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Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to make and sell things for Christmas! I love using my craft hobby to make Christmas cash during the holidays. I came up with this list of easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit as I was planning for my own craft show coming up in December.

I love to craft as a hobby and I’m always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks as a stay at home mom. I knew I wanted to pick crafts that didn’t require me to spend a lot of money on supplies, but I would be able to still create high quality handmade products. Here are my top 5 Christmas crafts that are easy to make!

Christmas Crafts to Sew

I love sewing, but I’m not really creative enough to design my own sewing patterns. Not until I found sewing patterns on Etsy that allow you to use their pattern to sew things to sell.

The minimalist stuffed toy trend made popular by Scandinavian style plush toys are very easy to make without using a pattern. You can see my versions of these adorable baby fabric rattles that would make a great stocking stuffer for baby.

easy sewing crafts to make and sell

Christmas Wreaths

This idea came to mind when I was trying to update our front door Christmas wreath. I wanted a modern take on a wreath using an embroidery hoop. I love how simple and minimalist this embroidery wreath turned out! You can read all the details and see my video of how easy it was to put together with this embroidery wreath tutorial.


easy embroidery hoop wreath

Macrame Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Let me first say that embroidery hoops and macrame are hot trending crafts on Pinterest. I decided to combine the 2 craft trends and create tiny embroidery hoop ornaments perfect for a boho style Christmas.

There are so many great macrame tutorials for beginners and since the size is small it doesn’t take very much time to make.

macrame embroidery hoop christmas ornament

Embroidery Hoops and Brushlettering Christmas

Another Christmas craft idea to make and sell are these simple embroidery hoop ornaments made with scrapbooking paper. I’ve been practicing my brushlettering lately as a way to relax and while it’s still not perfect, it’s a great way to personalize a handmade Christmas ornament.

brushlettering embroidery hoop christmas ornament

Chalkboard Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

This chalkboard ornament adds rustic charm to any Christmas tree and it is easy to make! I love that you can update the message each year on the chalkboard or personalize it with chalkboard paint that won’t rub off.

chalkboard christmas ornament

Mason Jar Simmering Pots

I love the smell of the holidays…cinnamon, apples, citrus, peppermint, and cloves. There are so many different combinations that create an amazing smell through out your house. All you have to do is dump the contents of the mason jar into a pot and warm on the stove. Your home will smell amazing all day!

These mason jar simmering pots are the absolute fastest crafts to make and sell at craft fairs and pop up shops. People love to buy these for their own house or as a gift for their neighbors, teachers, and friends.

You can check out the tutorial for how to put together Mason Jar Simmering Pots and grab my free Christmas tags to use!

mason jar simmering pot DIY to make and sell

That wraps up my list of 5 easy Christmas crafts for beginners to make and sell! Using your craft hobby is a great way to start making money on the side. And jumping in during the biggest consumer spending season around the holidays means you are much more likely to make sales. Here are a few more tips to help your craft show go smoothly!

Start a social media account for your craft business.

Invite your friends and family to follow your craft business on social media. Share your beautiful images of your crafts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. so people know what you make before the craft fair. Then advertise that you will be set up at the craft fair. You can even go live or share a video of your table and any behind the scenes on the day of the craft show.

This will be helpful in building an audience before the craft fair and getting people out to the show. It will also give new people you meet through the craft fair a way to keep in touch with you after the show.

Collect email addresses

Have an email sign up sheet out on your table and invite people to join your email list. Getting people on your email list is a great way to reach your customers with new products, direct them to your Etsy shop, tell them about upcoming craft fairs, and you can even survey your email list to learn more about them.

Unique Packaging

Make sure you have nice packaging for your crafts that you sell. It can be with your branding for your craft business. I usually go with tissue paper that is my brand color and a brown paper bag. I also include a handmade tag with my craft business logo on it.


If you are able to personalize your crafts on the spot, then prepare to offer that service. People love to have their items personalized whether it’s color, initials, monograms, etc.

Have Fun!

Enjoy your day selling your crafts! You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to meet your customers and share your craft love with the world! Every craft show is a learning experience. Look around at other tables to see what you may want to change about your table next time.

SmartCents Mom