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41 Easy Fabric Craft Ideas to Sell

INSIDE: More than 40 amazing things to sew and sell on Etsy, eBay, or at crafts shows! Get your DIY fabric craft ideas for your small business here.

Looking for ideas for easy sewing projects that you can make and sell? Starting a creative small business is exciting and a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding what things to sew and sell on Etsy. I’ve spent hours curating the very best sewing projects from Etsy and Pinterest to inspire your own sewing projects.

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This list of things to sew and sell on Etsy and eBay and at craft shows covers everything from popular sewing projects for women, adorable sewing projects for kids, things you can sew for the bedroom, and easy crafts for the kitchen.

As I looked through the tutorials on Pinterest and the hot trending items on Etsy, I noticed that the items listed on Etsy are made of fabric that really stands out. The fabric of popular items has unique colors, textures, and designs. The hot trending items on Etsy also include details to make them innovative and fresh. Try adding ruffles or tassels or personalizing your projects!

Use this guide to sewing ideas to give you inspiration, and imagine ways you could adapt the patterns and tutorials to make your sewn items catch the eye of online shoppers. Let’s jump in and take a look at the 41 best fabric craft ideas to make and sell!

Easy Sewing Projects to Sell for Women

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Fabric bags, hair accessories, organizers, and beauty accessories are popular niches on Etsy. Create unique designs with these sewing tutorials to sell to women who love handmade goods. Try targeting your sewing business toward women with these sewing ideas!

1| DIY Knot Bag with Pattern

2| DIY Scrunchies

3| DIY Rice Hot/Cold Pad

4| Headband Sewing Tutorials

5| Sanitary Pad Pouch

6| DIY Purse Organizer Sewing Project

7| Duffle Bag DIY Sewing Pattern

8| Toothbrush Travel Wrap

9| DIY Portable First Aid Kit

10| DIY Sleeping Masks

DIY Sewing Projects for Kids

Make money sewing things for kids! These sewing projects include adorable toys, toy organizers, pillows, sleeping bags, and so much more!

11| Hanging Pocket Organizer

12| DIY Fruit Cross-Body Bags

13| DIY Pencil Bag Sewing Project

14| DIY: Simple Sew Fabric Letters

15| DIY Children’s Floor Pillow

16| Monster Stuffed Toy Sewing Tutorial

17| DIY Sleeping Bag Tutorial

18| DIY Hooded Towels for Kids

19| DIY Unicorn Fleece Pillow

Easy Crafts for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to add some handmade details to anyone’s home. This list includes DIY crafts like pot holders, hand towels, lunch bags, aprons, and cloth napkins…just to name a few! And my all-time favorite sewing project: the taco warmer! So genius! Check out these things to sew and sell for the kitchen…

20| Double Pot Holder with Hand Pockets

21| Large Hot Pad Tutorial

22| DIY Pot Holder for Beginners

23| Insulated Lunch Bag

24| DIY Seersucker Tea Towels Sewing Project

25| Hanging Dish Towel DIY Sewing Pattern

26| DIY Cloth Napkins Easy Sewing Project

27| DIY Place Mats Sewing Tutorial

28| DIY Apron Sewing Tutorial

29| DIY Macrame Table Runner

30| DIY Fabric Coasters

31| Fabric Tortilla Sewing Project

Unique Sewing Projects for the Bedroom

Sewing projects for the bedroom include bedroom organizers, blankets, pillowcases, ruffled shower curtains, and ruffled duvets. The popular trend in the bedroom/bathroom is a rustic farmhouse style with sweet ruffle details! Here are some things to sew and sell for the bedroom…

32| Easy DIY Phone Charger

33| Modern Triangle Quilt

34| Beginner Sewing Project – Pillowcase

35| DIY Zippered Pillowcase Cover

36| DIY Ruffled Shower Curtain

37| DIY Fabric Bin Sewing Project

38| DIY Ruffled Duvet Cover

More Things to Sew and Sell

Looking for more ideas for things to sew and sell? Here are a few more…

39| DIY Pet Leash

If you are looking for more pet crafts, check out Easy DIY Dog Crafts to Make and Sell

40| DIY Key Fob

41 | Easy Wristlet DIY

Are you ready to turn your passion for sewing into extra money? Even if you are a beginner sewer, you can still get started selling these simple sewing projects! Now is the best time to reach more people than ever with social media, an Etsy shop, and selling online.

Let us know your favorite project, and show us what you made

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