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Homemade Christmas Crafts to Sell on a Budget

INSIDE: People love buying holiday crafts, and you don’t have to break the bank to make some decent money selling them. These homemade Christmas crafts to sell on a budget are the perfect solution.

When you’re looking to make extra money around the holidays it usually means there’s no extra money to spare. That’s why finding cheap Christmas crafts to sell is so important.

Whether you’re making Christmas ornaments, wreaths, or holiday jewlery, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to come up with profitable craft ideas.

Repurposed Household Items That Can be Used to Make Christmas Crafts to Sell

There are tons of things that can be made with repurposed household items. Try these homemade Christmas crafts to sell on a budget…


Yarn is an easy craft item to find on sale, at garage sales, and in thrift stores. And there are many easy DIY Christmas decoration crafts you can make with it.

Yarn wrapped ornaments 

These cute yarn Christmas ornaments just require some Christmas cookie cutters, yarn, glue, pins, and styrofoam trays and take very little active work. They’re an inexpensive and easy craft to sell to make extra money. You can also use burlap or baker’s twine to give your ornaments a more rustic feel.

Knitted items

Many knitters and crocheters make the mistake of creating sweaters, shawls, and other large crafts that have a low profit margin for the time required to make them. But smaller knits, like these adorable mini mittens, are as easy to make as they are to sell! If you want to sell knits, stick to patterns you can finish quickly and unique items that people won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Yarn wrapped wreath

This yarn-wrapped wreath is perfect for crafters and where are you going to find more crafters than a craft fair!? You can stick with a monochromatic wreath or combine two colors to create visual depth. Top it off with some felt or paper flowers and you have a niche wreath that should sell well. 

Yarn wrapped letters

Wrapped might be a misleading term. To get a fully wrapped letter you have to glue yarn on the edges then wrap it. Whatever technique you use, this is a great way to use up bulk yarn in one Christmas craft. Some popular words to wrap are HO HO, JOLLY, and NOEL. 

Yarn wrapped Christmas trees

Styrofoam cones of varying sizes wrapped in yarn look great on the mantle or as a centerpiece idea. They would fit with any decor theme depending on the type of yarn you use but soft chunky yarn tends to work best. Try adding leftover sequins, glitter, or beads to add texture and use up some old craft supplies!


Felt is another material that leaves a lot of scraps and leftovers. You may want to ask other crafters for their scrap felt to make these amazingly cheap Christmas crafts to sell.

Felt ornaments

Small felt Christmas ornaments are light and can soften up even the most linear decor. These stacked felt trees can be made with the smallest felt scraps. A great option if you’re trying to go zero-waste!

Tree skirt

Christmas tree skirts eventually get covered in presents so they’re actually a fun way to show off your family’s character without clashing with the rest of the decor. Whether it’s extra felt or fabric you can make fun designs like rainbows, tires, planets, or my personal favorite, doughnut tree skirts.


Garland is a versatile item to sell. You can hang on a staircase, around and entryway, or adorning the tree. If you have long strands of felt you can tie it into knots along a string for a fun texture or this ribbon candy felt garland is super unique.

The Cheapest Paper Crafts to Sell Around The Holidays

Paper crafts that sell best at the holidays include Christmas cards, gift card holders, and wall art. And the paper crafts that are cheapest to make are the ones your customers can print themselves. Digital files that people can print out at home or professionally and customize for their needs sell very well around the holidays.


You can make the best holiday-themed paper crafts by keeping designs simple and sets cohesive. This isn’t an exhaustive list but they’re some great examples of homemade Christmas crafts to sell on a budget using paper…

Scrapbook paper ornaments

Scrapbookers and crafters who use a lot of construction paper can make these quick and easy paper ornaments. They look great on a tree but they’re also lightweight so they’re versatile enough to be hung anywhere around the holidays.

Vintage paper ornaments

Old newspapers, maps, and other vintage papers can be upcycled into shabby chic Christmas decor. These vintage map ornaments would make a beautiful garland for year-round use which is a great selling feature! You can even take special orders to customize by continent. 

Wrapping paper wreath

Be sure to check for Christmas wrapping paper sales after Christmas so you can make some great affordable crafts to sell next year. You can make ornaments, gift tags, cards, or even a holiday wreath!

Colorful paper

These mini paper fir trees are easy to make and can go on the tree, mantle, or be strung to make an adorable tree garland. Pair them with a white wreath and some upcycled ornaments for a complete set!

Kraft paper

You can make these paper birds out of computer paper and they’d still look elegant. Try making some large birds with kraft paper as tree toppers and smaller ones for tree ornaments.

Paper scraps

Even if you only have tiny scraps of cardstock or index cards you can still make holiday crafts to sell. Stick to small items that can be grouped like this minimalist tree garland or napkin holders.


If you’re on a tight budget you can create craft with zero materials! Creating digital downloads to sell on Etsy is a great way to make extra money around the holidays and there are a ton of profitable ideas.

3D Crafts

If you’re going to be creating other paper crafts, you might as well upload the template so others can make it too. You can sell the templates for ornaments, wreaths, or Christmas trees, just make sure you include the instructions with the pattern. They don’t even have to be complex. These 3D Christmas trees are as sophisticated as they are simple.

