helping people, then direct marketing might be a business for you. There are tons of products you can choose from to sell from essential oils to makeup to house products.

millennial momIf you start your own business, I highly suggest that you also use social media and a blog to share your business with the world. Social media and blogging can bring you traffic so you can build your business. Advertising your business through your blog and social media will help you reach people in your niche. You can easily start a blog with Bluehost and WordPress.

Having flexible hours is a MUST for me and my family. I may work 15 minutes in the morning, 1 hour at naptime, and a couple hours after bedtime. Most days I am squeezing my work in between building a castle and doing a load of laundry.

  1. Leapforce I have had a great experience working with Leapforce. The hours are flexible and I get paid each month on time! It’s been a great resource for me to earn extra income quickly.
  2. Fiverr is another great way to earn extra income. You can easily set up a store and provide a service starting at $5. You can sell anything from graphic design services, virtual assistant services, writing, proofreading…just about anything you can think of. It can take awhile to earn clients, but with persistence you can make a nice side income.
  3. Taskrabbit Are you an organizer by nature, can you put together Ikea furniture like a boss? Taskrabbit is a great way to use your handy(wo)man skills to earn extra income. Sign up, pick a task, get a match, and get the job done and get paid. It’s pretty easy!
  4. Starting a Blog Yes! You can earn money by starting your own mom blog. I use Bluehost and WordPress because it simplifies all the techy website stuff for me so I can focus on writing and building a community. It takes about 10 minutes to get you up and running, but it can take anywhere from a month to a couple years to start earning side income. I think it’s a great side gig and worth the effort if you enjoy writing. You can see my page on How to start a blog for more information.