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Christmas on a Budget Challenge

christmas budget ideas for the holidays. Save money on Christmas decorations. Find great deals with Christmas shopping tips and cheap ways to decorate for Christmas!

Christmas on a budget is a way to slow down the holidays and make time for the things that are important in life. It also can save you a lot of stress after the holidays when you don’t have credit card debt to pay off in the new year.

You can find affordable Christmas gifts for your family, cheap Christmas tree ideas, Christmas shopping tips, Christmas savings hacks and more in the posts below!

I started this 12 days of Debt Free Christmas Challenge to help my family stay on budget for the holidays. We LOVE the holidays! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in giving big and beyond our means with gifts for kids, gifts for teachers, gifts for family, Christmas decorations, Christmas parties with lots of delicious food, babysitters for the grown-up Christmas party…

We had to learn that it’s ok to say no! It sounds kind of harsh at first, but the reality is we just don’t have the money to be everywhere and do everything. We don’t have to attend every Christmas party or give every person in our life a Christmas gift. It’s really ok to minimize your holidays, while still maximizing the memories!

You can find over 100 tips to start a Christmas budget AND stay on budget with the posts below!

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Christmas on a Budget Challenge

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Christmas on a Budget Challenge

Week 1: Debt Free Christmas Challenge

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Week 4: Christmas Shopping Tips and Deals

Week 5: How to Save on Amazon

Week 6: Sell Gift Cards Online

Week 7: DIY Crafts to Make and Sell During the Holidays

Week 8: Ebates Shopping Tips and Tricks

Week 9: Cheap Christmas Decorations