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15 Ultimate Survey Sites that Pay through Paypal

These are the best survey sites that pay with PayPal will help you get started making money online. Survey sites are super flexible side hustle!

15 Ultimate Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal

Survey sites that use Paypal are the best way to get quick cash online. Are you looking for a lazy way to earn some extra cash online?

I mean something that doesn’t take a lot of mental effort and can be done while you are watching TV (another episode of Paw Patrol, maybe?) or maybe sipping a glass of wine at the end of a long day . . .

The best survey sites that pay directly to a Paypal account are a popular easy way to earn money without much effort, no experience, and no skill level required.

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How Much Can You Make with the Best Survey Sites that Pay?

You can make $100 – $200 per month by using a survey strategy, just by taking online surveys…

It’s ALL about strategy! I’ve learned over the past year that most things don’t *just happen* for people…

you need a good strategy to achieve your goals. 

I love taking surveys with survey sites that use Paypal, because getting money through Paypal is one of the fastest ways to get paid! Other sites sometimes pay with checks or Amazon gift cards. This list of surveys sites are a good way to earn extra cash and get paid with cash!

list of survey sites that pay with paypal

Best Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal

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Survey Junkie is one of my all time favorite ways to make legit money with surveys. They offer high paying surveys and points when you don’t qualify for surveys.

Survey Junkie has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. It’s a legit site that connects your voice to big brands and pays you for voicing your opinion!

Earn points for surveys that you trade for Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards. Each point earned is worth 1 penny. You can cash out when you have a minimum of 1000 points ($10).

Pays in cash to Paypal or gift cards.

PRO TIP: Check out survey junkie reddit for real tips, tricks, and other people who are finding ways to make money with Survey Junkie. Not everyone has the same experience, but there are people who have been able to earn over $200 in one month.

#2 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite ways to earn extra money because there are so many ways you can earn “swagbucks” (points)! You can earn points by taking surveys, but some of the most profitable ways to earn with Swagbucks is through their offers section.

You can earn big points by signing up for free offers and trials. You just have to remember to cancel the offers that you sign up for before the deadline.

There are other ways to earn…watch videos online, take surveys, search the web, and shop online!

Cash out to Paypal for 1000 points minimum.

PRO TIP: Swagbucks offers sales on their giftcards. You can save between Save your Swagbucks and cash out to a VISA giftcard (which is like getting cash)!  You can save between 1% – 30% depending on the card.


Offers paid surveys, trial offers (with an opportunity to earn $5 – $30), and other opportunities to earn. Pays in cash to a Paypal account.

Vindale research has existed for many years, and you can earn by taking surveys, watching videos, inviting friends, and reading emails. It has a decent amount of opportunities to earn.

It does, however, have a very high payout threshold, so you have to earn $50 before you can get paid through PayPal. This is extremely high compared to the other sites on the list, and it will take quite a bit of patience and time to get to the payout threshold. So only worth joining, if you want to join as many sites a possible. If you want to prioritize your time, you should go for some of the sites on the list that requires less patience.

Payout Minimum: $50


Mintvine is another favorite survey company. I love that I can hop on quickly and at least earn 5 points for the daily poll. It takes almost no time! Just like Survey Junkie, Mintvine offers high paying surveys which is important to me! You can also earn referral bonuses which is always nice when searching for survey sites that pay with Paypal. Mintvine offers surveys, daily polls, and focus group opportunities. Pays in cash to Paypal or Dwolla accounts or gift cards. Check out this Mintvine review for more details.

Pay Out Minimum: 1000 points = $10


Well known as one of the BEST survey companies around and offers paid product testing. Members earn points for taking surveys. Pinecone is not always accepting new members, so if you apply make sure to complete the profile survey that is sent after you sign up. If you don’t complete this survey then you won’t be accepted!

PineCone is one of the highest paying survey sites, as you get a minimum of $3 per survey. However, contrary to other survey sites, you cannot join by just going to the website.

You can only join through invitation, which makes it difficult to join, and it is only available to few countries. Here at we have been lucky to be allowed to invite people to join. So you can join through the invitation link below, but only if you live in the US, UK, Canada, France, or Germany.

PineCone offers regular surveys, but you should also join other sites to get enough opportunities. The surveys you get will, however, pay well, so definitely worth joining, if you live in a country where it is available. On PineCone Research you can get paid through PayPal or check. Be aware that your first payment has to be through check, but later you can change it to PayPal, and you can get paid already when you have earned $3. Usually, the processing time for payment through PayPal is around 3-5 days.

Pay Out Minimum: 300 points = $3


Harris Poll has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been around since 1975. They focus on market research for companies across the world.

You will find that Harris Poll offers surveys that range between 5 – 25 minutes. Each survey is worth 75 -100 points and you typically receive 3 – 4 surveys per month. 

There are other “special” surveys that you can take through Harris Poll. These include focus groups, telephone surveys, email surveys, and surveys conducted on independent software that you download to your computer. These surveys do tend to pay more than the average survey through Harris Poll.

One of the things I really like about Harris Poll is they credit you with 15 points for surveys you attempt, but don’t qualify for so it doesn’t feel like a total waste of time.

You can cash out when you reach 1250 points which is equal to $10. Harris Poll has a reputation for paying on time, which is a very good thing!

However, it usually takes between 8 – 10 surveys to be able to cash out.

PRO TIP: When you are disqualified from a survey or take a short survey you are automatically entered into the quarterly sweepstake for $10,000 from Harris Poll!

