Online Jobs: Side Hustles from Home 2022

Working from home can give you the opportunity to create a life that you love by making extra money as a side hustle or starting an online business as a full time job at home. Making an extra $1,000 a month with an online job could really change your budget!

You could pay off debt, save for a special vacation, save for a new home or maybe buy a new to you car. Whatever your reasons for searching ways to make money online, you should know that it is definitely possible to make a $1000 online. Even if you only have a few hours a week, these are perfect stay at home mom jobs that will fit your busy schedule. This guide is designed to help you learn how to make a $1000 in a month online.

Sites That Pay Extra Monthly Income

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There are SO many little ways you can start making money just by doing the things you already do! Things like grocery shopping, searching online, shopping at your favorite stores like Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and many others. One of the best ways to increase your cash flow from these apps is by referring your friends. Who doesn’t want to earn extra money?!


Ibotta can be used to earn money when you do your grocery shopping. Before you head out on a shopping trip complete tasks relating to your favorite brands and companies. Then go shopping at stores like Target and Walmart and take photos of your receipts. Once your transaction has been verified, your account will be credited with a specified cash back amount. Refer your friends and earn even more money! Payments are made via PayPal and can be transferred as soon as you earn $10.00. Android and Iphone (Open to US and Puerto Rico residents.)


Swagbucks is an online platform where you can earn points called swagbucks (SB), which can be redeemed for gift cards, coupons, and sweepstake entries. You can easily earn SB by watching videos, answering questions, completing offers, and even surfing the web using their toolbar. Refer your friends and you’ll earn even more SB. Your SB points can be traded in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, PayPal, and Walmart. You also get a $5.00 sign up bonus when you register. Android and Iphone (Open to residents of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.)


Shopkick is an easy app that allows you to earn points by walking into stores. You can earn $2 in gift cards pretty quickly by earning 500 kicks. There are often special deals on the weekends where you can earn bonus kicks (points). I take my kids to the mall in the mornings before the stores open and earn kicks! The boys love pushing the stroller and getting some energy out. You can also earn kicks by scanning products in the store and purchasing select items and scanning your receipt.


Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is an online way to earn cash back by shopping through them to your favorite stores. You can earn cash back on stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more! Sign up for Ebates with my code and receive a FREE $10 gift card just for joining!

Best Mark

mystery shopping is a fun way to earn a little bit of side money and getting services or products free while providing feedback through surveys for a company.


Check Points allows you to make money by scanning bar codes, taking quizzes, watching videos, searching the web, and completing offers. Trade points in for gift cards from Amazon, Target, and Walmart or get entries for giveaways. (Open to US residents only.)

Easy Shift

Easy Shift is a mirco-task application where you can earn money by completing shifts. Shifts usually entail checking prices, seeing if a product is in stock, or taking photos of a store display. Once you have successfully completed the shift, payment will be made through PayPal within 48 hours of submission. Shifts pay anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 per task. Currently only available for iPhone users. (Available in most US cities.)

Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to make money by completing various micro tasks, from checking shelf availability to checking demo and display compliance. Tasks pay anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00 per job and payments are made via PayPal. Only available for iPhones. (Open to residents of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Romania.)


Dietbet join a team and place a bet on yourself to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. Most bets are around $30. If you meet your goal of losing 4% of your body weight, then you split the pot with the other members who also met their goal. Android and Iphone


Healthywage is similar to Dietbet. There are a few differences…You can place a bet as an individual or join a team challenge. With the individual bet, you tell them your body details, how much you want to bet, how much you want to lose, and they’ll calculate what prize to offer you. There is also a $10,000 Team Challenge; a competition between teams of 5 people during preset 12-week intervals, with the top prize being $10,000. The entry fee is $25/month per person for three months.The Jackpot Team Challenge is a competition between teams of 5-9 people to lose 6% of their body weight. Each participant contributes $33 per month for 3 months into the “pot”. Teams that collectively average a 6% weight loss in a given contest will split the total Jackpot with any other winning teams. Healthywage does take a 25% cut of the pot first.


