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4 Brilliant Ways to Learn How to Make Money Online

What would it mean to you if this were the year you learn how to make money online and your work at home dreams became reality?

Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to pay off your debt, be able to say YES to soccer for your kids (or whatever activity they want to do), send your little one off to preschool, or maybe start saving to buy a house?

What ever your dreams may be, imagine what making an extra $500, $1000, or $5000 per month could mean for you…for your family.

Are there legit money making ideas from home?

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If you’re anything like me, doubt starts to set in and it ALL sounds too good to be true. When you search online for money making ideas from home, often you end up with a handful of opportunities that either don’t pay enough money for your time or the jobs are complete scams. You start to feel overwhelmed and give up before you’ve really gotten started.

The TRUTH is real work from home opportunities do exist. You can make money from home without joining a Network Marketing Company, without surveys that pay with Paypal, without spending hours working only to make less than minimum wage.

You can even make money as a beginner without any marketable online skills! It just takes time to learn new skills, develop those skills, and establish yourself as person who offers high quality services.

What are the best ideas to make money from home for you?

Before you can really start chasing after your work from home dreams, it’s wise to consider your money making mindset (how you think about work, your work habits,  how you view growth/change).

  • What type of work do you enjoy?
  • Do you want to earn extra cash, start a side hustle, or have a complete career change?
  • Are you successful when working independently?
  • What changes do you want to make in your life and Why?
  • How much money do you need to make?

I go into this in detail in my Make Money at Home Workbook. It’s a book that helps you dive deep with questions that guide your thinking and leads you to an action plan for your next steps to start a work from home job.

Learn and Earn Money

You may think that you need a formal education to be able to earn real money from home. I have a masters degree in education, and it did not prepare me with the skills to make money on the side.  Maybe you don’t have a degree…that’s ok, because you don’t need it!

You need to learn skills that you can use to solve people’s problems.

People with problems need a solution, and they are willing to pay someone who has the skills to do the work.

When you can successfully help people solve their problems, you can make money working from home.

The key is finding in-demand skills that people need help with and building a business around those skills.

Top Skills to Make Money from Home

If you are willing to invest time and money into learning new skills that solve people’s BIG problems, then you will be able to work from home.

But not just work from home…

  • control over your time = FREEDOM
  • decide your own income (more mastered skills means more income potential)

General Proofreading

Do you have ninja like moves when it comes to reading text with a red pen?

Get paid to read! In today’s world, everyone has an online presence. Along with that comes the need for text on social media, emails, newsletters, websites, and eBooks. One of the fastest growing ways to make money with an online business is to self-publish.

All of these outlets need proofreading in order to present a professional and high quality appearance.

That’s where you come in! Proofreading is an in-demand skill that continues to grow as online text continues to be important for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Proofreaders on average are earning between $40,000 – $70,000 per year.*

Do you need to improve your skills as a proofreader? Maybe learn how to turn your skills into a business?

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*According to

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest seems like a rabbit hole, right? Have you ever gotten lost dreaming about all the crafty and DIY things on Pinterest or maybe you’ve been imagining your dream home decor…

Either way Pinterest is a big deal with over 250 million monthy users, and 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchases. It’s pretty obvious why brands and businesses want to be in front of Pinterest users!

Businesses want to have a Pinterest presence, but they don’t have time to figure out the platform or manage an account.

You can help solve their Pinterest management problem by creating a virtual assistant program that focuses on Pinterest.

  • Develop business accounts
  • Create pins
  • Write keyworded descriptions for Pins and Boards
  • Manage Promoted Pins (Ad spend on Pinterest)

Pinterest virtual assistants can charge $25 – $30 per hour or create packages valued at $150+ for services per month.

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Freelance Writing

Content makes the world go round…well at least the internet! Every website and online source needs updated and fresh content on a regular basis. There is a constant flow of stories from every niche.

You may think that writing is something that just comes naturally for everyone, but really writing is a skill that requires a lot of practice. Now, I would never tell you to focus on a skill that you just don’t love. However, if you enjoy writing, but you’re not confident in your writing I want you to know that writing is a skill that you can develop.

Writing is a valuable skill that you can use in the short term to start making money quickly, but writing is also a useful skill to have as you build a long term business.

Start a freelance writing career with the course 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. This course not only helps you build the skills you need to become a freelance writer, but it also teaches you how to pitch to clients so that you can actually start making money!

Freelance writers can make between $50 – $500+ per writing assignment!


Did you know that you don’t need a fancy certificate to become a bookkeeper?

You may be thinking that you need to be a math whiz in order to be successful as a bookkeeper. But actually, you need to have an eagle eye for mistakes when the numbers don’t add up. Math is important as a bookkeeper, but it’s not exactly advanced math.

Here’s the problem…business owners wear many different hats to keep their business running. Keeping track of  income and spending can be time consuming causing entrepreneurs to spend more time in their business rather than working on their business. Leaving no time to be creative and grow their business.

Hey problem solver, become a bookkeeper and help business owners free up their time to create the business they have dreamed of.

As a bookkeeper you are in charge of recording transactions, credits, and debits. You will also provide financial statements and reports to the business owner.

Learn the skills you need to become a bookkeeper with the program Bookkeeper Launch. They cover everything from beginner bookkeeper to finding high quality clients that you want to help!

What skills do you want to learn to start your work from home business?

Feeling overwhelmed with where to start? Maybe you don’t have much time or money to invest in a work from home job, right now. You might be wondering how to make money online for beginners.

I was stuck in a job that had a set salary with limited possibilities to earn more money within the education system where I worked.  I was exhausted and missed seeing my own kids each day.

I didn’t have any skills outside of education, and I didn’t know how to make money from home. When I first started working from home I made money as a search engine evaluator, taking surveys for extra cash, and using cashback apps like Ebates and Ibotta.

A few months later I became an ESL teacher with VIPKid and started work as a freelance writer as I grew my blog. Now 2 years later my blog is my main source of income! I’ve spent hours learning how to build a business through blogging. I’ve taken many courses to develop skills to make money on the side as a blogger.

It takes time, money, and hard work to grow a business whether you have a full time job or staying home to care for kids. But the benefits far out weigh the hard work, as I see my personal business grow.

The only thing holding you back from making your dreams come true is YOU + Indemand Skills!

What skills will you choose to focus on?

SmartCents Mom