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Best Tips for Selling on Ebay

Make Money Selling on Ebay

I love finding new ways to make money for my readers. While selling on eBay may not be new, it’s definitely something I have always felt too overwhelming to try.

I don’t know enough about it, but I’m intrigued by a few people I know who are selling successfully on eBay!

So I decided to start researching the best ways to make money selling on eBay.

There are 2 REAL people I know who are making money selling on eBay. A family friend of mine makes a LIVING selling products from thrift stores on eBay.

Just to let you know he has been shopping thrift stores for over 15 years! And who better to teach him how to do this than his mom! (I’m all #hearteyes over this) When he was in high school, he would go with his mom to yard sales and thrift stores to find items she would sell on eBay. So now he just has an “eye” for good deals.

Another friend is selling new Nike tennis shoes from a discount store on eBay. He’s an aerospace engineer and now he sells on eBay! I mean seriously, that’s a big deal!

Best Tips for Selling on Ebay

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So here are some of the best tips from my friends:

  1. Use Fiverr. If you are having trouble getting your items in the top of the eBay search engine. You can hire someone to increase your views and move you up in the search engine for $5 bucks! I’m not sure what kind of SEO magic they use, but especially when you are starting out and everything is new hiring out some help can be a good move.
  2. Find places to shop. You can sell anything on eBay. Look at thrift stores, yard sales, discount stores, and sales at popular stores. You want to buy your items at rock bottom prices so that you can make a good profit from them.
  3. Check what’s selling on eBay. If you are out shopping and find something you think will sell on eBay, then check the listings and prices to see how much your item is going for. Then decided if the price you have to pay would be worth the profit.

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Since I have been doing some research online, I wanted to share with you the best tips I found from some great articles that I think would be really valuable in starting your eBay business. I’ve included the article and link for you, so you can look for more helpful info as you consider starting an eBay business!

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 12.11.08 PM
The Work at Home Wife

Start an Ebay Store

Starting an Ebay store gives you more credibility with buyers. People want to buy from someone they trust and a store makes you look serious about your business. Plus Ebay will promote your store on search engines which is a big bonus for you gaining traffic.

For more great tips check out: The Work at Home Wife

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 11.28.51 AM
The Penny hoarder

Start Small

Set a budget to start your business around $75. Buy basic supplies like a postal scale, packaging tape, and the USPS flat rate shipping envelopes.


Making thrift store clothes like new again can be easily done with these tricks! My favorite tip for improving those sweaters with lots of pilling is using a fabric shaver. (I’ve never even heard of this!)

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 11.59.47 AM
Real Ways to Earn

Buy it Now Option vs. Auction

This interveiw, with successful ebay seller Ann Eckhart, from Real Ways to Earn has some great advice about the Buy It Now option vs. Auction. She suggests that because of all the online retail competition today the Buy It Now option is best most of the time. She saves the auction for items that are unusual and can’t determine the best price point.

See more of the interview: Real Ways to Earn

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 12.29.33 PM
Technically Easy

Writing Listings

These are some great tips on helping your customer find the information they want quickly without making them work for it. Keep your content concise and informational!

Also, use every opportunity to promote your business by adding phrases like “our best selling wallet bought by 500 people” to your best listings.

There is so much valuable information here to get you started writing money-making listings!

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 7.59.05 PM
Treasure Gnome

Take Great Pictures

If you haven’t heard by now, pictures are hugely important to your success for any kind of online endeavor. We are so inundated with images on the daily that to really stand out against the competition you have to take good pictures.

The advice from Treasure Gnome, an ebay seller with a website dedicated to tips on selling with ebay, points out that great pictures can increase your sales and number of visitors to your site. You look more professional, legit, and trustworthy with good pictures.

Read more tips: Treasure Gnome

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 1.02.51 PMOrganization

Once you start building your business you will have a lot of inventory. A system for staying organized is important for making your business successful. You may not be at the point of renting a storage unit yet, but the couple at Reselling Revealed have a great plan for staying on top of inventory.

For all their inventory tricks: Reselling Revealed

Selling on Ebay can earn you extra income! Make sure you do your research on how to be successful as a seller on Ebay before you open your store. It is definitely worth your time to build inventory, take great pictures, and write strong listings. These are the things that will get you noticed by buyers on Ebay. It may take some time, but selling on Ebay can be a great source of income.

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  • Hi Ashleigh!

    I love eBay and think it’s a great way to earn extra cash. Before I started freelance writing, I had built my store up to about a $500 a month venture with very little work. The logistics with eBay have changed and it doesn’t seem quite as easy now to move merchandise, so I’m glad to know that you can hire people on Fiverr to increase page views. That’s awesome!

    • Hi Cheri! Yes, I love that you can hire out work to increase page views through a virtual assistant! Thanks for stopping by!