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Legit Work from Home Jobs that Pay $10 or More Per Hour

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Looking for a legit work-from-home job that pays $15 or more an hour? Many people are looking for ways to stay home and still make decent money. A majority of these companies are phone or customer service work.

If you want to earn more than $15 an hour you could START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Freelance writing, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)transcription, proofreading, or be a virtual assistant.

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Non-Phone Jobs ($10/hr or more)

ICUC – US. This is work from home community moderation. Pay $10 – $18/hr.

SmartBrief – US.  Freelance writing. Pay $14/hr.

Stitch Fix – US, certain locations. Fashion Stylist, curating boxes for clients. Pays $15/hr.

Tutoring Jobs

Brainfuse – US. Work from home tutoring. Pay $10/hr. (you get paid $7/hr while waiting for students.)

Panda Tree – US & Canada. Work from home tutoring. (Spanish and Mandarin) Pay $12+/hr

Smarthinking – US. Work from home tutoring. Pay $10/hr. – US & Canada. Work from home tutoring. Pay $10/hr. (you get paid $5.50/hr while waiting for students.)

VIPKid – US & Canada. Work from home tutoring. Pay $7 – 9/25 minute lesson.

Rosetta Stone – Work from home language coach. Pays $17/hr.

Test Scoring

ETS – US. This is a work from home job scoring test. Pay can range between $10 to $20 hourly. This position does often require teaching experience and some college or a degree.

K12 – US. Requires a teaching certificate. Tuition free public school. Pay based on number of years teaching salary divided over 12 months.

Literably – Worldwide. Literably is a company that tests students reading ability. This position requires you to listen to recordings and score the reading. It is technically a task job, and you may start out earning less, but as you learn the skills you could make between $10 – $20 per hour (according to Literably).

Measurement, Inc. – US.  Scoring tests. Seasonal job following school schedule. Pay $11/hr.

Pearson – US. Scoring tests. Pays $10/hr.

Search Engine Evaluation

These jobs are work from home jobs with a very flexible schedule. Each company is similar in that you are evaluating search engines, ads, or other social media platforms. It can take a few weeks before you are able to get started working. Most require you to pass a test before you are able to begin work. I work for Leapforce (as extra income) and have had a great experience!

Appen Butler Hill – Worldwide. The work from home search engine evaluation for this company may pay around $10 hourly.

iSoftStone – US only. Pays $12 hourly.

Leapforce – US and other countries. I cannot disclose the amount I make due to non-disclosure agreement, but you can easily look up what others have made in a search.

Lionbridge – US and other countries. Pays $13.50 hourly.

Userlytics – US. Provide feedback on websites, applications, prototypes, concepts and more. Pay $10/task.

User Testing – US. Test out websites. Must complete a sample test before receiving assignments. Pay per assignment $10/$15 for 20 minutes.

ZeroChaos – US only. Pays $15 hourly.

Translation Services

Acclaro – Localization and translation agency hires experienced  translators and other localization professionals to work at home as independent contractors.

Phone Jobs ($10/hour or more)

Customer Service

ABC Financial – US only. Customer service job. According to Glassdoor the pay is $10/hour.

ACD Direct – US. Call center support for non-profit pledge drives and fundraisers. Pay $0.25 – $0.35/minute based on experience, roughly $15 – $21/hr.

Amazon – US only. Customer Service Pay $10/hr.

American Express – US. Customer service &  other fields. $10+/hr.

APAC – US. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and Humble, TX. Customer Service. $10+/hr depending on the clients you work with.

Blooms Today – US. Work from home flower orders.  Independent contractor $15/hr (seasonal work). Permanent workers make a base + commission on sale.

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting – US and Canada. Cold-calling. Pay is  $15 – $25/ hr based on experience and skill.

Brighten Communications – US only. Telemarketing. Pay $12 – $18/hr.

Capital One – US only, Florida and Virginia. Customer service position. Pay is $10 – $15/hr

Carlson Wagonlit Travel – US. Home-based workers help booking travel. Pay is $15/hr.

Contemporary VA – Worldwide. Must be fluent in English. $10/hr.

Convergys – Worldwide. Customer service agents. $10/hr may include benefits. – US. Customer service. Pay is $10 – $15/hr.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car – US only. Multiple positions: customer service reps, reservation sales reps, and escalation support trainees. Pays $11 – $15/hr.

Fancy Hands – US. Making phone calls on behalf of other people. Pay starts out task based $2.50 – $7 and later can move up to a managerial position.

Hilton Worldwide – US only, Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida. Customer Service. Pay is $12 – $15/hr.

HSN (Home Shopping Network) – US only, St. Petersburg FL, Roanoke VA, and Nashville TN. Customer service. Pay $10-$11/hr.

Lifebushido – Worldwide. Customer Service. Pays $10/hr.

Liveops – US. Multiple position offered: (inbound sales, insurance sales, insurance claims, healthcare, roadside service, customer service) Pay depending on clients you work for $10 – $15/hr.

NCO Group – Collections calls, technical support, sales calls. Pays $10 – $12/hr.

Needle – Customer service chat company. Pays $10/hr.

Neiman-Marcus – US,  Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas. Customer Service. Pays $10 – $12/hr.

NexRep – US. Tech Support pays $10/hr.

NextWave Advocacy – US only. Political outreach, calling, and writing. Educate citizens and help them contact their elected officials. (Project based work) Pay $11/hr.

Paragon Planners – US only. Scheduling for financial wholesalers. Pay $12 – $14/hr.

Pleio Goodstart – US. Customer service agents that help with medication routines. Pay $8 – $16/hr.

Virtual Assistant

Red Butler – Work from home virtual assisting. They reportedly pay between $12 and $15 an hour.

Time Etc. – US & UK. Work from home virtual assisting. The pay is between $11 and $16 hourly depending on your experience.

Virtual Office Temps – US. Professional business services: clerical support, administration, creativity, management, sales support and personal services. Pays $10 – $35/hr based on project.

Williams-Sonoma – US, specifically The Colony, TX. (training on-site) Pay $11/hr.

Worldwide 101 – May be open worldwide. They hire work from home virtual assistants fairly regularly. Pay may be between $15 and $20 hourly.

Tech Support

Apple – US.  Chat and phone support for their products. Pay $14+/hr

Computer Assistant – Provide tech support for multiple companies. Pay is $10 -$11/hr.

Dell – US. Remote tech support for a variety of positions. Most jobs require bachelor’s degree or more. Pay salaried.

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