INSIDE: Are you looking for craft ideas to make and sell at a holiday fair this year? Here are 27 projects, as well as some tips for having an incredible year selling at a holiday craft show.

I don’t typically buy handmade products, but for some reason, when the holidays approach, I find myself wanting all the Christmas crafts. There’s something special about a one-of-a-kind holiday craft that I can use year after year like a cherished heirloom.

And I know I’m not the only one. That’s why making crafts to sell at your local holiday craft show is a great way to make extra cash.

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We’ve compiled 27 Christmas crafts to sell at a holiday fair. They are easy and fun to make. But, first, let’s look at a few quick tips so that you can sell as much as possible.

Holiday craft fair tips for sellers

To be successful at a craft fair, there are three things to remember. The first, presentation is everything. Make your booth or table as easy to navigate as possible by organizing and not crowding.

Wooden crates and vintage suitcases can add depth and personality to your booth while adding extra display room.

The second is to price everything. You don’t want to answer questions about prices all day. You want to be talking about the features that make your crafts worth more than what you’re selling them for!

And last, engage with shoppers but don’t be overbearing. Most browsers won’t want to talk with you, so you should just expect to say hi, point them to your most popular products, and answer any questions if they have them.

In addition to selling at fairs, don’t forget, you can set up an Etsy shop, sell on Facebook, to get your products in front of more buyers. Learn more about getting set up on online marketplaces to learn more.

Best-Selling DIY Holiday Crafts at Fairs And Shows

You can find simple designs for crafts to sell at holiday fairs all over the internet. Choose a few of these Christmas craft ideas and reserve your booth as early as possible to make sure you get a great spot at the fair. 


The easiest crafts to make in bulk and sell at craft fairs are ornaments. DIY Christmas ornaments are small, easy to make, and easy to sell at craft shows. You can increase your earnings by selling sets of ornaments or including a complementing garland or tree skirt.

Yarn ornaments 

From tiny knitted mittens to yarn-wrapped trees, yarn ornaments are an inexpensive and easy craft to sell to make extra money. Look for yarn around the house and at thrift stores, then coordinate colors to make to sell a look that will add a cozy feel to any tree.

These cute yarn ornaments just require some Christmas cookie cutters, yarn, glue, pins, and styrofoam trays and take very little active work.

DIY marbled ornaments

A simple mix of nail polish and water can make these beautiful marbled ornaments. You can marble any kind of glass ornament. You might also want to try small figurines and attach a string to make uniquely shaped ornaments. Try it out with red marbled candy canes, gold marbled stars, or silver marbled snowflakes.

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Twine Christmas trees

If you’re putting together a set of farmhouse or rustic-themed ornaments, twine adds a great texture and, thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, a very popular theme right now. These twine-wrapped Christmas trees work on the tree but could also be sold as a table decor set with a bright red Buffalo check table runner.

Confetti ornaments

Christmas isn’t all red and green, there are plenty of people looking to add some color to their tree, and these confetti ornaments do the trick. With just some Mod Podge and soft confetti of your choice, you can make all types of fun ornaments. 

Try different shapes and confetti themes like red, green, and white or gold and silver for quick and easy sets that are sure to be a hit at any craft market.

Hot cocoa ornaments

Not all ornaments need to go on the tree! People are always looking for gifts to have on hand for Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and that one co-worker you had no idea was going to get you a gift. It’s in those times people are going to love your hot cocoa ornaments.

These mini gifts aren’t just quick to make, they’re also affordable, and you can customize them using different cocoa flavors, marshmallows, and add-ins. These can easily be sold individually or in sets.

Character-based ornaments

Christmas is a time for creating memories, spending time with family, and celebrating the joys of the season. The tree is often the center of attention in any home during this holiday, so why not make it extra special with your unique character-based ornaments?

Christmas characters like Santa, snowmen, Christmas stockings, and reindeer are big hits and are common ornaments found for sale, but if you ever get stumped with what to make for your booth, you can’t go wrong with these.

Hand-lettered ornaments

Anything hand-lettered is popular at a craft fair, and ornaments are no exception. But don’t worry if you don’t have Christmas card-worthy handwriting. You can easily print off a template, stick it inside a clear glass ornament and use it as a guide! This tutorial has a few premade templates for you to start, but you can download any free font licensed for commercial use to make your own.

Vintage map ornament

Vintage maps give a shabby chic feel to decor, but you may not have imagined them on your Christmas tree. These vintage map ornaments are a great way to upcycle old maps you have around the house or that you find at thrift stores. You can even take special orders to customize by continent. They’d also make a beautiful garland for year-round use, which is a great selling feature!

Paper ornaments

I don’t know about you, but I somehow always have scrapbook paper or construction paper leftover from crafts that I have no clue what to do with. Paper ornaments are a brilliant way to upcycle it! They look great on a tree, but they’re also lightweight, so they’re versatile enough to be hung anywhere around the holidays.

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Easy Holiday Crafts to Make and Sell at a Holiday Fair

If your goal is to sell multiple things to one person, you want to be able to make a lot of items. So finding DIY crafts that are easy to make is vital. Unique spins on traditional Christmas crafts tend to sell the best at holiday craft shows, so find the spin that works best for you and run with it! 

Christmas Wreaths

The holiday season doesn’t officially get started until the Christmas wreath is hung on our front door. It’s an easy and minimalist decor option with a ton of ways to customize it, making it a great DIY project to sell at craft shows.

