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Make Money from Home Jobs: Laundry Care

make money from home jobs

Make Money from Home Jobs: Laundry Care

I’m always looking for make money from home jobs: Laundry Care is a great way for stay at home moms to make money from home.

One of my favorite ways to make money from home is by doing something I already do . . .

like the laundry.

I once heard someone say that anything we do in our daily activities can be turned into a business, because there are enough people out there that don’t want to do it!

I would LOVE to have a house cleaner even though I’m very capable of cleaning my own house. My husband would love someone to mow the grass for us. It would save us both time and energy to have someone else do those chores.

Laundry is another example. Anybody can do their laundry, but it’s all about where people want to invest their time and energy. For people who are working full time jobs, it’s worth paying for a service that gives them time freedom.

If you have a passion to start a home business doing what you already do, then Laundry Care can help you start a wash and fold business!

Today, I’m interviewing Danielle Balog the owner of Laundry Care! I love the opportunity to interview other moms who have the same passion to find a way to work from home!

Danielle’s sharing her journey of starting a work from home business and how you can start your own.

~This is a sponsored post. I only recommend opportunities that I believe will benefit my readers.~

make money from home jobs laundry care
Danielle Balog, President of Laundry Care

Danielle, welcome to Smart Cents Mom! Tell us a little about yourself. 

Thank you for the opportunity! I’m a mom of 2 from Columbus, Ohio. I have a B.S. in Business

Management and have always been driven to help people achieve their career goals. In 2009, I

started a local laundry service so I could work from home with my kids. After a few months, a

couple of friends asked how they could join me in the business. Now we have over 40 locations


What motivated you to start Laundry Care?

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of running my own business. Not just because you get to

be your own boss but because you get to create and grow something. When I was thinking

about what type of business I’d operate, laundry service immediately came to mind. We have a

major university located in our downtown (Ohio State), and I knew college students do not have

the time or desire to do laundry. I started placing flyers around campus, advertising my new

service and soon I had a full book of clients.

What is Laundry Care LLC?

Laundry Care is a residential and commercial laundry service in locations nationwide. Our

services are performed by home-based Providers, laundromats, and dry cleaners.

How does Laundry Care work?

Clients sign-up through our website, and are dispatched to the local Provider(s).

Each Provider manages their own schedule and route, so they’ll contact the client to schedule a

laundry pick-up, pick-up the laundry, bring it to their home/place of business to wash, dry, fold,

hang, etc. Then, drop it off to the client within 48 hours.

What are the benefits of being a Laundry Care provider?

Flexibility is a huge benefit! Providers make their own schedule and specify their local service

area boundaries. Plus, why not earn money doing something you already do?

When someone signs up to be a Laundry Care provider how much does it cost and what is included?

The cost to become a Provider is a one-time cost of $30 which includes 5 Laundry Care bags,

ten garment covers, and five bag tags. Aside from that, they gain access to our 24-hour

resource center and our experienced team to offer support.

What does a day in the life of a Laundry Care business look like?

Our Providers have the flexibility to manage their own schedules. So each day will be different,

but they could look something like this:

Morning: review route for that day which includes pickups/deliveries.

Afternoon: Pickup laundry and deliver completed orders (usually 2 hrs of driving).

Late Afternoon: Unload vehicle and prepare laundry for processing.

Evening: Process laundry or defer to the next day.

*Throughout the day, respond to new client alerts.

What kind of training is offered to new providers?

The great thing about Laundry Care is our Providers already have the skills they need to do the

work. No training is required! We do offer Providers several tools, resources, support, and

materials to sharpen their skills and grow their business.

How does a Laundry Care provider scale their business?

A provider can scale their business by confining their routes to specific areas, on specific days.

This saves them not only on mileage but also time. Other things our Providers do include

allowing one full day of processing (no driving) so that they can complete a lot of orders in a

shorter period, upgrading the equipment to larger and more energy efficient machines and using

a helper.

What’s the best way to find clients?