GymPact is a way for you to make money from working out. Set some workout goals and then check in when you go to the gym or work out at home. If you don’t exercise, you’ll have to pay a pre-determined fee for not working out. This money is used to pay others who did exercise. Rewards generally payout been $0.30 to $0.40 per workout and once you’ve reached a $5.00 threshold you can request payment via PayPal. Android and Iphone (Works in 75+ countries internationally)

PRO TIP: Money Making with Fitness Tracking Apps: These sites will connect to your fitness tracker and you can earn money while getting healthy. Achievement, Pact, Leap4Life, Walgreen’s Balance Rewards, and EveryMove.

Survey Sites that Pay in Gift Cards

You will need a survey strategy in order to make the most money for your time while taking surveys. The best way to have a large option of surveys to take is by signing up for a bunch of different survey companies.

Survey Strategy

  • Use a secondary email address: You will get tons of email from the survey sites you sign up with and you will probably get some spam too. This keeps your survey email separate from your regular email.
  • Sign up for all legitimate survey companies that way you always have surveys to choose from.
  • Only choose high paying surveys to make it worth your time!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a popular survey site that gets you the best survey opportunities from a variety of markets. I love that Survey Junkie pays you via Paypal which is like getting paid in cash.

It can be hard to qualify for surveys with any company, because it is determined by what the companies marketing research needs. Survey Junkie doesn’t waste your time. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey after taking the preliminary questions, Survey Junkie will still give you points for your time. So you earn even if you don’t get to take the survey!

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars has several ways to make money like take surveys, play games, read emails, watch TV commercials, and many more! It’s free to join and you can earn a $5 Bonus just for signing up. Inbox Dollars also has printable coupons that you can download to save more money.

PRO TIP: I also recommend these sites American Consumer Opinion®, Harris Poll Online, VIP Voice, and Toluna.

Online Work from Home Jobs

There are great sites that will pay you to do all kinds of different tasks. You might do research, analyze websites, tutor students online, or complete simple tasks.


I have to say that I have found great success working through Leapforce! I really enjoy the work and it is legit. They pay on time every month! Due to a non-disclosure agreement, I can’t tell you how much I make or exactly what I do. Generally speaking the job is evaluating search engines and social media. I’m earning enough to help put my kids in preschool this fall. This side job fits in nicely with my life as a busy stay at home mom of 3. I work when I can…I love the flexibility. It may be 15 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at naptime and an hour after bedtime. There is a qualifying test you have to take and it could be a couple of weeks before you can start working.

Teaching English Online

Trusted companies include VipKid and 51Talk. Teaching English to Asian countries is a booming business right now! The hours can be a little odd because your students are typically in China, Japan, India, etc. But you can easily work full or part time hours earning $20+ per hour depending on your degree.

User Testing 

Evaluate websites online for $10 per task. So easy! Paid 7 days to the minute you complete your task into your Paypal account. This is my favorite money maker! I can easily do between 10 – 16 tests per month for a total of $100 – $160 extra bucks! They just want your opinion about the use ability of different websites.


Get paid to have conversations with non-English speakers. You do not need any previous experience and you are able to work anytime you want. You are free to set your own hourly rate. Payments are made twice a month with Paypal. The app is available for both Apple and Android.

Nice Talk

Get paid to have conversations with non-English speakers. You are paid per minute of talk time, and on the site it claims $10 hourly is what you’d earn if you were active for a full hour. You can get paid weekly with Paypal as long as you have $20 in your account. Available for both Apple and Android.


Become a call agent for VOIQ and work completely from home, making calls to people on behalf of companies from your smartphone. You need to have previous call center experience. Agents earn $0.30 per minute of active call time. Payments are made via Paypal and you need $1 in your account to request a payout. The VOIQ app is available on both Apple and Android devices.


Get paid to tutor students in math. But you will have to use an iPad. You can get paid once a week and set your own schedule. You do need to have at least two years of prior math teaching/tutoring experience before you’re accepted to take sessions.

Freelance Writing

Content creation is BIG business right now. Fresh content is needed on every blog on a weekly basis, and there are over 1 million blog posts written every day! Everyone from big corporations to small businesses and bloggers need new content.

