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Mom Jobs: Flexible Employment Options

I am really excited to introduce you to Mom Source Network  a new company that is designed to help moms (and dads, too) get back into the work place after an extended period of time off. Not only to return to work, but to create better options for families. Their slogan is “The Flexible Employment Advocates.”

There are many reasons people need to take time off of work, whether it is for raising children, taking care of parents, illness, just to name a few.

Mom Source is all about connecting bright, educated candidates to progressive companies willing to work with employees to create the best work environment for both the employee and the company.

It’s all about creating a work/life blend. So many talented people are stuck in the current work system where they have to chose between family life or being chained to work from the day of graduation to retirement.

As a mom, I totally want the opportunity to use my brain beyond the cycle of pouring a cup of milk, playing trains with my boys, and changing yet another stinky diaper! There is so much value in raising my family, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be the major influence in their lives at this point.

But I know like many other moms that I want to continue to develop and use skills that can help my family financially and give me a different kind of challenge.

That’s what makes Mom Source such an awesome business tool for people getting back into the workforce after an extended amount of time off of work.

The truth is there is so much incredible talent in moms (and dads) who desire to be there for their children as they grow. Mom Source is meeting the needs of bringing that talent out of the house and creating a new way to work!

What is Mom Source Network?

Mom Source Network is an organization that connects people and companies to find the best fit based on skills, flexibility, and salary. You aren’t just signing up for a job. Mom Source works diligently to put the bring the perfect employee for each company. It’s kind of like eHarmony for the business world!

Mom Source Network works with candidates who typically have a college degree and past work experience. They are not a temp agency or a mega job search company (like CareerBuilder or Flex Jobs). Mom Source Network provides a relational and personal experience when it comes to finding the perfect job for you!

What is flexible employment?

Flexible employment is all about creating space for women (and men) to blend their work and home life. Flexible employment looks different to every business and employee. It could mean part-time work, job sharing, remote/tele-commuting, full-time work with flexible hours, etc. There is room to be creative when it comes to scheduling working hours that is both beneficial to businesses and employees.

How does it work?

You join the Mom Source Network at as a candidate. There is a monthly fee $9/month, which gets you access to professional development webinars, phone consultations that cover everything from social media presence to resume critique and interview quesitons.There are also networking events where you can meet Mom Source staff and other candidates to help you feel less alone in your venture to return to work. That’s not all! They also offer discounts to members through many businesses.

You will fill out a questionaire, upload your resume, and have a phone consultation with a Mom Source Network representative. Then you will be sent emails for job opportunities that align with your experience, salary expecations, and flexibility.

What is the phone consultation about?

Your phone consultation is an opportunity for Mom Source to get to know you a little bit better. They also offer an opportunity for you to focus on a specific area during the consulation; resume review, interviewing skills, updating your social media presence, and general consultation.

This is really helpful especially if you have been out of the work force for an extended amount of time. The personal attention that MSN gives to each candidate sets them apart for both candidates and businesses. They put so much effort into making a great match that is beneficial for both sides.

If you are completely lost when it comes to getting your foot back in the door, then this consultation can be a great starting point to build your confidence as you make your way back into the work arena.

What types of jobs does Mom Source hire for?

Mom Source has a variety of positions that they hire for and it is changing constanlty as unique positions come up. On their list of types of hires are remote customer experience associate, part-time marketing assistant, Remote project manager, director of development – non-profit, healthcare positions, part-time call center, just to name a few!

You can check out more here

What cities is Mom Source Network available?

Mom Source Network’s original office is in Knoxville, TN. They have expanded to Atlanta (GA), Nashville (TN), Chattanooga (TN), Austin (TX), Tampa (FL) and plan to grow to over 20 cities by 2020! If you’re city isn’t available you can still register with their platform to be considered for telecommute jobs and request that an office open in your area.

Final Thoughts

I had an opportunity to meet the founder of the company, Courtney, at a networking event. She is really passionate about helping women transition into flexible job opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing a career with innovative work options, then this may be a great fit for you.

Mom Source Network is a new company and growing quickly! They work with you to find the best job fit for your situation. I am really impressed with the attention to detail they give each candidate and business.

You can check out Mom Source Network here!

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Does Mom Source Network sound like a good fit for you?