Tinsel wreath

For the persona who can never have enough tinsel on their tree, a tinsel wreath is irresistible. Simply wrap a tinsel garland around a wire wreath and add a ribbon or ornament to finish the look. You can easily theme this one to coordinate with the confetti ornaments for a complete look!

Flannel wreath

Flannel is a hallmark of the holidays and a common Christmas decor theme. This upcycled flannel-wrapped wreath will do two things, save a flannel from a landfill and make you some money! When you run out of flannels, you can easily use fabric or any other upcycled cotton material. And the fact that this craft is environmentally friendly could be a huge selling point for shoppers!

Yarn wrapped wreath

This cute yarn-wrapped wreath is perfect for crafters, and where are you going to find more crafters than at a craft fair!? You can stick with a monochromatic wreath or combine two colors to create visual depth. Top it off with some felt or paper flowers, and you have a niche wreath that should sell well. These also pair well with yarn-wrapped ornaments!

Vintage Christmas light wreath

Watch out for large bulb Christmas lights at estate and garage sales because if you get your hands on some, you could upcycle those lights into this wreath masterpiece! People love vintage Christmas lights, so if you’re able to find them, this could be a craft you could sell at a premium.

Balloon wreath

A Christmas wreath made out of balloons could be fun to display at a party or in a classroom. You can sell the wreath pre-made, but this would also make a great craft kit to assemble and sell. This fun craft would pair well with fun hand-lettered ornaments.

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Paper products

DIY paper crafts are timeless and sell well as pre-made gifts but just as well as pre-assembled craft kits! Try these craft ideas to make and sell at a holiday fair.

Fir trees

These mini paper fir trees are easy to make and can go on the tree, mantle, or be strung to make an adorable tree garland. Pair them with the flannel wreath or twine-wrapped ornaments for a complete set!

Christmas bell garland

A musical holiday decor theme isn’t complete with bells, and these cute paper bells string perfectly on a garland. You can wrap them around the tree, hang them individually, or use them to accent a wreath.

Paper birds

These elegant paper birds would look beautiful on a tree, adorning a wreath, or atop a Christmas cake! The creator of the craft made an extra-large bird to use as a tree topper.

Berry and holly garland

Shoppers looking to make a statement with one big decor piece might love this oversized holly and berry garland. The secret is to buy paper that comes in a large roll to get the curl in the leaves making this a great kit to sell in bulk in different sizes.

Christmas prints

If you draw or paint, you could sell prints of Christmas art. This is extremely popular on Etsy, but you can easily scan in your original art, print copies, and sell them framed or bare.

Inexpensive Craft Ideas to Sell at Holiday Fairs

The less you spend on materials, the higher your profit margin is when you sell! The good news for you is that upcycled and eco-friendly craft items are in high demand at holiday fairs.

You can find inexpensive crafting materials at thrift stores, clearance sales, or even around your house! These are just some examples of inexpensive, simple holiday crafts.

Home decor sets

Instead of selling individual crafts like ornaments and wreaths, try selling themed decor sets. These sets don’t have to be identical, allowing you the flexibility to use materials you find on sale, leftovers from other crafts, and other money-saving methods.

Here are our favorite home decor craft ideas to make and sell at a holiday fair…

Natural home decor sets

Anything wood, pine cone, eucalyptus, or white can be sold together to create a natural Christmas decor theme. This oversized wreath would make a great focal piece for a natural decor set, and it’s made out of an old hula hoop!

Red, green, and white sets

You can’t go wrong with Christmas decor in red, green, and white. Make a party package with festive jewelry, favors, and this no-sew tree skirt to display during the white elephant gift exchange.

Colorful Christmas sets

The perk to selling colorful Christmas decor is that much of it can be used for celebrations throughout the year! This cute and colorful felt garland looks great on a Christmas tree, but it’d also fit in at a birthday or Easter party.

Rustic home decor sets

Cozy rustic log cabin decor is a popular holiday theme. You can make woodsy scented candles, put some branches in mason jars, and accompany it all with a garland of dried fruit. Anything wood, plaid, or burlap can be used in this theme.

Gold, silver, and white sets

Handmade can be as modern as brand new when you create a decor set that sticks with metallics and whites. A can of gold spray paint can give any leftover materials a new life or class up anything secondhand.

Dining table centerpieces and decor

Here are some additional craft ideas to make and sell at a holiday fair. These are for dining table centerpieces and decor. People love this stuff!

Christmas tree hurricanes

Sometimes something as simple as felt Christmas trees on a glass hurricane can make an amazing table centerpiece. A way you can take this craft to the next level is to cut out other felt shapes that can be switched out for other holidays. Hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s day, and pumpkins for fall are just a few ideas.

Table runner

A table runner is easy to make, and it can transform a dining table. You don’t even need any sewing skills with this no-sew table runner. You can easily change out the pattern to go with any theme you’re creating.

Yarn-wrapped Christmas trees

Styrofoam cones of varying sizes wrapped in yarn are a great centerpiece idea. They would fit with any decor theme depending on the type of yarn you use, but soft chunky yarn tends to work best.

Concrete menorah

For those who celebrate Hannukkah, this modern-looking DIY menorah could round out your inventory of crafts and serve those who may be forgotten by other vendors.

Final thoughts about these craft ideas to make and sell at a holiday fair

Remember that many shoppers are primed to buy around the holidays, making it easy to sell DIY Christmas crafts. So if you’re thinking about selling crafts, try selling them at a holiday market. It could be a great way to use your creative talents to make some money.

–By Jen Smith

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