Places you can find work:


This is the number one freelance site! They have a wide variety of jobs that you can bid to work. Clients can also invite you to apply for a job. You can take tests to prove your capabilities as a competent freelancer, include work samples, and resume. The great thing about Upwork is that you and the client are protected. Upwork is the middle man making sure that you receive your payment and clients receive the work agreed upon, so there is a level of trust there. Upwork can take time to find work, but many people have had success. As you develop a portfolio over time you will be able to increase your rates.


This is a freelance/start your own business online work. I love Fiverr because you can create “gigs” (work that you are selling) starting at $5. You can offer anything on Fiverr from design, social media management, blog writing, to SEO research. The possibilities are endless. The nice thing about Fiverr is that you have people searching the site so you don’t have to find clients if you were creating a business from scratch.

Blogs that Pay: These blogs actually pay you for blog posts! Listverse, Babble, The Motley Fool, The Write Life, The Penny Hoarder, A Fine Parent. For more ideas check out this post: Freelance Writing Jobs: 25 Sites that Pay for Blog Posts

Probloggers Job Board this is a free job board with writing opportunities from DIY to blog posts about blogging.

Turn your skills and passion into a money-making machine and start your own business from selling products online to creating your own products to sell. There’s an opportunity for everyone!

Start a Business

Amazon FBA

An Amazon FBA business is selling products on Amazon, but letting Amazon take care of fulfilling the orders. You are able to utilize Amazon’s customer base (largest in the world), warehouses, and customer service. This makes your business relatively hands off!

It does require some start up money to get started. You will need to purchase products to sell through your Amazon sellers account. The most popular way to sell is by creating private label. When you create a private label you have the opportunity to build a brand and increase the value of your business.

Amazon FBA makes it easier and cheaper to start an online business selling products.

Learn more with this free Amazon FBA course

Selling on eBay

There are many ways you can make money selling on Ebay. Two of the most successful ways I have seen are selling clothes purchased from thrift stores and purchasing shoes from the Nike Factory Outlet. You could start by selling items from around your home. Check to see if there are any name brand deep discount stores near you. The Nike Factory Outlet has incredible deals and people are kind of obsessed with Nike shoes. Thrift stores are a great place to buy gently used name brand clothing. People do well reselling popular brand jeans and kids clothes. I recently purchased 3 brand new Gap Kids button down shirts for my son from a thrift store. I paid $6 for all three shirts. He needed the shirts so I didn’t sell them but you can check prices by looking up the items on ebay and seeing what other people are selling them for. Remember to include shipping costs and fees from Ebay.

Cookie Maker

You know how cupcakes were all the rage? Well now it’s the cookies turn! Do you have a passion for baking and a talent for icing cookies? This is definitely for you! You can make cookies for others and even teach classes on how to make cookies. Iced sugar cookies are such a big hit at Pinterest perfect parties!


Do you have beautiful handwriting? You can start a business addressing envelopes for weddings, special events, and other businesses. You could even create art for clients, teach calligraphy classes online or in person. 

Calligraphy is very popular right now and perfect for someone who is crafty or artsy. You could also consider selling calligraphy printables on Shopify like my friend Sarah. She’s making about $3 million a year selling printables!


Do you own a nice camera? (Nicer than your iphone!) If you love to take picutres, then you could start a business taking pictures of families, kids, professional photos (think Realtors, Insurance agents, business people who need a photo).

Bloggers and online business owners are in need of styled stock photos. You could also start a business taking stock photos and charge between $1 – $15 per image depending on the quality. I use stock photography for my pins on Pinterest, social media images, and blog images.

Another option is to take photos and sell them to Shutterstock and istockphoto.


Are you a gifted organizer? Do you have a place for everything? Many people are not organized, but truly wish they were! Help organize closets, kitchens, laundry rooms, kids toys, back to school gear…the ideas are endless.

Start an Errand Business

Do you have extra time or a flexible schedule? How many times have you needed a few things to finish your recipe for dinner or ran out of time to finish all your errands? This could be a very useful business for people in your communtiy! All you need is your cell phone and a car.

Cleaning homes/offices

Do you love cleaning? Are you good at deep cleaning? Many people today do not have time to clean their homes or offices. Especially families with 2 working parents and kids. Life is hectic and they need someone to help out.

Start a Laundry Business

You can start a franchise with Laundry Care washing laundry from home. The advantage of starting a business with Laundry Care is that they help you market your business, find your clients, build your social media, and support you every step of the way.