Pay Out Minimum: 1250 points = $10

#7 – TOLUNA 

Toluna offers surveys, paid product reviews, and online focus groups. Points are redeemable for cash via check or Paypal account. 

Surveys are available weekly and sometimes daily, so there is more opportunity to take surveys with Toluna than other survey sites. The Toluna online community is another way that you can earn extra points.

Toluna offers more ways to make extra money by offering you to test new products. You get the product for free, if you test it and give feedback.

Pay Out Minimum: 75,000 points = $25


Ipsos offers surveys and product testing opportunities. 

A bonus to signing up with Ipsos is that they offer a loyalty program (in some countries) so you can earn bonuses the more active you are on the site.

Points are redeemable for cash payout via your Paypal account.

Pay Out Minimum: 1500 points = $15


YouGov offers news-related surveys. Take surveys on their website or on the YouGov app. Your first survey will be sent through email, takes about 5 minutes to complete, and earns 100 points. Most surveys take between 5 – 20 minutes and usually earn about 50 points. 

To cash out with YouGov, you need to have a minimum of 5000 points.

The good news about YouGov is that there are no demographic surveys to fill out and rarely are you screened out of a survey.

Something to think about…the threshold for cashing out is high compared to other survey sites. However, you may have more survey opportunities with YouGov.

Pays in cash by check, Paypal account, or Amazon gift card.

Pay Out Minimum: $25 in your account to request a reward

#10 – MY SURVEYAustraliaUK

Your opinion matters to My Survey and they offer paid surveys and product testing opportunities.

Sign up for My Survey and get started taking surveys based on your profile information. The number of surveys that you receive are based on demographic information and what companies are researching. When you are disqualified from a survey it usually happens quickly and you are sometimes rewarded with entries into a sweepstakes. However, if you don’t win the sweepstakes you earn nothing for that time invested.

You can get paid with Paypal after you reach the minimum pay out of 1200 points.

PRO TIP: You can earn a better exchange rate by opting to cash out with a gift card.

Pays in cash to Paypal or Amazon gift cards (and other gift card options).

Payout Minimum: 1200 points = $10


Offers paid surveys. Pays in cash to Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

Opinion Outpost is a very easy-to-use PayPal survey site. All you have to do is sign up and then you will start receiving email invitations for surveys. Once you have reached the PayPal payout threshold of $10 you can get paid.

If you want to use one of the other payout methods, the threshold is even lower, and you can then get your reward already when you have earned $5.

In addition to taking surveys, Opinion Outpost also offers a quarterly lottery where you can earn some really nice cash prizes if you are lucky.

Payout Minimum: $5 – $10

#12 Global Test Market

GlobalTestMarket is an international survey panel with survey panels in many countries.  It’s a very easy site to navigate and start taking surveys!

  • Sign up for Global Test Market
  • Fill out your profile
  • Start receiving invitations for surveys

You will receive an email each time there is a new survey  which is typically 4-10 surveys per month. The amount of surveys available is not as much as other survey sites. That’s why I suggest you sign up for a few survey sites, so that you have more opportunities to earn each month.

One of my favorite features is that Global Test Market has an app that makes it very easy to take surveys on the go. You can get paid with PayPal or gift cards. They also offer a lottery where you can earn entries by taking surveys. Processing for Paypal payments usually takes between 4 – 7 days.

Payout minimum $15

#13 UserTesting

UserTesting is similar to a survey, except you are giving your opinion on the design and use of websites and apps. These tests usually last between 5 – 20 minutes and pay between $3 – $10. You could easily earn about $30 an hour taking these tests!

You do have to have a smartphone to test apps and you will need to download software to provide feedback on the app or website.

You record the screen as you navigate and answer questions about the website or app. You also record your response out loud as you answer the questions.

UserTesting pays you 7 days after you complete each test to your Paypal account.

#14 Ebates

Ebates is a way to earn cash back from online shopping. I know it’s not survey sites, but it’s pretty amazing how much you can save just by clicking through Ebates before you start shopping your favorite online retailers. (like…Amazon!)

Another amazing way to earn more money with Ebates is by using their referral program. You can earn $25 when a friend signs up for Ebates and then you also earn a percentage every time they shop online.

It’s a total win-win-win!

#15 Ibotta

Ibotta isn’t a survey site, but it does pay with Paypal! I love making money with Ibotta and it takes less time to earn extra cash than it does taking a survey.

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta, it’s an app on your phone that lets you earn cash back from grocery stores and other popular retailers online and in-store.

All you have to do is find items you want to buy at the grocery store, click them in the app, and then scan your item and receipt when you get home. You can earn cash back on everything from bananas at the grocery store to power tools from Home Depot.

Other ways you can earn extra cash…

  • Refer your friends to join Ibotta!
  • Take part in team challenges and earn more!

Stay Motivated with Your Survey Side Hustle

You may get bored or tired of taking surveys. So to stay motivated, create a goal or a plan for the money you are making. For example, I want to have $100 per month in surveys so that by Christmas, I have all of our gifts covered.

Having a goal for your side hustle will keep you motivated to stay active and earning money.

What are your favorite Survey sites to use in your side hustle?

If you are just getting started with a side hustle, then using survey websites is a great way to start making some money on the side. For more ideas to get started working from home check out this post: Want to work from home? Get started here!

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What are your favorite tips for making money with surveys?