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DIY Manly Crafts to Sell

INSIDE: Men love handcrafted items just as much as women, so don’t leave them out when you’re planning out what to make and sell. Here’s an awesome list of manly crafts to sell!

If you’re an entrepreneur crafter and are only making products that appeal to women, you’re missing out on half of your potential customers!

In this article, we’ll run through three of the best craft ideas for men to give you some inspiration for your next DIY project.

Top 3 Manly Crafts to Sell

Whether you’re looking to sell your crafts or give them to loved ones, you’re bound to find something that interests you below. 

1. Personalized Pallet Dartboard

How about a unique dartboard for his man cave? Creating a dartboard from scratch might seem like a lot of effort, but it’s incredibly straightforward. Using easy-to-find pallets and cheap wood stain, you can craft a cool dartboard to sell and make an easy profit.

Making a pallet dartboard is pretty simple. You just need a pallet that is about 30-inches wide and 36-inches across. Even if the specifications are slightly off, you can easily trim the wood down to the size you need.

After cutting your wood into the right size, nail the side panels into the base wood to create a box look. Then, glue another plank across the inside of the box toward the bottom. This will serve as your shelf for storing darts, chalk, etc. 

You can personalize a pallet dartboard however you’d like. If you want a stained wood look, pick up your favorite stain color and give it a good once-over. Some people prefer painted wood, in which case you should buy a decent wood paint and go over the piece in whatever way you want. 

After finishing your pallet dartboard, take it to a craft fair or  sell it online. There’s definitely a market for this kind of man cave decoration, so you’re bound to find someone willing to buy your work. 

2. Leather Wrap Wallet

DIY leather wrap wallets are a great craft idea for men, although they do require more supplies than some of our other manly craft ideas. Here are the things you’ll need to get started:

  • Leather rectangles x 2 (8.25 x 6-inches)
  • Leather band x 1 (9.25 x 3.5-inches)
  • Snaps x 2 (typically 12mm)
  • Snap tool
  • Teflon sewing foot (can use manual sewing kit but will take much longer)
  • Leather sewing needle
  • Thick and tough thread
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk

You can find most of these tools and supplies at your local craft store. However, be aware that sewing leather requires patience, steady hands, and a creative mind. Your first wallet might look more like a jacket patch, but that’s OK! 

Once you make your wallets, you can quickly sell them online. There’s a significant demand for hand-crafted leather wallets, and you can mark up your prices significantly if it’s a well-made product. 

3. Recycled Leather Belt Chair

Have a bunch of old leather belts and a broken chair? As far as manly crafts to sell goes, revamping your old furniture into a cool and quirky leather belt chair is a great way to go! The first thing to break on many chairs are the seats, and one of the best ways to upcycle a chair is to repair the seat with leather belts. 

All you need to get started on this dude-approved DIY project is a chair with a broken seat and 10 to 20 leather belts in various colors. You’ll also need some wood stain, sandpaper, and furniture tacks to help the belts stay in place. 

While this DIY project requires elbow grease, it doesn’t require much skill or practice to get right. It’s one of the more accessible projects we’ve included and a great way to spend a couple of dull weekend days. 

A recycled leather belt chair is an excellent way to upcycle old chairs that you can find on bulk waste days in your neighborhood. If you find a good one, head over to a thrift store to pick up some old leather belts. You can sell the finished product for way more than what you would spend on supplies!

Have Fun Making Manly Crafts to Sell

We hope these craft ideas for men have inspired you to take on your next DIY project. No matter which crafts for guys you choose to take on, we’re sure that your customers, friends, and family will love the thought and effort you put into them.

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