Doing laundry at home is one of the most flexible and low stress services you can provide while working at home.

Pet/house sitting

People leave town all the time for work or pleasure. Many people don’t like to leave their house empty, especially if they will be gone for a week or more; You can house sit which means you stay at their house taking care of the plants until they get back home.

Sign up with a pet sitter on Rover and start getting pet sitting gigs in your area!

Create an online course with Udemy 

Do you know how to do something really well? You can create an online course with Udemy. Their popular courses are photography, excel, python training, and other web based courses

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps busy business owners and companies with the demands they don’t have to work on themselves. Time management, email management, project management, and content production are all skills businesses need. If you are interested in getting started as VA, then 3 VA Clients in 3 Days is a course that can help you see the inside world of being a VA and help you market your business.


You can become a proofreader for court reporting, law offices, authors, blogs, and many other areas. If you have a knack for picking up errors while you read this maybe a great side job or career for you. Checkout this FREE 7 Day Course from Proofread Anywhere.


Transcription is the art of turning an audio or video document into written word. You can find jobs in the legal field as well as general areas. You need to be proficient in typing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, working with specialized software, and be comfortable with working with files via the internet, among other things. If this interests you then check out this FREE mini course Transcribe Anywhere.

Social Media Manager

So many businesses need help growing their social media presence. It takes consistency to really succeed on social media, and most businesses don’t know what they need to do. You can start an online business as a social media manager to grow social media accounts for local businesses, online businesses, and bloggers.

If you enjoy spending time on social media, can write effective social media content, and are organized then this could be a great job to start making money online.

Read More: Social Media Manager Tips for a Successful Business

Direct Sales

Do you have a favorite product? Do you love building relationships and sharing your favorite things? Check out this Mega List of Direct Sales Opportunities.

Start a Blog

Blogging is an amazing way that you can make money working from home. I have just started my journey as a blogger and have already made a little bit of money. The thing about blogging is that it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Blogging takes a lot of hard work! But you can definitely make money blogging.

Here are some ways that bloggers make money through their blog:

Affiliate Marketing: Bloggers earn a commission on some products that are sold through their site. Amazon is an example of affiliate marketing. Here’s an example: If a blogger writes a post about “My Favorite Tools for Losing Weight” and includes a link “I love my {scale} because it gives me accurate weight loss and saves my weight to compare to the next time I weigh in…” If the reader clicks that link and then purchases items from Amazon then the blogger earns some cash at no expense to the reader.

Sponsored Posts: Bloggers are sometimes paid to write reviews or posts using specific products from companies. Bloggers are paid to give their opinion of the product, show how they use it, and share their experience.

Ads: You may notice ads popping up on your favorite bloggers website. Bloggers are paid to have ads placed there on their pages. Hopefully the ads are useful to the readers and relevant to the content so that it doesn’t take away from the purpose of the blog.

Personal products: Bloggers often create their own products like planners, e-courses, e-books, and other materials to sell to their readers

Who should start a blog?

  • Someone who has something to share with the world! Do you have a business idea you want to start? Do you know how to do something really well? Do you want to share your life? Do you want to build community?
  • Someone who is passionate about something. What is it that you just can’t shut up about? What do you find yourself thinking about ALL the time?

Why should you start a blog?

Everyone gets their information in some form from online. If you are thinking about buying something or having a service done (anything from housework to your hair done) what’s the first thing you do? Google it! Information is at our finger tips and we carry the world in our pocket. Starting a blog and utilizing social media will help you earn clients and build your business, whether you choose to start your own business or work online flexible jobs.

Here’s an Example:

If you start a pet sitting business in your community without a blog you will be limited to earning extra income in that one place. But if you start a blog that teaches others how to start their own pet sitting service and how to care for pets. You have the potential to diversify your extra income by earning through your blog. Then you can write an ebook or create a course for “How to become a Pet sitter.” The possibilities for growth are endless!

Final Thoughts:

Making money online is a totally legitimate way to provide for your family. There are so many different ways to make money, that it can actually be overwhelming. Some people get stuck trying to find the perfect job. That’s why we put together a Work at Home Workbook so you can take action towards your dreams of working from home.

What do you do to earn $1000 a month online?

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