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Sell Gift Cards Online

Did you know that you can sell gift cards online?!

Gift cards are popular to give especially when someone doesn’t know what to give you. Sometimes you don’t want those gifts cards and could use cash instead. There are some pretty easy ways to sell gift cards online!

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Places to Sell Gift Cards Online


Raise is a smartphone app that you can use to buy or sell gift cards. Raise is essentially a marketplace for gift cards where you set your price for the gift card and you are paid once the gift card is sold. Raise will accept gift cards from any store or brand.

Check out Raise here.


CardCash is a site that will give you an offer for your gift card. You can either mail in your gift card or electronically enter the code to receive your payment. They accept gift cards with as little as $1 and the highest pay out for a card is 92%. Most payments are given 1-2 days after the gift card information is received. CardCash pays via Paypal, direct deposit, mailed check, or choose a gift card from another merchant.

Check out CardCash here.

Gift Card Zen

Gift Card Zen is a site that offers higher levels of protection for gift card sales and requires that you mail in your gift card. You must have a valid credit card, photo ID, and a cell phone that can receive texts. Your gift card must have at least $15. They only pay with mailed check.

Check out Gift Card Zen here. is a site that offers gift card sales for gift cards of at least $20 in value. You must have a credit card on file to sell your gift cards electronically with them. They pay via Paypal, mailed check, or Moneygram.

Check out here. 


GiftDeals is a site that is very easy to work with. They take gift cards with as low as $10 on the balance of the gift card. You can earn up to 92% of your balance back on your card. GiftDeals pays via Amazon eGift card or mailed check.

Check out GiftDeals here.

Bonus! Coinstar Kiosk

Coinstar Kiosks are those yellow machines that you see at grocery stores and other convenient stores. Usually people use those machines to change coins into bills, but you can also exchange gift cards for cash. All you do is take your gift card to the Coinstar Kiosk, insert your card into the machine, and the machine makes an offer. If you accept the offer for then Coinstar will give you cash immediately! It’s super easy if you need cash fast.

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