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Super Easy – Making Aprons to Sell

making aprons to sell the best craft ideas to make money with a sewing business at home

Looking for sewing projects that sell? Try making aprons to sell!

Aprons are one of the easiest things to sew and sell on Etsy, because aprons are quick sewing projects that are cost effective too!  You don’t have to invest much money on the fabric and sewing accessories to make an apron that will sell. A cute apron makes a great gift for mother’s day, bridal showers, and for anyone who loves to be in the kitchen!

Starting a sewing business from home is one of the most flexible stay at home jobs for moms. There are so many ways to make money from home. If you are a mom who loves being creative and has an entrepreneurial spirit, then making money sewing at home could be a great small business idea for you!

Ready to get started? Use these patterns to learn how to sew a cute apron to make and sell!

How to sew an apron without a pattern

One of the easiest ways to sew an apron without a pattern is to use a favorite apron you already have as a guide. Simply lay your favorite apron on the fabric you want to use for your new apron and draw an outline on the fabric with a pencil. Then cut out the apron and sew the apron based on your favorite apron.

You could also use this easy tutorial to sew an apron without a pattern.

Super Easy Apron Patterns

As a beginner, you may need a super easy apron pattern to sew. Even with a simple apron pattern you can still create a fashionable apron that people will love by choosing unique fabric patterns and straps.

How to Make a Levi Apron

How to Make an Apron from Men’s Shirts

There are two different styles using men’s shirts to sew an apron. I am in love with the colors of this first sewing pattern from a men’s shirt. I think choosing complementary fabrics is so important to creating a sewing project that people will LOVE and want to buy!

This second sewing pattern from men’s shirts gives the apron a pulled together look. That ruffle detail at the bottom gives it that pretty feminine feel!

Smock Apron Patterns

I love this modern take on the smock apron. The Japanese Utility apron is a very popular style. Simple lines make it easy an easy apron to sew.

Half Apron Patterns

This half apron pattern stands apart with adorable heart shaped pockets.

Chef Apron Patterns

I love the vintage vibe of this chef apron pattern. It’s complete with pockets and coordinating fabric that catches the eye.

Bib Overall Apron Patterns

Repurpose those overalls and create a new apron with this bib overall tutorial.

Pullover Apron Pattern

This vintage style pullover apron is a perfect throw back! Especially when you choose a vintage style pattern this will be a hot seller for anyone who loves that farmhouse feel.

Sewing Business from Home Tips

When you are starting a sewing from home business, it’s easy to only consider sewing to sell at craft fairs or selling online. You can have a bigger audience and reach through social media and online shopping platforms like Etsy or Amazon Handmade. But, make sure you create a small business plan for making aprons to sell at local boutiques and shops in your area or cities close by. People love shopping local so take advantage of your local market!

More Sewing from Home Business Ideas

Sell Your Own Patterns

Create your own DIY apron patterns and sell them as a digital download on Etsy or start your own little shop on Shopify! This may not be for you when you are just starting out, but when you think about where you want your business long-term selling your own patterns can be a great way to create passive income. Once you create the pattern and place it in your shop, you can earn on the sales of that pattern as long as it is in your shop!

Teach Courses on How to Sew Aprons or other sewing projects

There are a lot of people around the world who would love to have a sewing hobby. They are even willing to pay money to learn from the comfort of their own home! As you build up your sewing skills, you can begin to teach beginner-level classes. Price your courses reasonably and you will again be able to make passive income from your sewing projects.

Use Social Media to Grow Your Sewing Business Brand Awareness

Whether you are making aprons to sell, creating sewing patterns to sell, or teaching online sewing courses you NEED an online presence. I recommend starting a website and mailing list, and then growing your audience through social media.

  • I started my website with Bluehost and had a great experience. They are very reasonably priced for a beginner, and as my site has grown I have moved to better hosting that can support my growth. For me, I needed to see success in my business before I invested in anything more expensive.
  • I started my email list with MailerLite and I still love using MailerLite! Their service is completely FREE up to 1000 subscribers and then it’s only $10 per month up to 2500 subscribers. You can create segmented lists, opt-in forms, and all the things other big email services can do. I also love that they have videos to walk you through anything you are wanting to do in your email system, and if you can’t find a video just contact the customer service and someone will help you figure it out!

Then choose your favorite social media to connect with your audience and get your sewing projects out into the world! A lot of people get stuck here because they feel like they should be on every form of social media and doing rocking it.

Here’s the thing…you’re a one woman show! At least when you’re starting out, so don’t feel overwhelmed that you can’t do all of social media. Choose one that you really like and then learn how to use it to grow your business. I recommend going ahead and signing up with your shop name for each social media platform, so that when you’re ready to use it someone else hasn’t taken your name.

  • Pinterest – Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your shop (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc) You can set up a Pinterest for Business Account and see what pins are being clicked, saved, and driving traffic. I get most of my traffic from Pinterest!! It’s really amazing for traffic.
  • Facebook – Facebook groups are really great for communicating with your audience. You can ask questions, do live videos, engage with your audience. Facebook is great if you have a course or are building a community of people who buy your sewing patterns.
  • Instagram – I think that Instagram is a must for craft business owners, because it’s a visual platform. You really build your brand awareness with Instagram. However, Instagram doesn’t seem to convert as well as Pinterest in terms of high traffic. The people that do click through from Instagram are more likely to be your biggest fans and those are the ones who will buy from you.
  • YouTube – YouTube is great for anyone who is teaching how to sew through video. You can start out building an audience of people who love your sewing videos by giving away free content, and then when you have a course created those people will be the ones to buy your online courses!

That might seem overwhelming, but you can totally do it by growing your crafting business intentionally, step by step. You don’t have to do it everything over night! All you need is a simple business plan that will help guide you to creating the business and lifestyle that you actually want.

SmartCents Mom