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Summer Daily Schedule Template

Daily Schedule for Kids

I was talking with my mom friends this week and we were all in a slight panic about having our kids home all day, everyday, when summer starts in a couple of weeks.

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the laid back flow of our days and planning fun things to do each week with my boys. But I’ve realized now that my boys have started school that it’s good to keep everyone in a summer routine. Even though our days are relaxed, it’s better for everyone if there is a little bit of structure. Summer at home with kids can be fun with this summer daily schedule template!

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How do I make a summer routine?

Keep your routine flexible!

I try to keep my summer routine for our family flexible with only a few major goals. This summer I am focusing on independent play time, chores, and school review. I’ve printed out some fun school review workbooks from Teachers Pay Teachers to help my kids avoid the summer slide. The workbooks are review so the older boys will be able to do their work on their own, while the toddler draws/colors.

Keep your outings simple! 

Each day we plan something kind of outing, whether it’s a play date, running errands, grocery shopping, or going to the library. I try to keep our outings simple and on the same day each week so that the kids know what will be happening that day of the week.

I have a great group of mom friends that get together once a week all summer long for a standing playdate. We know that once a week we will get to play with friends. My kids always look forward to this!

Plan something special!

My kids made up the name “Downtown Day!” We live in a small city with a fun little downtown area. The kids ride the trolley, get pizza with their rewards they earn from our library reading challenge, have ice cream, visit the fire station, and play in the water fountains downtown. It’s so much fun and they are already talking about doing it again this summer!

Summer Morning Routine Ideas

The purpose of our summer morning routine is to keep the kids off of TV or phones. As soon as my kids wake up in the morning they are asking to watch something on TV or play games on the phone. It makes me crazy!

Here are my summer morning routine ideas for kids to keep them busy and off of technology as long as possible.

Chores: Each day of the week the boys will have something to clean. It will be the same chore every Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

  • Mondays – wipe down the bottom cabinets
  • Tuesdays – clean the windows on the main level
  • Wednesdays – clean their bathroom
  • Thursdays – bring their dirty clothes downstairs
  • Fridays – put their clean clothes away

Play Time: You know how kids have a million toys that they never play with? Well, this summer I have a plan! I am picking out toys that they never play with and telling them they have to play with that toy during their “play time.”

School Review: Practice sheets and games from Teacher Pay Teachers

Workout: Go to the Y for an hour long workout (kids go to childcare)

Summer Afternoon Routine Ideas

Quiet Time Activities: My oldest son loves doing the Top Secret Adventures from Highlights Magazine. I bought my middle son the Puzzle Mania book and he loves working all the games and puzzles on his own. The toddler will look at books or listen to a book on tape in his room. I plan on using this 30 minutes to an hour to work on my business.

Activity Time: This will be time that I do something with the kids. They are excited about doing science experiments, learning origami, and making recipes this summer.

Play Time: We have plenty of fun activities to do outside in the backyard or inside on a rainy day. This is just free play, but I plan on using these activities to keep kids busy just in case they use the dreaded words “I’m bored!”

Hopefully this plan will give you some peace when it comes to creating a summer daily schedule for your family! I think a little bit of structure is good for everyone and keeps things moving along on those long summer days. You can download this free summer kids schedule PDF and start planning your summer!

Download the Summer Kids Schedule Template


Download the Summer Daily Chores Chart



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