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DIY Upcycled Christmas Crafts

upcycling christmas crafts

How to Upcycle Christmas Decorations

If you love to decorate for Christmas, chances are you have plenty of older Christmas decor in storage or lying around just waiting to be upcycled and reused. Rather than go out to buy new decorations each year, consider using your old decorations to create new ones and making upcycled crafts. 

This is a great project to help you get in the Christmas spirit, but it can also be a sustainable activity to do with other family members. You can create your decorations and do your part to reduce waste and save the environment. 

Benefits of upcycling Christmas decor

There are many benefits to upcycling older Christmas decorations. One of the biggest benefits is the reduced impact on the environment. However, there are a few others worth mentioning, including the following. 

  • Save money
  • Activity with family and friends
  • Personalized decorations you can enjoy 
  • Gifts for others 

It’s a better solution than throwing away old decorations you’ve been saving or having to buy new decorations that cost more money and don’t provide the personalized feel the older decorations provide. 

How to upcycle older Christmas decor

The process of upcycling old decorations is easy. All you need to do is find the old Christmas decorations you feel good about transforming and gather them in a crafting area. There are a few things you can do with each item. Some ideas for new crafts include the following.

  • Christmas garland
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Christmas wreaths

You can easily create these incredible crafts with a few supplies and some creative inspiration. Try checking out some of these Christmas craft ideas to help provide some additional inspiration. 

Upcycled Christmas crafts to try 

One craft to try is to make personalized Christmas decorations by upcycling old decorations that may be broken or don’t fit the current theme. Whether it’s for a Christmas tree or a Christmas card to send to someone, you can create tons of crafts from the repurposed decor. 

Another idea for Christmas crafts is taking old glass ornaments or wooden figures and hanging them on some garland you have lying around. Add some natural touches from the outside or some artificial Christmas bouquets to your storage and give it a new look. 

Remember that creating sustainable Christmas decor is all about using items that you or someone else already has to transform existing items and reducing the need to go to a store and purchase more. 

Christmas table centerpieces from upcycled decorations

Making table centerpieces is fun because you can express yourself and use a wide range of mediums and old ornaments to create something unique.

 If you save old wreaths and garland, it’s a great way to create depth and start a base. Consider also using floral foam in the center to attach other pieces and give the decor shape.

One of the best ways to get started with this project is taking inventory of what pieces you have to work with and then laying out the ones you feel comfortable upcycling. Some ideas include the following. 

  • Old floral pieces
  • Hanging ornaments
  • Wooden figures
  • Wreath pieces

Rather than throw these items out, they can help reduce waste, bring your Christmas holiday table to life, and provide the look and atmosphere you want to create. DIY Christmas decorations offer a special touch that cannot be duplicated by purchasing a centerpiece at a retail store. 

You can also use a mason jar to insert particular pieces or ornaments like holly berries, tinsel, artificial berries, and even glitter to make potpourri. Some may even put sand in the jar and then insert a tall candle to provide a dramatic effect for dinner or special evenings. 

Keep in mind that you can also create edible decorations using ingredients already in your home you might use for cookie projects or Christmas desserts. Try making some festive ornaments that you can actually eat, or consider making popcorn garland. This is a craft idea everyone loves!

Christmas ornaments from other Christmas decorations

One of the easiest ways to upcycle old Christmas decorations is to create new ornaments for the tree or arrangement. If you have pieces that broke off hanging tree ornaments or wall decorations – don’t throw them out. Use them to create something new and fun. 

Another idea is to use sparkly bits and pieces of holly or other similar items to glue on a plain glass or plastic ball. You can also add them inside some clear plastic ornaments and create a unique and personalized piece. Try adding an old photo or the photo of a child. 

Using old decorations can really be a great way to cut costs if you’re on a budget. Sticking to a budget during the holidays can be a challenge, so take the opportunity to use these ideas to keep them to a minimum. 

For example, you can take some Christmas bells, paint them, and attach ribbon or artificial pine for a rustic and quaint holiday look!

Another idea is creating a candle holder from existing materials. If you’re like most people, you probably have glass jars or old candles with a bit of wax at the bottom. Keep those jars or candles. 

You can paint the outside with craft paint or other leftover paints and use the wax at the bottom to anchor upcycled decor for old candles. If you have glass jars – use sand from outside to create a base to hold new decorations in place. 

Consider inserting old floral items or even pick some greenery from outside to add to the bouquet. If you use a candle, avoid using live greenery or an old dried flower that can catch fire. 

Garlands and wreaths from old Christmas decor 

Making garlands from old Christmas decor is fun and easy. Gather your existing material and make sure you have scissors, glue, wire or floral ties, and some creative inspiration. 

You likely have some old garland or wreath-making materials in storage. Use them as a base to add new, fun pieces. Try adding painted balls, plastic flowers or silk flowers, and kids’ handmade Christmas crafts. 

Try spacing each item out evenly and hanging something sparkly from the bottom to create an icicle-type effect. You can place these garlands or wreaths on handrails, overhangs, banisters, or your front door. 

Creating DIY wreaths is a fun activity for friends or even trying doing them with older kids. They allow you to express your style and can add warmth to your home. Holiday greenery is a must too. Don’t forget to have a healthy dose of things like tree clippings, holly, mistletoe, and cedar.

What will you make?

There’s nothing quite like the holidays, and what could be more fun than creating some upcycled Christmas crafts? With these instructions, you’ll be decorating your home in no time!

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