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Smart Success Stories: Sarah McAffry

Smart Success Stories: Sarah McAffry

SMART (3)When I think about successful women who are entrepreneurs, I immediately think of Sarah McAffry. She is a talented photographer with a growing business in the Knoxville area.  Photography as a side business is a popular way to make side income. Sarah is doing it full time and providing for her family! I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah McAffry.

1. Please give us a little background on yourself, how you started Sarah McAffry Photography (what gave you the courage to start your own business), and how it’s going for you right now.

I was a high school english teacher for six years. After feeling nudgings from the Lord many times over a two week period, I quit my teaching job. The morning I met with the principal at 9am to resign, I got a call less than three hours later from a photographer asking if I wanted to rent out her studio. When I walked into the meeting that morning, I had no idea what my future held. I was simply walking in obedience and God faithfully showed up giving me my next step within hours. I’ve been a full time photographer for 7 years now and somehow started another business, @statemintstyle, along the way! I’m so fortunate to have a job that provides for our family and my husband is able to stay at home to run our household and take care of our kids.

2. What exactly do you offer with Sarah McAffy Photography? Can you explain this more for those who are unfamiliar with your services?

We’re a photography studio that specializes in high school seniors! We also spend a lot of time photographing women of all ages, with our Becoming Sessions for teen girls and Portrait Sessions for women.

Screenshot 2016-08-23 at 10.23.19 PM3. What stage would you say your business is at and how long did it take you to get to this point?

We’re always evolving and reaching for the next thing in senior photography! I’ve been full time for seven years and have made it my mission to prove that photography doesn’t have to be a side job for fun.

4. How does social media & blogging play a role in your business?

It’s integral! My business thrives on social interactions. Most of our clients are in high school, so we have to meet them where they are.

5. What is your favorite part of owning your own business?

The creativity and flexibility it allows.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about starting a business? 

Surround yourself with a supportive team of people and commit to pushing through all the obstacles you’ll face. 

7. Give us your favorite place to go for business advice books/websites/podcasts.

I love following Seth Godin and Sandi Krakowski for marketing tools.
Sarah’s first steps into entrepreneurship are inspiring! I don’t know very many people who would be willing to walk away from a job to start their own business in such a short period of time! I think those first steps of taking the risk are so important for all entrepreneurs.
What inspired you from Sarah’s interview? Have you taken your first step in earning extra income?

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