Facebook and word-of- mouth are the BEST ways to spread the word. We offer pre-designed

ad images and flyers to make it easy for Providers to market their laundry service.

How can I use social media to grow my business? Is there training for using different social media platforms?

Our Provider site has a ton of ready-made images to post, along with step-by- step ways to use

Facebook to develop and grow your business to meet your income goals. I’ve found out of all

the different types of social media Facebook is the most well known and used platform.

What do I need to get started with my business?

To become a Laundry Care Provider, you’ll need functional machines (washer & dryer) and a

flat work area with hanging space or area to sort/ fold/ package laundry. A reliable vehicle is

also a necessity.

What kind of money can new Providers expect to make?

This will depend on multiple factors including demand in the area and capacity to take new

clients. Some providers reside in smaller communities where the demand is not as high

(Chicago vs. Salt Lake City), and others have a restricted schedule (other jobs/obligations). The

range of income can be $40 per week to $1000+.

What are some tips and tricks for starting and growing a new Laundry Care service in your local area?

We offer a ton of tips and tricks on our Provider website. Our private Facebook group is also a

perfect place where Providers from across the country share their tips and advice with one


How can I decide if this is a job opportunity that will work for my family?

Laundry Care is best for someone looking for a flexible side gig or extra income.

Does doing other people’s laundry increase my electric/water bill?

We get asked this question a lot. Location, season and size of client base, are the main

determining factors. There are several websites where you can estimate how much it costs to run a

load of laundry based on a variety of factors such as the machines being used and the cost of

unit of electricity/ each gallon of water.

What sets Laundry Care apart from other companies?

We’re a service-based company, so there are no parties or direct sales. That’s something that

appeals to a lot of people looking for a work-at- home opportunity.

What would be the benefit of working with Laundry Care versus opening my own similar business?

Starting a business from scratch is a lot of work. It also costs money! We take away the hurdle

in starting a new venture out of the equation. We offer a way for anyone to start right away…no

need to set up a website, create marketing materials, create pricing structure, etc. We also

handle client sign-ups, customer service, and all billing. We’ve found those are the things

similar business owners have to deal with…but don’t particularly like. Laundry Care is especially

appealing to entrepreneurs that want to start a similar business but are hesitant because of all

the start-up paperwork and logistics involved. We take care of all that.

What kind of support do you offer Laundry Care Providers?

I’m so proud of the support services we’ve developed as Laundry Care has grown. Our Home

Office! We have a fantastic Support Team here at Home Office to help Providers with getting

started and assist in resolving any issues that arise. Our private Facebook group I mentioned

earlier is also a great to allow Providers to connect with other Providers, ask questions, get

weekly tips and more.

Providers also have full access to a fantastic website we designed specifically to help them get

started, learn how Laundry Care works and grow their business. It’s full of detailed info about

the logistics of being a Provider (i.e. scheduling clients, packaging the laundry, entering service

tickets, using the Work Desk, etc.), as well as step-by- step marketing tips, web-based ad

images, printable marketing materials, sample scripts and more!

What characteristics do successful Laundry Care providers typically have?

Our most successful Providers are people who tend to be organized, detail-oriented and self-


How are you continuing to grow and develop Laundry Care LLC?

We’re excited to see new markets joining the Laundry Care family! Our Home Office team is

working hard to develop a new and improved Provider portal to make it even easier for

Providers to report services and manage their clientele. Very shortly, we’ll introduce an app that

will make operations easier for our providers and ordering/scheduling a snap for our clients.

Any final thoughts . . .

If you’re looking to make income by providing a valuable service with little to no start-up costs,

then Laundry Care is the right opportunity for you. For our Providers, LC is not just a gig but a

business they can grow and expand. Whether you are already operating a wash and fold or

starting a new one, we have tools to help manage your client base as well as our growing

community of fellow providers to support you along the way.

What do you think? Does a home laundry business sound like a job for you?

Find out more about Laundry Care here!

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