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Walmart Grocery Pickup: How it Works

Save Time & Money-Walmart Grocery Pick UpHave you heard of the new grocery shopping services popping up all over? It is life changing for me as a mom of 3 littles under the age of 5! I’m so excited about this new service. Especially after an event like last week, where my 2 month old had a complete melt down 5 minutes into our grocery shopping adventure, my 2 year old was begging for cookies, and  the 5 year old had to go potty. I was definitely in need of a #groceryhero !

Walmart Grocery Pickup

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So this is how it works! I shopped and ordered my groceries online after setting up an account with Walmart Grocery Pickup. It was super easy! I typed in the item I was looking for in the search bar and the clicked the number I needed of that item. Then the items show up in your shopping cart to the right of your screen. When you’re finished shopping you click through schedule a pickup time, enter your card information, and review your order. You can pick up your items anytime between the scheduled hour you choose. When you pull into the parking space designated for grocery pickup there is a number to call so they know you have arrived. A few minutes later someone is bringing your items out to your car and loading them for you!

Perks of Online Shopping

  1. You can see what your total is as your shopping. This made it so much easier for me to stay within my budget. I’m not tempted to add in the extra cookies, cereal, and other random things my kids decide to grab along the way.
  2. You can save money by comparing prices from other online grocery stores like Amazon, Kroger, Food City, etc. to get the best deal. I’ve often wondered what I would find if I did a true comparison of items in the different stores around me. Online grocery shopping has allowed me to compare with convenience. I also use Southern Savers to help me outline coupons to use as I shop.
  3. You can use coupons and your Savings Catcher app. I’m still able to use my coupons and savings so I’m not losing any extra savings by ordering online.
  4. It’s a time saver from my weekly grocery extravaganza! I spend an hour looking up recipes and mapping out our meals for two weeks. Then I usually spend an hour in the store comparing prices and finding the best deals, with driving time it usually takes up 1 1/2 hours at the grocery store. Then I come home and put everything away which usually takes another hour between meeting the needs of all 3 kids and organizing. Saving an 1 1/2 a week from grocery time is really about saving my sanity, and it’s worth it to me in this season of life.
  5. I’ve also been able to order groceries online for my grandparents who are in their 90’s so that they can just go to the store and pick up their groceries. This has been so helpful for them since it’s difficult for them to get around the whole store.
  6. It’s FREE! Walmart’s online grocery service is FREE. No screaming kids, no potty breaks, and no fights over cookies…I still get my groceries and there’s no extra charge…sign me up!
  7. Other ways to save: You can also refer a friend and earn $10 on your next order! Order through Swagbucks and save 7% by ordering online! Sign up here and you can save $10 off your first order!

Downside of Online Shopping

  1. If you are a mega coupon queen then you may not love online shopping as much as me. While you can save money and still use coupons, you will miss out on those special deals that you only find from actually being in the store. I think it depends on your season of life and what you have time for at the moment.
  2. You have to schedule a pickup time. So if you are in a hurry and need your groceries today, you may not be able to find a pickup time available. In that case, it may not be that convenient for you if you need groceries for dinner tonight.
  3. If you prefer to pick out your own produce and meat then you may not like having someone else pick out your items. There is a place that you can leave a comment when you order if you have specific requests about the items you are purchasing. I have had a great experience so far with my produce and meat.

Game Changer!

This has been a game changer for us this summer. Especially since the birth of our youngest boy! Have you tried Walmart Grocery Pickup? Join now and save $10 on your first order!

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