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Learn How to Become a Virtual Assistant TODAY!

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Looking for a job that is flexible and allows you to work from anywhere, seems too good to be true.

Working as a virtual assistant is a great way to earn extra income or even start a full-time business while living the *location independent lifestyle.*

Virtual Assistant Description

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A virtual assistant (VA) may bring to mind someone who works as a secretary or administrative assistant…

…which isn’t too far off. A virtual assistant is someone who provides a wide variety of services to individuals, companies, or organizations. The best part…a VA doesn’t go into the office!

What can a virtual assistant do for me?

A VA can provide support for any business, person, or organization.

Running a business is overwhelming, especially if you are a small business owner doing everything on your own.

Business owners need to focus on what they are really good at. It will help them grow their business or organization if they aren’t spending all their energy working on tasks that take up time, creative energy, and skills that they may not possess.

As a VA think about the skills and experience you have gained through your career:

Consider how you could use those skills to support a business, person, or organization.

What can services can you offer to free up the owner to use their talent and energy effectively?

So who would actually hire a virtual assistant?

There are over 10 million small businesses in the US today! Not to mention bloggers who are making a profitable income online. Small business owners, bloggers, non-profit organizations, start-ups, etc could all use some support to manage their businesses and organizations.

How to become a virtual assistant with no experience?

Get a website

You need an online presence. If you don’t know anything about the technical side of websites, that’s ok! You can follow my step-by-step guide to set up your website. I am NOT a technical computer nerd and I set up my website. You can totally do it!

Helpful Professional Development Resources

  • The Bootstrap VA is an amazing book that gives you actionable steps on how to get started being a VA. The author has worked as a VA for many years and she delivers a comprehensive course that feels like a college class!
  • How to Break into Virtual Assistant Work is a FREE ecourse that teaches you all about how to start a VA business with Gina Horkey of the Horkey Handbook. She has made a full time income as a freelance writer and virtual assistant. Now she is teaching others how she has been so successful as a VA. This is an excellent FREE resource!

What do I need to become a Virtual Assistant?


Finding clients and building a solid reputation will be a big challenge to starting your VA business. But you can totally win your clients over by focusing on building relationships.

You need to create relationships in order to become a successful VA:  relationships with businesses, bloggers, owners, and other VAs.

Relationship building 101:

  • be helpful by giving useful information online or in person
  • get involved with social media: Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • *hang out* virtually where your future clients are so you can find out their needs/pain points
  •  hustle businesses need to know that you are offering your VA services. Start writing emails to let them know you are available to assist them with their business.

Business Strategy

One thing I’ve learned since starting a work from home business, is that you need a strategy to succeed. Neil Patel is a guru in online marketing. He has developed several multi-million dollar businesses. The way he got started was by emailing companies he want to work with. In his email, he told them what they were doing wrong with their marketing AND he told them exactly what to do to fix it.

The best strategy to build your business, no matter the service you offer, is to provide VALUE! Show your potential clients what you can do for them and how you can benefit their business.

Check out this interview with Neil Patel from Side Hustle Nation: Interview with Neil Patel

Best virtual assistant services to offer… 

  • Social Media Assistant
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Editor
  • Market Research
  • Writer
  • Personal Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Project Management
  • Find more of the Best Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant with No Experience: Work for a VA Company

If you’re worried about the time you would have to put into building a business as a virtual assistant, then you may want to consider working as a VA for companies that hire virtual assistants with no experience. Typically these companies do not pay as well as running your own business, but there can be less stress. These companies connect business owners and virtual assistants so you don’t have to search for your next client.

In the long run, this could be valuable experience if you decide to start your own virtual assistant business.

Fancy Hands

Priority VA

Are you ready to start a Virtual Assistant business?

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