Christmas cards

If you’re making Christmas cards you can sell the digital file for others to print your designs off at home. You can create designs in free online software like Canva or scan and upload your hand-drawn designs like this artist did.

Gift tags

Once you’re comfortable with Canva you can sell templates that allow customers to personalize your designs for their unique needs. This is popular for gift tags as well as Christmas cards. 

Wall art

Artists and graphic designers should try their hand at designing printable wall art for the holidays. Increase your profit per sale by selling coordinating sets of prints people can hang in their homes or give as gifts.

Christmas party games

You may not be able to believe but not every holiday party has a white elephant gift exchange. Some hosts opt for more unique games. If you know of a few you can sell digital files to make the games more interactive and fun. Or people can just print them as props to take selfies with, either way, you win.

Natural Objects That Make Christmas Crafts You Can Sell

If you’re working on a super tight budget (read: $0 budget) you can actually make Christmas crafts to sell from things found in your back yard. Natural objects like pinecones, branches, and dried fruit add a beautiful organic touch to Christmas decor. 

Any type of Christmas craft made from natural objects sell well, but the products that sell best include DIY wreaths, ornaments, and table centerpieces.


Pinecones are a versatile natural craft material and you can find them in abundance right when you start thinking about DIY Christmas crafts. Just be sure to first get any bugs out before working with them.

Monogram wreath

You can make a monogram wreath with just some foam board and enough pinecones to cover it. Add a burlap or flannel bow at the top and you’re sure to have a one-of-a-kind craft that everyone’s going to be placing orders for.


These pinecone fire-starters are a cute last-minute gift idea or favor for a Christmas party. If you can find half-used white candles at a church yard sale you may not even need to buy wax!


Whether it’s branches from the backyard or slices of a tree trunk, you can do a lot of things with this natural material. Try these homemade Christmas crafts to sell on a budget…

Christmas card holder

The beautiful thing about a Christmas card holder made from wood boards is you can use it for cards year-round! From wedding invitations to birthday cards, this unique craft is easy to make and will sell well around the holidays.

Metallic branches

Without fresh flowers, vases go virtually unused in the winter. Painted branches are an easy to make design feature for the holidays that can add a little extra to a decor set you’re selling or pull together crafts that otherwise wouldn’t coordinate.

Dried fruit 

Dried citrus fruits aren’t just easy to make, they also add a pleasant scent to your DIY Christmas crafts that will engage all your shoppers’ senses!


A simple paper clip can turn a slice of dried fruit into colorful and eco-friendly Christmas ornament. These will last for several months but you’ll want to inform buyers they shouldn’t keep them for next year. Instead, encourage them to compost them!


Try accompanying a garland of dried fruit with anything wood, plaid, or burlap for a cozy rustic log cabin theme. You can include woodsy candle jar, some branches in a mason jar, and yarn wrapped ornaments.


Combines multiple natural elements from your backyard to create a wreath that’ll give any room a rustic feel. Start with pinecones, nuts, and dried fruit then incorporate anything else you think will smell or look lovely.

Upcycled Christmas Crafts to Sell

You can find the best items to upcycle into Christmas crafts by thrifting, shopping garage sales, or looking around your house for unused items. The best items to upcycle for Christmas crafts are the cheapest items!

You can make anything into a great gift with the right tools and inspiration. Try these homemade Christmas crafts to sell on a budget…

Christmas decor

Sometimes the best Christmas crafts to sell are upcycled versions of old Christmas decor!

Vintage Christmas lights

Watch out for large bulb Christmas lights at thrift stores and garage sales because if you get your hands on some you could upcycle those lights into this colorful wreath! People love vintage Christmas lights so if you’re able to find them this could be a craft you could sell at a premium. 

Christmas garland

Beads from holiday garland can be repurposed to make necklaces. You can keep the beads the same color or paints some different colors to mix it up. You can even write letters on them to spell out holiday phrases.

Gift bows

If you save your gift bows but don’t know what to do with them then you’re going to love this gift bow wreath. It’s the perfect way to reuse gift bows or use up the big bags of bows you can never seem to get through.

Other household items

You can indeed upcycle anything as a Christmas craft. Don’t believe me? Here’s some extra inspiration.

Flannel shirts

This upcycled flannel wrapped wreath will do two things, save a flannel from a landfill and make you some money! When you run out of flannels you can easily use fabric or any other upcycled cotton material. And the fact that this craft is environmentally friendly could be a huge selling point for shoppers!

Microfiber dusters

Love the look of wool but can’t afford the good stuff? You can imitate it! Yes, those fuzzy white dusters from the dollar store actually make a beautiful wool-like wreath! It complements shabby-chic and rustic decor perfectly.

Final Thoughts About Homemade Christmas Crafts to Sell on a Budget

Whatever you use to make your holiday crafts, remember that you don’t have to spend a lot to make quality cheap Christmas crafts to sell. A little imagination and some hot glue can turn anything into a craft material!

–By Jen Smith

SmartCents Mom