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Working for Appen

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Working for Appen: Search Engine Evaluator Review

Do you need to earn extra money? Search engine evaluator jobs with Appen are a very flexible way to make money online. You can work online evaluating search engine results or as a social media evaluator. The work is flexible and available to countries outside the US.

Are you struggling to find that perfect flexible job that let’s you work when you have time? Always feeling interrupted by the kids who need another snack? Too tired to work a part time job, but still need some money to help out with your budget. I was in your shoes a few years ago until I started working for Appen.

EDITED: Appen was taken over by Appen in 2017, but you can still register with Appen at Home on their site

What is a search engine evaluator?

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Appen is a company that works with independent contractors who are search engine evaluators and social media evaluator jobs.

What does a search engine evaluator do?

Your job is to evaluate the response that search engines create from a person’s search query (what a person types into the search box on Google).

The algorithms are complex, and sometimes there are mistakes like inappropriate websites or just the flat out wrong answer to the query. Real human eyes are needed to evaluate search engine responses.

How much does Appen pay?

Appen and other similar search engine evaluator jobs pay around $13 or more per hour. You can read these reviews about working for Appen and see that the average pay for Appen independent contractors is about $13.42 per hour.

The number of hours you can work each week depend on the project you are working on, but there is a cap of 40 hours per week.

Appen pays 30 days after the work was completed. So if you work the month of January you will not receive your payment for January until March.

Applying for Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Becoming an agent takes about 3 weeks. You have to submit a resume and fill out an application. After that, you will be notified if you are accepted to take the Appen exam.

Appen Exam

The Appen exam is divided into 2 parts. The first section is a multiple choice test that can be taken open book using the study guide provided by Appen.

This is a tedious exam…and here is my tip for passing the Appen exam

use the “Command + F” function on your computer to bring up the search box for a page that your on. This makes it SO much easier when you are looking through the study guide material to answer questions!

The Appen Exam part 2 is more difficult. You will need to evaluate search engine queries based on the examples provided in the study material.

PRO TIP: Study the examples! This really helped me understand the expectations for the work they provide.

Part of the difficulty in taking the Appen exam part 2 is that there is no feedback provided. You either pass or fail. They do allow you to take the exam and second time, but you don’t know what you did wrong the first time.

My Experience as a Search Engine Evaluator with Appen

My experience working for Appen has been a positive one! I think it’s important to note that they are a legitimate company. That was my concern and fear when I started looking for online work. I didn’t want to fall into an online gimmick or trap.

You won’t become a millionaire with a search engine evaluator job, but you can make some decent extra income. I have always been paid on time with Appen and the company has been really helpful when I have had a question or needed help. If you are looking for a way to have some side income then Appen is a great option! I highly recommend working with them as one of your side streams of income.