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DIY Wreath Ideas to Make and Sell for Profit

Crafts to make and sell for extra money during the holidays! Fall wreaths and Christmas wreaths are hot craft ideas to make and sell at craft shows, bazaars, and on Etsy. Make extra money with these easy DIY wreaths. #crafts #makemoney #DIY

INSIDE: If you’re looking for a great way to earn some extra cash this holiday season, try these DIY wreath ideas to make and sell. Full of tips and instructions, you’ll be able to start wreath selling business right away!

Do you love decorating your home for the seasons? Imagine getting paid to create beautiful wreath designs by selling them.

Thanks to Joanna Gaines and the rustic farmhouse style, wreaths are being used to decorate inside and outside. There’s a booming business for beautiful wreaths for every season and holiday. It’s the perfect dash of greenery inside, and a wreath makes your front door look and feel festive.

You can start a wreath making business by selling wreaths online, locally on social media and at craft fairs.

How to start making wreaths for profit

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When you start a wreath making business, it’s important to consider your costs for supplies. Ideally you want to be able to price the wreath at twice the cost of the materials.

Shop for the best deals for your supplies online, using coupons for craft stores and using cash-back apps and sites such as Ibotta. You can also hold down costs by using thrift store supplies.

Compare the style of wreaths you want to make with the style and price of best-selling wreaths on Etsy and other sellers. It’s a good idea to price your wreaths in the same range as your competitors.

How to sell wreaths online

One of the best ways to sell wreaths online is by sharing your wreaths on social media. You can create a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or your favorite social media site.

One idea for selling wreaths is to create two to three designs each season and only offer those designs to your customers. You could charge a personalization fee to add personal touches to make each design individualized.

You can also opt to sell your wreaths on a platform such as Etsy, eBay or Amazon Handmade. When you sell items on these platforms, you’ll have to pay fees associated with each platform.

Selling wreaths at craft shows

Selling wreaths at craft fairs can be a great way to make money during the holiday season. These events are usually fun, and you get a chance to meet other creatives just like you!

When you attend a craft show, you’ll need to create a wreath stand to showcase all the wreaths you have to sell. Wreath displays at craft shows can be very simple so your wreaths stand out! You may want to include an old door (with a rustic feel) to hang a wreath on, a rustic old window, a nice tablecloth for your table, and a few more table stands to hold your other wreaths.

Creating a warm and welcoming booth will help you sell more items at the craft show!

20 DIY Wreath Ideas to Make and Sell

Now that you’ve learned some of the best tips for having a wreath selling business, here are some awesome DIY wreath ideas to make and sell…

DIY embroidery hoop tutorial

I recently put together a DIY embroidery hoop wreath tutorial for Christmas. It’s a modern boho take on front door decor. I love the simplicity of this wreath, and it’s easy to update the style with the seasons. You can check out the tutorial here!

embroidery hoop wreath for white christmas

Fall wreath ideas to make and sell

Follow these wreath making instructions to create easy wreaths to sell. Handmade wreaths are perfect items to sell at craft fairs and in an Etsy shop because people are searching for unique items to decorate their homes.

Fall Wreaths With Burlap

Rustic Fall Wreath

Rustic Neutral Wood Wreath

If you love working with wood pallets, then  you can find more pallet wood projects to sell!

Wood Wreath Idea

Neutral Fall Wreath

Chalkboard Wreath Idea for Fall

Neutral Chalkboard Fall Wreath Idea

Pinecone Wreath with Fall Decorations

(Here’s how to clean pinecones before you use them in a project.)

Fall Burlap Wreath

Cotton Wreath for Fall

DIY Rustic Wood Wreath

Apple Wreath Decor

Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Hydrangea Wreath for Fall

Autumn Leaf Wreath

Boho Fall Wreath

Disney Fall Wreath

Cinnamon Wreath for Fall

How to make Christmas wreaths from scratch

These 5 additional DIY wreath-making ideas for Christmas have all the instructions you need to put together a beautiful wreath to sell online or at a holiday craft fair. These wreaths work great for both indoor and outdoor Christmas decor!

DIY Fresh Sage Wreath

Hydrangea Christmas Wreath

Reindeer Moss Wreaths

DIY Pussy Willow Wreath

Southern Charm wreath tutorials is a high-quality site that’s designed to help you start and grow a creative business selling wreaths! You’ll find helpful tutorials for each season that you can use to learn strategies for creating beautiful wreaths to sell.

What’s the name of your wreath making business?

Now that you have all of these DIY wreath ideas to make and sell, share your wreath making business name. That way, we can check out what you’re working on and promote each other.

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